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Wow. It’s great to be back! I would like to give a million reasons and excuses for why I haven’t been blogging.  However no one wants to hear any excuses and excuses are just another way for me to not take responsiblity for not losing weight, and for not blogging. I haven’t not made the best effort as I can. I however had made some lifestyle changed. I just haven’t blogged them.  I honestly didn’t try to hard to blog either. However, a certain someone wouldn’t stop reminding me to blog. The other day I told him “Look I have lost like five pounds.” He said to me “I wouldn’t know you haven’t blogged about it”, and that totally hit me. I’m like its time to come back! So to you… (You know exactly who you are) Thank you! Please continue to watch me in my weight loss journey!

Recently I have given up pop, except the occasional one like maybe once a week. I have given up candy bars, and things with an extreme amount of calories in them. I also have joined jazzercise! Its a fun creative dancing/aerobic weight loss class. I love it! Its so great! I am going to start blogging once a week! Look forward to next week when I weigh and measure in!! 🙂

September 23rd, 2013 at 1:14 pm