this is hard…reflections on day 4

betterbella2013 on Dec 27th 2012 09:19 am

…believe it or not its not the juices that are defeating me…its myself, which is usually the way this goes. I’m so excited about my weight loss and the feeling better that I am going back to old habits…and what would seem to be the right thing to do but is actually the WRONG thing to do, way wrong, super wrong and that is: not eating enough…even though I am hungry and I should do my juices, I tell myself that I shouldn’t because it will affect the loss. But I’m an idiot, because we all know, tried and true, that the quickest way to get fat(ter) is to reduce your calories super low and lose a lil weight and then that weight comes back and each pound brings a buddy or three. So now I’m having to mentally shake myself because I stalled yesterday and its because I didn’t eat enough, plus also i went to the Chinese doctor and she gave me a prescription to help with the detox portion. Yesterday was the first day that I REALLY didn’t get enough juices in…I was out and about and stressed and busy and tired and it just didn’t happen for me. But today, I have like ten mangos on the counter waiting for me and I’m going to eat one every single opportunity I get….according to fitday, they are about 135 calories each 🙂 🙂 soooo I’m going to eat mangos today and do veggie juice this evening and see if that shakes it up a lil bit. Also about to get my workout in 🙂 🙂 and go walking…two in one day! Because I ate a mango and had my lil bit of oats this morning…but I had a little more 1/3 cup because a) I’m running a calorie deficient and b) I need the fiber in order for the chinese detox to work :)….So stuff we should realize at this point…NO this is not a traditional juice feast, but more of a going raw kind of a thing…I’m making the feast work for me as opposed to trying to force my body to conform to something it doesn’t want to cooperate with. Don’t be afraid of having to modify the system ladies. We are all different people. O But! i had pear juice last night and it was fantastic! My mind continues to be clear and that is….liberating, of sorts. Its like being in the dark in a rotted broken down house, its not that big of a deal to you because you can’t see clearly what you have so there is contentment in the dark…but once the lights turn on then you can see clearly. I am in what I like to call, a state of agitation and its because I can see.

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