This morning I had to be up early and I had a bit of time to kill so I went to the gym. I usually go in the afternoon or evenings but I got there about 9:15 this morning. As soon as I got there I forgot like twelve things in my car and literally warmed up be running back and forth across the parking lot. As I entered I saw a bunch of people. I guess resolutions are hanging on longer than expected or maybe this is just the morning crowd.

An older woman was on the elliptical going apeshit. The machine I like was open but she was way too much of a spaz. I looked at the treadmills. There were a few people on them. One was a tiny girl who looked more like Santa’s helper than a real person. She was running, but the others–a middle-aged woman and man were fast-walking and an old chubby geezer who was barely moving.

I settled into the only open machine. But, when I turned on the tv and it remained blank. Just then the middle-aged woman on the machine next to me left so I hopped from one machine to the next. But, this move put me next to the elf. Then the tv came on the other machine so I went back and started out on a program called “Aerobic” and looked easier than “Cross Country” 1-4. But then the sound went out on the tv and I hopped to the one next to the elf again. When I got that one set up to “Aerobic” and some damn home-makeover show (the evening shows are more dramatic) I heard a sound over my headphones. It was the elf.

“Do you need help with that?”

“No,” I snapped. Then added, “I’m fine, thank you so much.”

“I saw you outside running back to your car,” she continued, like we are friends. “And, I thought of myself. I always forget stuff. Sometimes if I leave my keys in the car I just forget about it!”

I smiled, which made her smile and prompted her to continue. She wasn’t even out of breath. Bitch.

“This morning I had FOUR bags with me before I left the house! And I thought, I can’t go into the gym looking like that! So, I shoved all of the stuff into one bag!”

“Wow, it’s like you are moving in here!” I say, trying not to sound like bitch.

“I could! I have my mascara!!!”

I looked at her, not knowing what to say and losing breath. She smiled again and slipped her headphones back in. Did I just make a friend?

I started going faster and tapped out at 3.8 and just when I thought I was galloping. I looked over at elf and she was at 9.3! I spent the next twenty minutes, dying and hoping that the elf won’t talk to me. But, I did kick it up to 4.2 a couple of times until I thought my hip was going to break. After another 10 minutes elf girl was replaced by a chubby man who tucked his shirt into his sweatpants and I missed her running beside me. Another ten minutes went by and sweat dripped into my eyes as I pulled myself off the machine.

The cookie bar I had stolen from the potluck last night rattled in my stomach. I also had some chicken casserole for breakfast this morning but I needed to weigh-in as I promised myself I’d do. But this week I found out that I’d lost 2 WHOLE POUNDS! While I’m a little shy of my goal (.2 pounds) I am energized to keep going and showing up even if that means making friends with the elf at least if I needed mascara I could count on her.

Pounds lost this week: 2 (YAY!!!!!)

Pounds lost to date: 4.8

Pounds to go: 60.2