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I have posted a few times… But some reason they haven’t stayed! So I’m going to try this again!


So I have started doing P90! Its different than the popular P90x you hear about! Its a step down. Basically the beginner version! On top of that I have also started following the P90 diet! Which consists of 1600 calories a a day for me! That was calculated on my weight and height! However I have decided not to really make me weight public quite yet. There is just something about that, that has made me nervous! So for now. I”m going to make myself accountable to someone.  You guys have already heard about him in my previous post! His name is Kevin. He so far has been one of my rocks in this whole life style/diet thing.. .He keeps me on my toes! Kevin will have my measurements by the end of the week! I’m pretty excited! I have already noticied change! Pants I have bought three months ago are already a little loose! Its a good feeling! I know a lot of it has been because I have given up pop! That was my biggest problem! When I go out to a resturaunt I drink water with lemon in it! 🙂 It really makes a difference. The next time you go to eat something take a look at the calories! You would be suprised how much is in there! 🙂 Until next time! STAY HEALTHY!!!

February 13th, 2013 at 7:08 am