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I’ve been very tired this week and am glad it’s Friday- not to say I’m not going to be busy this weekend. My sister is coming down to visit and of course she wants to eat dinner at a taco shop! I’m going to try to get something small- not sure which place she wants to go so I’m hoping the one we go to has some sort of vegetable option (we aren’t talking about a restaurant we are talking about a little shop- think of mexican fast food- I think the only “vegetables” most have are lettuce lol). THEN everyone wants to go out to lunch today- depending on where they go I MAY go, if it’s not a good choice I’m going to just go to my old standby of el pollo loco’s mexican cesar salad – dressing 😀 I normally get the two drumsticks with it but since I’m going out with my sister tonight I want to save calories.

Last night was a good night- came home- spent time with hubby, made chicken wings and edamame for dinner (yes I’ve been eating edamame all week- been craving it). We took a bath together (yes we do this lol) in the jacuzzi tub we have- I think we sat in there for over an hour just talking about whatever. It’s funny how not wearing clothes apparently makes you open up lol. Went to bed pretty early but then was so into my book I didn’t go to sleep till 11! ARG!

Weighed in today at 212.5- I’m slightly tired of seeing the same numbers the past few weeks but at least they seem to be consistently lower? I’m hoping by Monday’s weigh in to see 211ish… TOM is late but I FEEL the cramps right now… So hoping after this period I’ll be lower than 212!

Didn’t work out yesterday because I wanted to give my foot a break- so far so good no pain- but yeah I’m taking no chances! I figure if I take a break every two days from running that’ll be good for my foot and then I can do some more free weights. I am hating my flabby lower arms right now boo!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Manic Thursday

For those who have asked- sorry I forgot to say- everything was fine with my husband’s work, he called in sick, saw his neurologist on Thursday, called in sick Friday again- gave his work the note on Monday and they didn’t say a word. They believed him. Oh and to be honest no one knows about my blog except you guys 😉 There’s no way I’d let hubby’s friends (or hubby) see my blog and know my weight. I am just not ready for anyone besides you guys to know that I weigh over 200 lbs. I just think they won’t understand like you guys do.


Yesterday was hectic, I’m having issues with my mother NOT backing off and letting me take care of things! AS USUAL! She is trying to refinance her mortgage so she can take my father’s name off her house and I submitted all the paperwork a month ago- haven’t heard a word, then two days ago I get an email asking for more information. Cool no problem- I forward my mom the email because it had some questions for her that I didn’t know. Well she CALLS this person, starts complaining that things are going too slow and the guy who processed the loan isn’t doing his job and so on. The woman she called is merely the underwriter- so the underwriter calls the bank pissed- puts the loan on hold and I guess chews out the poor guy who didn’t know what hit him. He calls me clearly upset so I’m sitting there apologizing to him saying I had no idea my mother called this woman and did that. I told him he was doing fine then it was all about damage control. First I faxed the information required (this is when I got home- no rest for me apparently), then wrote a letter answering the questions asked, then sent out an email apologizing about my mother and trying to rectify the situation. THEN I wrote my mom an email telling her STOP calling people- what she did was unnecessary and I had told her the whole refinance process was going to take a few months like the bank previously told us. I told her basically the bank said one more call and they would deny her loan and I also said I would refuse to do the refinance and waste anymore of my time so she’d have to do it when she got back on her vacation…

Of course being the drama queen my mom is she was like I did nothing wrong blah blah- and I was like YES you did. The poor guy at the bank blamed himself for not deleting the contact information of the underwriter- I told him no- my mom is a control freak- most NORMAL people wouldn’t do what she did…

If you are thinking I’m being harsh on my mom let me explain my mom is always in a hurry to do things, she acts like she’s the ONLY client at businesses and so on. When something needs to be done she wanted it done yesterday- and no matter how quickly it’s done it’s NEVER done in a timely manner for her- it drives me insane honestly. I understand she’s over there- she has no idea what’s going on here- she doesn’t like not being in control- BUT the way she’s acting obviously isn’t making things easier on me when it comes to taking care of her finances.


Anyways- eating is going very well which is amazing despite the amount of stress I’m dealing with lately. Which is funny cuz normally I’d be eating my weight in sweets and trying to drown it all out- but nope. Went home, took care of that stuff, hubby decided to make dinner (hamburger helper but I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth), then I had dinner, played with my pets, worked out an hour (yeah I had to work that stuff off lol) and then showered and watched some TV and then read till I fell asleep. Today the scale said 213 so no complaints here. I know TOM is on the way because I was CRAVING a PB and J sandwhich (I had a half sandwhich on wheat bread). Everytime I’m about to start it’s like BAM! I need a PB&J and a small glass of milk- I don’t know why- I don’t even care for peanut butter and ONLY eat it that one time a month. I also never drink milk either- I’ve never really liked it- and just once a month I want milk. Obviously I’m missing some Vitamin A, D, E or something that those foods provide.

Oh and you guys will laugh at me but remember a few weeks ago I bought some new size 16 jeans? Well I never tried them on- not even at the store, I was too NERVOUS to try them on. I was scared they wouldn’t fit. You know how old jeans are looser over time cuz they seem to conform to you? Well I tried them on today and they slipped right on! No tugging or sucking it in or anything! And they look GOOD on me 😉 WOO HOO! *dances*

Have a great day ladies- sorry for the long post.

Comic Con 2009!

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for! Enjoy!

Everyday we got up, ate breakfast at home, then went to the trolley station by our house- this lot is NEVER full but around Comic Con it’s packed!

Waiting for the trolley….

We are here!

The downstairs is full of stuff you can buy:

Michael Jackson’s glove!

AND there are people with costumes EVERYWHERE!
Sweeney Todd:

Death Eater:

Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

Darth Maul

Budget Man (I thought it was clever)

Star Wars Characters

Harry Potter (this is at a panel)

I found Waldo!

Batman and Joker

Kortana (Halo series)


Kratos from God of War

Space Marine from War Hammer

OMG look it’s Sunnygee! It was very nice to meet up and chat for a few minutes!

The lines were massive to get into the panels:

It can get pretty tiring waiting- even aliens need rest:

Then there are the panels which are my FAVORITE part- you get to see all sorts of stars from movies and TV shows!
Patton Oswalt for Disney

The New Disney Animation that is Coming Out:

Tim Burton (On the right) for the movie 9


Robert Englund

Clive Barker

Zombie Land Panel

Director Roland Emmerich for 2012 (he did Independence Day, Stargate, Deep Impact…)


Iron Man 2 Panel, Robert Cheedon and Scarlett Johansson (I love her she’s gorgeous)

Supernatural Panel with Eric Kripke, Misha Collins, and Jim Beaver (LOVE THEM)

You can also just meet stars outside on the floor:
Tony Moran who played Michael Myers

Doug Bradley who played Pinhead

Josh Gates from SyFy’s Destination Truth

YES I am now an official Ghost Hunter 😉

Aww… See you next year 🙂

I have my album on photobucket if you’d like to see it:
Bana’s Album
And the pw is letmein

Tomorrow we’ll return to our regularly scheduled blog 😉

I’m Back

Yes ladies and gentlemen- I am back, the Con was great but the photos are still being developed (I pick them up tonight) and tomorrow I’ll show you a great set of pictures and even the one of Sunnygee and I! 😀

How was eating you ask? I’m gonna be straight up- I did NOT count calories, but I walked all over that place so I’m counting that as an hour of exercise a day- literally my feet were KILLING ME by the last day. And it’s so huge that walking a few miles a day isn’t unlikely. Now cuz I didn’t count calories didn’t mean I went crazy. I was conscientious of my choices. Breakfast was at home each day, then the rest of the day we ate the snacks I brought, and dinner was ordered out. So not the best but not too terrible either! I still tried to pick the best foods and I did weigh in yesterday and showed up as 215. I’m not worried cuz I am sure most of the 215 is water weight cuz I drank a TON of water and I think the sodium content of my food wasn’t the best. I am sure if I checked today I would have been lower than 215. 😀

Of course now it’s back on track with eating and exercising- I took a break yesterday and stayed off my feet but today is definitely back on track. I didn’t give myself any food stars on Eileen’s challenge because I didn’t count calories- but I gave myself 1 star a day for exercise- I know I worked it those four days! But today gonna get my two stars in! Hoping to make 8 more stars by the end of the month to get over 40- I’ve already hit 36 stars which is MORE than the past few months 😀 I want to place in August!

I had a blast at the Con- I got some great pictures, saw MANY famous people, Anna Faris, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Jim Beaver, Robert Cheadon, Patton Oswalt, the cast of Smallville, and so on- it was insanity! Then downstairs there were so many things to see and I actually won an item downstairs which was cool- all in all with food, our passes, trolley tickets, items we bought, we spent like $300-$400? I’ll also have the exact total tomorrow lol.

I’m glad to be back- I’m off to check out your blogs!


Interesting trend- not sure what happened over the weekend but I definitely know I’m going to be filling up with water- weather is going to be in the 80+ over the next few days- YIKES!

I’m starving this morning and I just realized my ezekiel bread is going bad so I tossed it- one of the girls is going to get bagels right now so I asked her for a wheat or multigrain bagel if possible- then I’ll spread some LC cheese on it- not the greatest breakfast but it’s my bad for not bringing a lot to work this week- I didn’t want to leave all sorts of food around for 4 days before I got back. I also ran out of my wheat thins 🙁

Lunch today is leftovers (the pasta came out so yummy) and dinner I’m not sure- probably something quick like hot dogs and salad because we will be getting ready for the Con AND picking up our passes today.

Hubby’s work is being a whore about him going to the con- told him all of a sudden he couldn’t have the days off- so he’s like wtf I requested this ages ago! So I’m like call in sick and go see your neurologist Friday morning and then there is your excuse :p He’s due for a follow up anyways. Seriously his boss can go on vacation for weeks but my husband who NEVER takes time off (well yeah so he was sick for a few months earlier in the year) can’t take off two days?

Anyways- I’m off to read your blogs then get some work done 😉

I leave you with a couple more cool pictures 😀

Oh and sunnygee and I are meeting this weekend- who’s jealous 😉 We’ll get pictures I promise!

You SHOULD be hungry….

Woke up today at 214- interesting… Went down a pound and yup drank just as much water yesterday lol. What bugs me MOST is Saturday morning I SAW 211.5 stupid mean scale lol. Again WTF happened? It’s okay, I saw that number and I’m going to see it again- even if it kills me 😉

Food was good yesterday- workout terrible- a few minutes in I felt like such crap with the heat! I did half an hour then stopped cuz I started feeling dizzy 🙁 It was just TOO hot- my husband was looking at me like I was CRAZY to try to workout when it was over 86F outside. And we don’t have an air conditioner…

My food yesterday consisted of:
wheat thins + two LC wedges (190)
LC mac and cheese + 1 small orange + 1 FF pudding cup (290+50+100= 440)
3 slices of freschetta pepperoni pizza (600)
2 cups cauliflower with 2 tbsp Newman’s own FF Ranch (200)
1 SC fudge bar (50)

Sure pizza wasn’t the greatest but OH WELL lol (still made under 1500 cals). It’s that freshetta pizza- tastes different (not greasy) so I think they use more natural ingrediants. Today’s dinner is cajun chicken pasta with alfredo sauce and grilled zucchini YUM! I haven’t made it in a while and hubby asked for it so of course I’m gonna make it- mine will definitely have MORE zucchini than his though.

YUM I LOVE zucchini!

I started this post the other day and never finished it:

Reading Fat Pant’s post about “normal eating” and how when she’s starving is when she makes the bad choices made me think about a conversation I had with one of my friend’s the other day.

Now he’s been trying to lose weight as long as I have and he’s only lost like maybe 8 lbs in 8 months BECAUSE he eats like crap (granted I don’t know how much he has to lose but it’s not 10 lbs). He goes to the gym almost every day but he doesn’t eat healthy at all. So the other day AGAIN he was asking me about food and I was like well I eat every few hours, I don’t let myself get too hungry, and so on… Then he looks at me and says “you SHOULD be hungry.”

I look back at him and say “no… studies show eating more frequently and not allowing yourself to get too hungry helps you lose weight in the long run, when you get hungry you make bad choices… besides that with my PCOS when my blood sugar dips too low I feel sick.”

He starts to argue with me till I finally say that with my method I have lost over 20 lbs so I’m not changing it anytime soon…

I think he was slightly stunned but really- REALLY? REALLY! You are going to tell me to “be hungry” when I’ve told you before that does NOT work for me? That I make bad choices when I get too hungry? That I have insulin resistance and maintaining blood sugar is important? I’m sorry but what I’m doing so far is working for me even if it’s slow and even if I did fall off the bandwagon for a while. To me I’m more successful than him because to be frank IMO guys should have a MUCH easier time losing weight than women because they don’t have hormonal imbalances and menstrual cycles to deal with.

I know people say just pretend you agree with a person or say you will think about it but hmm no not this time… I’m frankly getting tired of all the “advice” I’ve heard about losing weight. The other day at work the girls were talking about medifast and nutrisystem and I KIND OF felt like they were telling me to try it out. I haven’t spoken much about my weight loss at work and I was like “oh yeah my friend’s on Nutrisystem but I don’t think those are good because they don’t teach you how to cook for yourself” and went back to my work. I personally have nothing against nutrisystem but it’s just not for me. I know none of those girls who were telling me about nutrisystem have ever had a weight problem.

I know to my coworkers they think they are helping out- but maybe it’s the stubborn side of me coming out but I don’t want anyone’s help- I can do it myself! If I ask for help that’s different! And besides if they cared so damn much why don’t they ever invite me to go work out with them? Almost everyday they go to workout and not once have they said “hey Bee, wanna join us?” It irks me honestly. Sure I could ask them, but I guess I’m being stubborn. I feel like if I ask then I’m just tagging along instead of being part of the group. I mean they obviously see what I eat and I’ve never pigged out at work at ALL. Even at the potlucks I fill my plate up once and that’s it!

Anyways- yeah- I’m not going to allow myself to get hungry because of something someone said. Now that doesn’t mean I stuff my face all day, but when that first “I am hungry signal” comes up, I don’t ignore it till it turns into a raging beast, I feed it so that it goes back to sleep! I don’t want to go food crazy ever again if I can help it!


Totally confused as to what happened, specially cuz this weekend I walked two hours (and in this heat I was hurting from that walk lol) and then I went on a crazy cleaning spree on Sunday and was COVERED in sweat and POURING sweat by the time I was done- I figured I’d at least maintain if not lose half a lb- but just goes to show your body is MEAN. lol- I will add I think I drank a few gallons of water on the weekend alone- I was thirsty! Literally I was like glub glub glub when I was walking around cuz I could FEEL all the water in my stomach!

The CON’s all planned out- all four days- so Sunnygee I think I’ll be seeing you on Sunday since the only days it looks like I’m going downstairs are Thursday and Sunday! I’m really excited about it- not only am I working just 3 days this week- but I’m going to have a BLAST for four days!

I went to the grocery store and bought a TON of food to take with us because the food there is not good for you AND is very expensive. It’s the typical $4 hotdog/water bottle expensive concert food. We plan on eating a large breakfast at home each morning- then I’m bringing all sorts of things like fruit snacks, granola bars, low cal chips, gatorade, water bottles, prune packs, and so on. Then we’ll probably eat ONE meal there a day but if we can help it I’d rather leave and pick up food on the way home- so we’ll see how it goes! Hopefully I don’t end up gaining a buttload of weight! I’m starting my day with a nice and protein/fat packed breakfast so that I won’t get hungry for a long while. Usually on weekends I eat two meals since breakfast keeps me full for most of the day then a late lunch is all I need plus a snack in the evening.

Not much else to say today except woo hoo comic con! And hoping that next week’s weigh in isn’t a disaster!

See this picture below- this is probably like 1/8 the size of the downstairs floor at comic con. 1/8th! It takes HOURS to go from one end to the other- literally I’ll spend like 6 hours downstairs and barely make a dent in all the stuff going downstairs! If you can ever go to comic con- even for one day- just go! It’s awesome!

And here are some great costumes you see people in- Enjoy!


Woke up today and my left foot is in AGONY… This is what I get for pushing and doing an hour yesterday! I think I’m taking a break on my foot today so no workout. I weighed myself and 213 on the scale- very good IMO considering all the food that was at the potluck. I did my best to make good choices. I ended up having:

1/4 of a chocolate doughnut (yes a few of us cut up a doughnut lol)
1/2 a bagel with whipped cream cheese (the bottom half- the top had some melted cheese)
a scoop of my hashbrown casserole
a scoop of my friend’s egg casserole
a hard boiled egg
a slice of smoked salmon
2 slices bacon
a bowl of fruit- strawberries, blueberries, cantelope
a medium coffee with milk and 2 sugars

It was all sooooo goood and afterwards I took another plate for lunch lol. My lunch plate was a small slice of spinach Keish (I wanted to try it but didn’t get a chance was full), another scoop of the egg casserole and my hashbrown casserole and more cantelope.

Got home yesterday and for dinner made grilled steak, corn, and mashed potatoes. I didn’t make a salad for myself cuz I wasn’t too hungry so I had 4 oz steak and a large serving of corn YUM!

Then took Broc to the vet for her checkup and she did well- the vet said everything looked great and of course when she was done she flew over to me and hid in my hair lol. Then when we got home she went right over to her food bowl- I knew she was hungry.

Afterwards since I had nothing pressing so I did the treadmill for one hour and at the end my foot started to hurt- I took it easier after that but yeah maybe I overdid it. I think part of it were the shoes I wore at work yesterday- I dressed nice for the potluck so I wasn’t wearing my tennis shoes 🙁

All in all a good day- specially with the 213 staring at me- I was like oh yeah I’m gonna wake up at 215 again I bet! But nope 🙂

Hoping for 211 at next Monday’s “official” weigh in. This weekend gonna work out another few hours (if my foot permits), even if it’s just a long walk!

Have a great weekend ladies!


Well last night I didn’t cook again! Got home and hubby said he was taking me to see Harry Potter! WOO HOO!

So we basically left right away and at the mall I got a turkey sub for dinner- I mean hey at least I ate healthy! I had been craving a turkey sub for a while anyways! Wheat bread, turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, olives, light mayo and mustard 😀 (705 calories I got a footlong okay!). But before that I’d only eaten 510 calories for the day so that put me at 1215- a great number!

The movie was good- it’s one of those things where of course it ALWAYS could have been better but given their limited time (Yes 2.5 hours is NOT enough to explain that book) I totally understand. They took out one thing I had wanted to see (not saying in case you are a Harry Potter fan) but it’s okay. And YES I cried at the end 🙁 Alan Rickman as Snape- my God that man’s awesome- he’s an amazing actor! And I love that he had more of a big roll in this one 🙂

Just at the midnight showing the movie made 22 million dollars! You know with numbers like that it’s gonna break records! If you haven’t seen/read the HP series I totally encourage it- it’s very good and if you have young children you want to get to read- THIS is the book. It’s the one book my brother who hates to read was really into! How cool is it to watch young children excited for a BOOK? I love it!

Have a great day everyone- my Hash brown casserole smells DIVINE if I say so myself 😉

UPDATE: The poltuck went wonderful- my whole dish got eaten and people LOVED it 😀 And were even happier when I said I put in reduced fat sour cream, 2% cheese, and margarine instead of butter 😀

The scariest word a dieter can hear…

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen…


The crime lab director is leaving and this thursday is a BREAK-FAST-POT-LUCK! DUN DUN DUN!!!Of course I’m going, he’s a very nice guy AND THE SHERIFF is going to be there! I’m gonna try to get a picture with him 😀 You might think so what it’s just the sheriff- but he’s the sheriff of SD county and he’s retiring. SD county has a population of 3 million and the law enforcement unit of the county is about 7,000 employees I believe- so there are quite a few of us!

I am already planning on making a low fat/reduced fat hashbrown casserole with 2% cheese and reduced fat sour cream and so on. The particular recipe I found on is under 200 calories a serving so sounds good to me 🙂

Yesterday was all sorts of bdays so there was cake galore! I got myself a SLIVER of cake, enjoyed it, then went back to work…

I wanted to work out yesterday but when I got home and was starting dinner (I have dinner around 5 pm and work out later…) our friend called, his dog died and he was very upset and so were his girls (10 and 12). Well unfortunately yesterday I said dying was one reason you could call me when I’m going to work out so apparently there went the workout. We went over to his house, him and hubby buried the dog (he was pretty old and had medical problems but I guess the dog wouldn’t take his medication last night) and we had a little funeral for the girls. I was comforting the girls the whole time and we printed out a copy of the rainbow bridge poem for them. He’s divorced and his wife’s not exactly the motherly type (for lack of better word) so of course she wasn’t around for her girls… Things like this okay I’m fine missing a workout… Not a big deal, life happens.

Then of course he wanted to offer us dinner (was STARVING by then) so I didn’t want to say anything like I want something healthy so I was like whatever you want dude so he picked up mexican. Rolled tacos, burritos, and carne asada fries. So I had three rolled tacos and some carne asada fries… I felt so gross afterwards though. Literally I wanted to puke I felt so gross from the food. The food actually wasn’t even good- after hubby and I left even he said his burrito was bland lol.

We went home around 9 pm and I got to sleep by 10:30 pm, I’m slightly tired today but feel good about helping someone out.

Tonight’s dinner is the steak we didn’t eat last night (now it’s sitting in the fridge DEFINITELY thawed out) plus corn and salad (mashed potatoes for hubby). I’m kind of starting to like my steak a little pink but hubby is Mr. well done till it’s chewy lol.

Have a great day everyone 🙂

RIP Buddy

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