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This is my first official blog! I’m not going to lie… Kinda nervous! For those who judge…. You can just get off my page! If your going to hate on me or make fun of me for being a plus sized girl! You can just hit exit and get off my page! I don’t care to hear you make fun of me or say she never took care of herself or whatever other nasty things you can think of!  Now thats out of the way!…..


My goal in all honesty is to be healthier, skinnier, prettier! I want to lose weight, feel healthier and look better, so I can be happy with myself! I know I’m a beautiful person on the inside. But sometimes us girls need to feel it on the outside to! My goal is to lose 100 pounds! In an upcoming blog I will give you my weight my official goal and some progress! Here is a few things I’m doing now!

Step 1: NO MORE POP- Did you know it takes an hour of a hardcore work out to burn off one bottle of pop? I didn’t! Is it really worth it? Not for me!

Step 2: No more fast food- The food contains too many calories! I don’t even want to count!

Step 3: Working out: My workout buddy Katie (you will hear about her time to time) encourages me to work out everyday! And If I don’t there is hell to pay! Lol.. But seriously she has been encouraging me alot and I think her friendship and support will be very beneficial to my weight loss!

Step 4: Burlesque: I have the burlesque workout Dvd and let me tell you its a fun way to work out! Try it!

                          Those are just a few things i’m doing to get started! Keep checking out my blog to see more! Thanks

January 7th, 2013 at 11:56 am