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You look AMAZING!

That was what one of my co-workers said to me yesterday. She walked by, STOPPED, turned to me, then said “are you losing weight?” And then after I got over the surprise I said “yes” and she said “you look amazing!” I said THANKS!!!! And she left. She teaches fitness classes so it was nice that she noticed 🙂 It caught me off guard but I LIKED IT! I can’t wait till my size 14’s fit! I bought a pair last weekend and I can get them ON all the way up I just can’t button them- SOOO close! My stomach has definitely gone down quite a bit! I’m guessing once I hit onederland I’ll be able to fit in my 14’s.

Work drama still seems to continue- I SWEAR I walked in on the drama person talking about me- but I can’t prove it- all I heard was “she’s stupid, she should have left it alone” then I walked in and they were walking away. I can’t prove it- but it’s one of those things where you just KNOW they were talking about you. Whatever- talk about me all you want- call me stupid- I know I’m not and I’m not going to deal with your drama- but I swear if I hear it ONE MORE TIME I will say something to her…

Anyways- got home, made my yummy pork chops and tried a new recipe, lemon butter snow peas, and I made baked beans for everyone else, though I did have some I love beans. I ate a lot of the snow peas, a half cup of beans, and like 2.5 oz of the meat- the portion size you see. 🙂

In other news I weighed myself today and was surprised to see 210- but then I’m feeling slightly constipated and realize I haven’t pooped in two days… I’m going to eat some cauliflower tonight so that should help. I hope it does! lol. I’m going to attribute the 210 to that.

Have a nice day everyone!

Here’s yesterday’s food:

Kroger CowPals String Cheese & Twists, 2 serving 0
Breakfast TOTALS: 0

Shrimp, cooked, 5 oz 0
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 4 inner leaf 1
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 0.5 medium whole (2-3/5″ dia) 3
Cottage Cheese, Nonfat, 0.25 cup (not packed) 3
Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing, 2 Tbsp, 2 serving 4
Onions, raw, 1 slice, medium (1/8″ thick) 1
Lunch TOTALS: 12

spicy pork aus jus, 1 serving 3
Lemon Butter Snow Peas, 2 serving (view recipe) 17
Bush’s Baked Beans Honey, 0.5 cup 32
Dinner TOTALS: 52

Calories: 1,175
Fat: 64
Carbohydrates: 63
Protein: 88

Tired of Drama

Dude work drama is so annoying. You say the wrong thing, no wait, you say something and then someone misconstrues it then all of a sudden YOU are the bad guy when in reality you did nothing wrong. It’s days like yesterday that make me not want to talk to anyone and ask for my own office. I share a large cubicle area with four other girls, I really have no problem with any of them besides the fact they talk a LOT. I just listen to my radio and go on my way and do my work and stay out of things. But all of a sudden I ask my friend at work, hey what happened with this? And I accidentally upset my friend, I apologized to her and said I didn’t mean to upset you, and she apologized to me saying that she shouldn’t have gotten so upset over nothing. So her and I, we thought everything was over, little did we know someone ran over to the other party that was technically “involved” (I asked a question about a conversation we had earlier between the three of us) and told her OUR conversation.

Friday I was gone so APPARENTLY this person came to my friend and was like wtf is going on yada yada we aren’t supposed to talk about each other behind our backs yada yada. My friend just was like whatever I’m sorry it’s all a misunderstanding. Then on Monday I hadn’t seen my friend and this other person came up to me and was talking to me about it- and I was like okay you are over-reacting- it was nothing but a question, in no way, shape, or form, was I trying to start drama- specially when I stay out of EVERYTHING that goes on here. I was like I already apologized to my friend… and this girl was like well you didn’t apologize to me, Dr. So and So said we shouldn’t act like this (yes our section has so many RIDICULOUS issues that a doctor came in and spoke to all of us). I just looked at her and said in a flat tone “I’m sorry.” Totally didn’t mean it- she probably knows it. It’s just one of those things where you want the issue to go away so you just say sorry so it’s over (now I understand men lol).

But THEN- here’s the clincher I said “how on earth do you know what S and I spoke about anyways?” And she was like oh uh well someone told me. And I was like “well you tell THAT someone that they shouldn’t be running around making gossip when all I did was ask a question.” I’m guessing that person ran off BEFORE S and I were done with our conversation.

I KNOW who it was- this person is a lapdog- just can’t wait to run over to tell people stuff- only thing was we didn’t realize he was there- we saw him but didn’t think of it. I told my friend S that I’m not saying anything to her anymore unless we are ALONE lol. She agrees. Personally her and I are OVER the drama.

Anyways, eating yesterday was pretty good- hubby forgot the chocolate cake! I was like NOOOO lol. I’m afraid of it- my sister ate a few bites, said it was good, but it’s STILL IN THE FRIDGE! DUN DUN DUN!!! Hopefully hubby remembers it today.

I made jerk chicken with black beans for dinner last night. I’d also made a salad but didn’t eat it (well I ate the three pickles I had put on the side)- my sister took it from me- I don’t know I just didn’t want food. Then later of course I got hungry so I had a la tortilla with some hummus. I know I’m weak :p I like the la tortilla bread OKAY!

Then I pulled out all my practice crochet stitches so that I could start an actual project today at work, it’ll be something small, like a coaster or something lol. Just to get things down 🙂

Hubby and I spent some time together last night- just talking, and lucky me he gave me a massage- oh YEAH! I was putty in his hands after that lol 😉

Have a great day ladies- let’s hope today is DRAMA FREE!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Frittata, 1 serving 2
Breakfast TOTALS: 2

Shrimp, cooked, 5 oz 0
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 4 inner leaf 1
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 0.5 medium whole (2-3/5″ dia) 3
Cottage Cheese, Nonfat, 0.25 cup (not packed) 3
Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing, 2 Tbsp, 2 serving 4
Onions, raw, 1 slice, medium (1/8″ thick) 1
Lunch TOTALS: 12

Jerk chicken with black beans, 1 serving (view recipe) 25
Vlasic Snack’mms Kosher Dill Pickles (about 3 pickles per ounce), 1
Dinner TOTALS: 26

La Tortilla Factory – Low Carb Tortilla, 1 serving 10
Hummus, 2.5 tbsp 5

Calories: 1,022
Fat: 52
Carbohydrates: 55
Protein: 91

I’m surprised calories came out so low but in all honesty I didn’t feel hungry at all.

I’ll take it

I weighed in today at 209- still a good 2.5 lbs down last week despite being on TOM. I’m so glad that’s almost done! Today is wear a panty-liner just in case day… I did have a full fledged period this time around- sucky cuz it was all cramps and stuff, but good cuz at least I know this is a good sign- hubby and I eventually want to have children, so getting a period I can’t compain… I’m 10 lbs away from onederland! YAY! I think TOM just caught up with me at the end- oh and my food totals when I don’t know the nutrition of a food I try to substitute SOMETHING in it’s place so there is some sort of accountability there 🙂 In case you are like banquet pie? I thought her aunt MADE the pie!

Yesterday eating was as good as it COULD BE considering that we went to my husband’s aunt’s house. The woman ordered THREE pizzas for 6 people! I will say that IS an indication of the health of his family… I ate ONE slice, then I ate some salad. And she made this like chocolate cream pie- I ate half a slice, it was very good but I’m not 100% sure what my carbs are for yesterday cuz I have no idea how she made that pie. It was VERY rich. I also had some coffee with creamer and equal in it. I figured that’s the worst I could have done- because breakfast was very good- a salmon frittata:

This was two servings- I was STARVING by the time I ate breakfast cuz I had a late breakfast around 11:30 am (I was worried I wouldn’t get all my errands done in time). I knew we were going there to eat an early dinner so that pie, pizza, and salad with coffee was my LINNER 😉

In other news my hubby is the SWEETEST! You all know I take photos for my blog, well that involved taking the memory card out, loading the new photos in my computer, and so on. AND you all know hubby accidentally broke my card when he borrowed it. Well apparently he felt terrible about that so on the way home he bought me this:

Okay you are like yeah an SD memory card? So what? Well the cool thing about this is it AUTOMATICALLY sends photos from your camera to your PC! It’s called eye-fi. My hubby said he spent like $60 for this- kind of expensive but I love it! You just use that white piece when you first set it up (I have a feeling the software is in that thing- and you connect the card with the white piece (the orange card fits in the white piece) to your computer, install it, then take out the white thing and put the memory card in the camera. When you take a photo it automatically uploads the shot in a designated foler (you can designate this). You can set it to sync up automatically or when you tell it to. I LOVE IT!

Anyways- everything is going well, didn’t get to bike ride cuz hubby worked this weekend and then we had to go see his family and my brother came over Saturday- but next weekend it is on! Hoping to convince hubby to go sometime this week as well 😀

Have a great day ladies!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Frittata, 2 serving (view recipe) 4
Breakfast TOTALS: 4

cheese, sausage and pepperoni pizza (thin crust), 1 serving 15
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 1 cup, shredded 1
Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz 0
Cucumber (peeled), 5 slice 1
Onions, raw, 1 slice, thin 1
Kraft Ranch Salad Dressing, 4 tbsp 3
Dominos BBQ Buffalo Wings (1 wing), 5 serving 10
Dinner TOTALS: 31

Banquet Dessert Bake Chocolate Silk Pie – 1/6 box, 0.5 serving 175 29 6 4
Snack TOTALS: 29

Calories: 1,372
Fat: 92
Carbohydrates: 63
Protein: 81

Liar liar plants for hire

Haha anyone else here watch Spongebob? That’s where the title comes from in case you were wondering.

Today I am not sure if I believe the scale. I looked at the number, I see it, I stepped on and off a MILLION times. But I am like this can’t be possible. I’m not saying the number- but tomorrow when my offical weigh in happens we’ll see. The scale can’t be wrong two days in a row? And my scale isn’t old, I bought it less than a year ago and my sister says it’s very accurate with her doctor’s scale.

My scale corrected me and told me it’s pants on fire- to which I replied “you WOULD know…” lol 😉

I guess it’s just hard for me to believe I have dropped to such a low weight, specially considering I went out last night. I was still good on the carbs, I had fajitas with no tortillas and then a few tortilla chips with salsa (I estimated high on my spark people), I drank water and when they brought out the other appetizer I didn’t touch it (triple dipper with all sorts of yummy stuff! egg rolls, buffalo chicken, and sliders! *cry* lol. The whole time I kept thinking “size 14 jeans!”

Since I couldn’t take a picture cuz I forgot to buy my new memory card *grumble* here’s a picture of what I got, but I didn’t order the rice and beans (you can ask for them as an additional side).

It was a lot of food but I ate every bite and it was DELICIOUS!

My husband’s grandmother called- they want us to come over today for pizza for dinner *cringe*

I told her the doctor said I have to stay away from carbs so they said they’ll make a salad as well- which I guess will work- I plan on eating a snack before I go as well, and maybe I’ll have ONE slice of pizza and that’s it.

Today I have to go grocery shopping and get a memory card. So I’ve got a lot to do before hubby gets home from work (he works this weekend), so have a good Sunday everyone I’ll see you tomorrow morning!

Omelet (egg), 2 large 1
Cheddar Cheese, 1 oz 0
Bacon, 4 medium slices, cooked (raw product packed 20/lb) 0
Breakfast TOTALS: 1

chili’s fajita TRIO 1 skillet, 1 serving 28
Chili’s Fajita Condiments, 1 serving 7
Chili’s Bottomless Tostada Chips with Hot Sauce, 1 basket, 1 serving 26
Linner TOTALS: 61

Sunflower Seeds, with salt added, 1 oz 7

Calories: 1,876
Fat: 133
Carbohydrates: 69
Protein: 103

Carbs 14.7%

I’m Mrs OMG that Beerab’s Shameless…

Haha that’s all I can say right now- my freaking sweats are falling off my ass and yesterday I treated the family to a free show of my butt lol.

I love my sweats and now they are all too big- it’s bittersweet!

Oh and my camera memory card is broken so I have to get a new one- I’m so glad yesterday morning I got everything off of it- then yesterday my hubby used my memory card to transfer a song and then the little lock/unlock clip fell off and so now it’s broken- I put it back in and nope- nothing 🙁

I’m just going to buy 1 or 2 more 2GB cards today. I also need to go to Sephora and refill my makeup I’m all out of bare escentials mineral makeup, I also need a new mascara. I’m going to Walmart also to return yarn I bought that I can’t use for anything. I also am going to Michael’s to pick up more yarn and use my $20 gift certificate I won at work! WOO HOO!! I love gift certificates!

Oh and weighed in at 208.5! WOO HOO! 9 lbs to onederland!


The concert was a BLAST- even better then when I went last time- they definitely worked out the kinks and updated things like costumes and Britney really looked HAPPY to be there- last time I felt like she was just doing it to LOOK like she was okay. I took tons of photos AND I danced the night away! Literally when I got home I had to PEEL my clothes off! BUT happy to say I am officially 209.5! You should have seen me jumping up and down in my underwear this morning lol! (No I have no photos of that :p)

Today is a big concert recap!

Okay I had over a hundred photos to choose from so bear with me I’m trying to take the least amount possible lol!

First we had to get a picture by the set:

My sister bought this $150 track jacket that she is in LOVE with!

Can you feel the love? I mean really, I got pictures of her MAKING OUT with this thing lol 😉

First we had the opening acts- first up was Kristinia Debarge- she sings that song “nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye!”

The Jordin Sparks came up and sang a bunch of songs, battlefield, one step at a time, tattoo, and so on- and if you don’t know how Jordin Sparks is shame on you- she’s such a sweetie!

And now the show must go on! (What we came to see!)

Ah darn, 24 minutes!

I sat there for 24 minutes and waited… 1 minute left! The crowd started to get excited!

WOO! One second left!

Look at that set!

It started out with some cool graphics and got the crowd pumped!

OMG THERE SHE IS! MY sister and I kept screaming “we’re not worthy!” lol 😉

Here are just some great pictures I took- look how close we were! This is “Circus.”

The one thing about Britney- she is VERY entertaining! You will NEVER be bored at one of her show’s with all the things going on! Sometimes it’s so overwhelming you forget to look at her! This is for “piece of me.”

“Get Naked.”

Make those men do their pushups! 😉 “Boys.”

Love this Bollywood costume- this was for “Me against the Music.”

“Breathe on Me.” There is a guy tied down on that bed and Britney did a little dancey-poo for him- LUCKY!

“Hot as Ice.” I believe- aren’t the sets amazing?!

“Everytime.” This umbrella was actually very beautiful!



The End!!

That’s all for today- we will return to Beerab’s regularly scheduled blog tomorrow 😉

No food for today cuz I didn’t feel like posting it in an already HUGE blog!

Grinning from Ear to Ear

Ug it’s TOM time and I am CRAMPING. I can’t complain though cuz I guess cramping means I’m getting an actual period and not some dinky mock period thing! But hey I’m very happy today- here’s how I look today:

Yesterday I made a mistake and grabbed one of the regular jello’s for my lunch instead of the sugar free ones- and I thought “oh it can’t have that many carbs” but when I looked it up OMG 17 grams of carbs! Wasted on jello darnit. But oh well, my sister told me don’t worry about the rest she’ll eat it and now I have my sugar free jello’s again for my lunches. I did have more snacks yesterday cuz I felt hungrier than normal, but I attributed that to TOM. And my sister is MEAN she’s sitting there munching CHEEZ-IT! And the yummy hot ones!

Seriously I had to keep telling my TOM-ing brain “no, you can’t have that, no no no.” I didn’t eat any btw 🙂 And that’s alright CUZ I weighed in this morning (gah okay I can’t stay away from the scale) and 210.5!!! WOO HOO! I can’t remember WHEN I last saw that number! I’ve already noticed my stomach has gone down and jeans that I could put on that were tight are now looser 🙂

Yesterday I made Chili using Boca meatless meat- my sister took some vow of vegetarianism for a week so I’ve been accomodating her and was like this will work- everyone ate it all- I only got like half a cup!

This is the bowl I made for me that my sister stole!

My hubby had already filled a huge bowl for himself so there was only a little bit left lol.

So I was still hungry since my portion was about half of this! I ate the last of my low carb tortilla’s with some cheese:

Yummy quesadilla! Now I’m all out of tortillas though- darn lol. That’s okay I probably shouldn’t be eating them on phase 1 (hehe).

After dinner did the dishes (again since I’m spending less time online more stuff is getting done around the house). Then it was crochet time! I’m pretty slow but I’ve been practicing the “single crochet” stitch.

I took some photos if you’d like to see:

Not perfect but not bad for my first time, I started with a long chain, then I’m going to finish going back with a single crochet, then go back with a double, and that’ll be my “swatch.” After that I’ll actually attempt something real!

While I crocheted I watched Top Model (a pretty decent episode- the photo shoot was pretty good) and I’m happy about who they picked to send home- that person was getting on my NERVES! I also watched Ghost Hunters- not a good episode- they caught nothing and after that I went straight to bed- barely heard my husband get to bed afterwards.

OH OH OH today is going to be AWESOME! I’m going to see BRITNEY SPEARS in concert! WOO HOO!! 😀 Same concert I went to in Anaheim but this time in San Diego- I heard she’s changed up some of her costumes and added two new songs- but hey- when you are going to see Britney even the same show is awesome! We are going to get food out because we won’t have time, but I’ll do the best I can to make good choices tomorrow 🙂 Here are some shots from the show we are going to tonight- she looks fabulous! Basically when I get home at 4:30 I have to start getting ready, then my sister gets home at 6:15 and then we have to get over to the Sports Arena (20-30 minutes away). Then we’ll just go somewhere in the area and eat dinner before we go in. I figure if we get in by 7:45 we are good cuz the show starts at 8.

And here’s a picture of the lovely lady I’m going to be seeing tonight 😉

Have a good day everyone!

Kroger CowPals String Cheese & Twists, 1 serving 0
Hard Boiled Egg, 1 cup, chopped 1
Breakfast TOTALS: 1

Romaine Lettuce (salad), 4 inner leaf 1
Onions, raw, 1 slice, thin 1
Wishbone Just 2 Good Italian Dressing, 2 tbsp 3
Jello (Strawberry, 1 serving 17
Grilled Mediteranean Ahi Tuna, 1 serving (view recipe) 1
Lunch TOTALS: 22

Cheddar Cheese, 3 oz 1
Bana’s Boca Chili, 0.5 serving (view recipe) 21
La Tortilla Factory – Low Carb Tortilla, 2 serving 20
Dinner TOTALS: 42

Vlasic Snack’mms Kosher Dill Pickles (about 3 pickles per ounce), 2 oz 2
Cashew Nuts, dry roasted, 1 oz 13
Snack TOTALS: 11

Calories: 1,315
Fat: 70
Carbohydrates: 77
Protein: 114

Carbs were 22.1% of my daily intake.

Keep on Truckin’

Okay how is this fair- I don’t feel like I am dieting at all! Yesterday when I took out my salad my coworker was like THAT looks delicious- did you make that?! Let me see this was AS she was eating her lean cuisine… I told her yup, just grilled up some shrimp last night, cut up all the veggies, and tada! 😀 She was like wow the shrimp look BEAUTIFUL. It was SO GOOD and SO FILLING and I ate it all 🙂

THEN I started to crotchet- by the time my lunch hour was over I was like no! I want to do more- my co-worker is a great teacher and she’s making me love crocheting even more!

I realize the yarn I bought for the baby blanket is not enough so I have to find MORE of it! CRAP CRAP CRAP- I’m going to be combing all the local walmarts for it lol. If I don’t find it I’ll probably just use this yarn for something else than make a baby blanket later.

Last night hubby made dinner- chorizo. Which is some type of sausage. He cooked it with egg and honestly I didn’t care for it too much- after we ate I said never make that again lol. I told him it was good but too fattening (which it was). I had three rolled tacos using the leftovers of my la tortilla wraps, my carbs are still very low for the day even with those wraps. I had two with chorizo and one just veggies. For the THREE freaking ounces of chorizo I ate it was FULL OF FAT! Never going to eat that again- and I won’t miss it. I took a picture but I forgot it so here’s a generic picture of what it kind of looked like:

I’m one of those wives when her hubby makes dinner, I don’t complain, he also agreed that his chorizo isn’t as good as the restaurant’s (omg how much fattier can a restaurant make it?) so he won’t make it at home again. I said only cuz of my diet would I prefer he not make it again 🙂

Then went online for a bit and took care of some things, then cleaned up the kitchen while hubby played the new Halo game. I told him I was watching Biggest loser at 8 and he turned it off just before that. Then I sat down and got comfortable and watched biggest loser while crotcheting, 1.5 hours in my hand was getting tired so I stopped 🙂 My bird again was looking at what I was doing but she was scared of the ball of yarn lol. Silly butt!

At 9:15 it was so funny hubby all of a sudden gets up and then says “OMG GHOST HUNTERS” and runs into the hallway- I yell after him “It’s TUESDAY!” Ghost Hunters is on Wednesdays btw, so then he sheepishly walks back into the living room and says “nevermind” lol.

On biggest loser I won’t say much but I was very proud of everyone 🙂 they did a great job IMO and I admire every one of them- I wish I could lose 20 lbs a week! Then it’d take me three weeks to get to goal- it’s funny but I’m too “thin” to get on that show. I doubt that they would take anyone under 240 lbs from now on, a great majority of the contestants this season are well over 300 lbs.

So besides that dinner the diet is still going well, and I haven’t been snacking, didn’t weigh in today either, I want to surprise myself Monday- so no more weigh in’s till then. Oh and TOM’s going to be here tomorrow so hopefully that doesn’t affect me too much!

Have a great day everyone!

Kroger CowPals String Cheese & Twists, 1 serving 0
Hard Boiled Egg, 1 cup, chopped 1
Breakfast TOTALS: 1

Shrimp, cooked, 4 oz 0
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 4 inner leaf 1
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 0.5 medium whole (2-3/5″ dia) 3
Cucumber (peeled), 0.25 medium 1
Cottage Cheese, Nonfat, 0.25 cup (not packed) 3
Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing, 2 Tbsp, 2 serving 4
Lunch TOTALS: 11

Avocados, California (Haas), 0.75 fruit without skin and seeds 11
*Cacique Beef Chorizo, 3 oz 5
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 6 inner leaf 1
Cheddar Cheese, 1.5 oz 1
La Tortilla Factory – Low Carb Tortilla, 3 serving 30
Dinner TOTALS: 48

Calories: 1,586
Carbohydrates: 60
Protein: 92

It’s a MIRACLE!!

OMG my prayers have been answered! Isn’t it funny when you feel God closes a door he opens a window? My window is wide open and I’m feeling good! I feel like things can’t get better right now *knock on wood* The weight seems to be coming off, the South Beach isn’t too bad to follow, I’m feeling good about myself, I have a wonderful husband, AND I got my BIKE RACK ADAPTER IN! OMG YES IT CAME IT CAME!! I was so excited lol. I’ve also got a wonderful mother who is coming home November 18th, I’ve got my beautiful sister who I love, and my brother who is coming over this weekend (I haven’t seen him for like a month) and so on. I’m very thankful for all I have 🙂 Okay I’ll stop gushing before you guys barf on your screens lol.

I wanted to go bike riding YESTERDAY but we had a client come over for two hours- it’s a small job but money is money! Before she came over I made a YUMMY dinner, thin slices of steak marinated in worchestire sauce and onions. Grilled that on a flat-top and then made roasted vegetables on the side which included onions, green beans, asparagus, and zucchini 🙂 Then I also made a large greek salad from the South Beach book- it actually came out very good. Everyone said dinner is delicious and I’ve got some leftover grilled veggies for dinner tonight! I coated the veggies in olive oil and put some salt, some pepper, and then some garlic and onion powder and roasted at 450 for 25 minutes- DEELISH!

My hubby rolls his eyes when I take my pictures but I just ignore him- he doesn’t understand how much this blog and you guys mean to me- I’ve said it before I’ll say it again! Without you guys I would have given up by now and been bigger than 235. 🙁 I am also thankful for all of you- for telling it like it is, for being supportive, and so on! I love you guys! *BIG HUG* You are all inspirational to me 🙂

Last night I also made my lunch for today, I got 1/4 pound of shrimp, coated it in garlic and onion powder, grilled them up and put them in a small baggie. Then chopped up all the veggies, put the wet components in seperate baggies and stuck it all in one container. I also boiled an egg for my breakfast- yesterday was a bad breakfast day cuz my cheese somehow spoiled! I took one bite then spit it out it was so bad 🙁 So I had an ounce of cashews for breakfast, not the best breakfast… but I had nothing else. I did actually eat a few bites of my lunch to tide me over as well. But I’m all set for today! 😀 I don’t mind working a bit harder to make a hearty lunch for myself. I prefer this any day to a lean cuisine!

I also feel good not going online as much at night- it’s funny cuz I am a moderator of a forum and I just quickly pop in for half an hour, look around, take care of any private messages and abuse reports, then leave. The admin says I’m doing great so it works for me!

Yesterday I found crocheting for dummies and omg I learned so much! I wasn’t holding the needle properly, I wasn’t holding the yarn properly, and so on. I made a really long chain and am going to show it to my coworker tomorrow- get some input from her then I’ll start my first piece- I promise to show it to you guys when I am done 🙂 I think I’ll make one coaster then move on to dish rags/towels. Then my blanket! My hubby wants to keep the blanket for OUR baby- but that probably won’t be for a little while- I’d like to enjoy being thin for a little while! Broccoli was fascinated with my crocheting, just sat there ON MY HEAD and watched the needle and yarn go, got on my chest and kept watching, it’s adorable, it’s like your child watching you do something in awe like “what ya doing mama?” lol. Course then she wanted to PLAY with the yarn which is a big no-no! But then she was content to go hang out with her BOYFRIEND till I said bedtime- at which they both whined to me- I swear- like children who don’t want to go to bed :p

As for my sister and her bf- they are back together. Apparently he came over the night before last and he was crying and she was crying and so on. When I got home he came out and was like hey what’s up and of course he doesn’t know I know anything so I was nice to him BUT I could TOTALLY tell he’d been crying cuz his eyes were puffy. I know my sister loves him, I can’t say 100% he is cheating since I got it from a secondary source- he swears up and down he didn’t. BUT I hope if he did he’s learned his lesson and will never do it again. Unfortunately this is my sister’s relationship and I can’t do anything, if they work out their issues great for them- but if they don’t I hope she leaves.

Here is yesterday’s eating- I don’t like to waste food so I finished up the squash bake, it’s probably better for phase 2 but I think it’s passable to finish up 🙂

Have a good day everyone!

OH and I weighed in today- 211! Yeah I know I know don’t weigh in daily but I couldn’t resist! Time to update my 3FC ticker!

Cashew Nuts, dry roasted, 1 oz 9
Breakfast TOTALS: 9

Creamy Summer Squash Bake, 2 serving (view recipe) 27
Salmon with Dill and Onion Powder, 1 serving (view recipe) 2
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 2 cup, shredded 3
Kraft Fat Free Italian Salad Dressing, 2 tbsp 4
Lunch TOTALS: 35

Beef, round steak, 4 oz 0
Heinz 57 Steak Sauce made with Lea & Perrins Worchestire Sauce, 2 serving 10
roasted vegetables – south beach, 1 serving 15
South Beach Greek Salad, 0.25 serving 6
Dinner TOTALS: 31

JELL-O Sugar Free Strawberry Jello Snack, 1 serving 0
Snack TOTALS: 0

Calories: 1,196
Fat: 65
Carbohydrates: 76
Protein: 74

Carbs came in at 25.6%

Uh huh uh huh uh huh

So did full on South Beach diet yesterday- very proud of myself I did not cheat at all (having the book come in really helped- I love the recipes).

We went to a carshow because hubby’s coworker enrolled his cadillac- there were some very beautiful ones and there was a caddy that was 72 years old! Looked like it has never been driven it was gorgeous! I’m so bummed I didn’t have my camera!

I know they say don’t eat out during phase 1, but hubby and I went out and we were out a lot longer than we thought so we stopped by at Applebee’s, the cool thing was they had the full nutrition menu there so I picked the California shrimp salad- which only had 24 grams of carbs! I had that and then only water to drink, NO appetizer either- my husband wanted one and I was like nah I’m good- so he ordered the three appetizer entree and really liked it. I didn’t have my camera or I would have taken photos but I did find a photo of it online! Anyone who is doing southbeach this is a salad I would totally recommend- it was SOOOO good! Grilled shrimp (not breaded), romaine greens, hard boiled egg, black olives, bacon, avocado, and avocado ranch dressing. YUM! Next time I’ll ask for dressing on the side I felt the dressing was bit much.

We went to the mall and I saw the cutest purse and wallet and hubby told me get it for myself 🙂

And inside the wallet has tons of room!

I love my hubby he’s soooo good to me 😀

Got home and my baby sister was crying, I asked her what’s wrong and she said that she broke up with her bf. That she knew she’d never really be happy with him and she felt like he was always going to be the way he is. He doesn’t work or try hard cuz his parents pay for everything for him, and they do control his life. She feels like he’ll always be under his parents control with him and that he’ll side with his parents anytime issues come up. She knows she can’t be with someone like that- I told her that I felt he wouldn’t make her happy and give her what she wants, so I think she made a wise choice, it’ll hurt now, but it’ll be fine in the end. She went over to a friend’s house for a few hours which I think will be good for her to not be home. She says he’s called her three times since then but she didn’t answer. I think she answered the phone yesterday evening, I hope she stayed firm. *crosses fingers*

I made a really nice dinner for us and it was SOOOO good! I took salmon, then cooked it in a bit of olive oil with dill, lemon, onion powder, and put a dollop of smart butter on top, covered the top and let it cook till done (mmmm perfection!). On the side I had a huge salad with italian dressing (low fat) and some cheese. I also finished off my jar of pickles, very good dinner if I do say so myself 😀 *toots own horn*

Then after dinner around 7:30 I decided to try that ricotta phase 1 south beach dessert. It was pretty good, better than I thought- but I’d rather just eat a few chocolate chips lol 😉

I ate about half this so next time I’ll make less (if there is a next time).

I weighed in this morning, and was pleasantly surprised. Last week I weighed in at 214 (very disapointing) and this morning I weighed in at 211.5! Woo hoo- here’s to hoping this plateau is finally over and that next week I’ll be seeing 210 or less! I’m definitely committed to this diet, I’m glad I eased myself into it as well because I didn’t have a headache or anything yesterday- I felt totally fine and my carbs came in at just under 20%.

UG my sister text me and told me her bf (yeah I KNOW) is coming down to spend the rest of the week with us). I’m SO annoyed but I’m trying to be patient and understanding (trust me I’ll blog about this tomorrow) but now I’m supposed to cook dinner and put up a front like I have no issues with him… My sister never told him that it was my friend who saw him cheat on her or that I told her anything. She just told him she didn’t believe he was faithful to her (he swears he is) and that she isn’t compatible yada yada- I KNEW he’d come down here. I mean why wouldn’t he?! It’s not like he has a JOB or responsibility to hold him back *sigh* I’ll let you know how it goes- I pray my sister leaves him for good but I feel like that’s not going to happen and she’ll marry him and regret it.

La Tortilla Factory – Low Carb Tortilla, 1 serving 10
Fried Egg, 1.5 large 1
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 1 slice, medium (1/4″ thick) 1
Breakfast TOTALS: 12

Applebee’s California Shrimp Salad, 1 serving 24
Lunch TOTALS: 24

Kraft Fat Free Italian Salad Dressing, 2 tbsp 4
Salmon with Dill and Onion Powder, 1 serving (view recipe) 2
Romaine Lettuce (salad), 2 cup, shredded 3
Cheddar Cheese, 0.5 oz 0
Vlasic Snack’mms Kosher Dill Pickles (about 3 pickles per ounce), 2 oz 2
Dinner TOTALS: 10

South Beach Recipe: Mocha Ricotta Creme, 0.5 serving 9

Calories: 1,212
Fat: 69
Carbohydrates: 54
Protein: 64
Fiber: 23

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