I’ll take it

I weighed in today at 209- still a good 2.5 lbs down last week despite being on TOM. I’m so glad that’s almost done! Today is wear a panty-liner just in case day… I did have a full fledged period this time around- sucky cuz it was all cramps and stuff, but good cuz at least I know this is a good sign- hubby and I eventually want to have children, so getting a period I can’t compain… I’m 10 lbs away from onederland! YAY! I think TOM just caught up with me at the end- oh and my food totals when I don’t know the nutrition of a food I try to substitute SOMETHING in it’s place so there is some sort of accountability there 🙂 In case you are like banquet pie? I thought her aunt MADE the pie!

Yesterday eating was as good as it COULD BE considering that we went to my husband’s aunt’s house. The woman ordered THREE pizzas for 6 people! I will say that IS an indication of the health of his family… I ate ONE slice, then I ate some salad. And she made this like chocolate cream pie- I ate half a slice, it was very good but I’m not 100% sure what my carbs are for yesterday cuz I have no idea how she made that pie. It was VERY rich. I also had some coffee with creamer and equal in it. I figured that’s the worst I could have done- because breakfast was very good- a salmon frittata:

This was two servings- I was STARVING by the time I ate breakfast cuz I had a late breakfast around 11:30 am (I was worried I wouldn’t get all my errands done in time). I knew we were going there to eat an early dinner so that pie, pizza, and salad with coffee was my LINNER 😉

In other news my hubby is the SWEETEST! You all know I take photos for my blog, well that involved taking the memory card out, loading the new photos in my computer, and so on. AND you all know hubby accidentally broke my card when he borrowed it. Well apparently he felt terrible about that so on the way home he bought me this:

Okay you are like yeah an SD memory card? So what? Well the cool thing about this is it AUTOMATICALLY sends photos from your camera to your PC! It’s called eye-fi. My hubby said he spent like $60 for this- kind of expensive but I love it! You just use that white piece when you first set it up (I have a feeling the software is in that thing- and you connect the card with the white piece (the orange card fits in the white piece) to your computer, install it, then take out the white thing and put the memory card in the camera. When you take a photo it automatically uploads the shot in a designated foler (you can designate this). You can set it to sync up automatically or when you tell it to. I LOVE IT!

Anyways- everything is going well, didn’t get to bike ride cuz hubby worked this weekend and then we had to go see his family and my brother came over Saturday- but next weekend it is on! Hoping to convince hubby to go sometime this week as well 😀

Have a great day ladies!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Frittata, 2 serving (view recipe) 4
Breakfast TOTALS: 4

cheese, sausage and pepperoni pizza (thin crust), 1 serving 15
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 1 cup, shredded 1
Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz 0
Cucumber (peeled), 5 slice 1
Onions, raw, 1 slice, thin 1
Kraft Ranch Salad Dressing, 4 tbsp 3
Dominos BBQ Buffalo Wings (1 wing), 5 serving 10
Dinner TOTALS: 31

Banquet Dessert Bake Chocolate Silk Pie – 1/6 box, 0.5 serving 175 29 6 4
Snack TOTALS: 29

Calories: 1,372
Fat: 92
Carbohydrates: 63
Protein: 81

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  1. Fat Pants on September 28th, 2009

    Great job on the loss! I think you did so well considering all the temptations at your in-law’s house!

  2. beerab on September 28th, 2009

    Oh yeah when I ate half my slice the family was like “you haven’t finished your pie!” I said omg it’s just so good I’m savoring it- then secretly threw the rest away- I HATE tossing food but I didn’t want God knows how many calories and carbs in that slice!

  3. marbear24 on September 28th, 2009

    Let’s hear it for sweet hubbys 🙂

  4. Sunny on September 28th, 2009

    You had a great weekend, and I’m glad Mr. B. ponied up for the new toy for you. 😉

  5. sunnydaze on September 28th, 2009

    Yay for the loss! Your hubby is sweet. 🙂

  6. lindat on September 28th, 2009

    That’s a nice present!

    I’m glad you tossed the pie.. you are worth far more than any old pie!!

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