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Thank Goodness it’s Friday- I think my brain has been catching me up on my sleep I’ve been going to bed at 9 pm and sleeping by 9:30pm each night! Did you know that your brain keeps tabs on how much sleep you are missing? Hence why on the weekends you usually sleep a few hours longer than normal, it’s trying to catch up on your “sleep debt.”

So today my baby sister (I say baby she’s 20 lol) is leaving me to go to big bad LA and work at a day camp for kids. She loves kids and I’m glad she’s found something she loves to do and can make money doing it. Her major is in recreation and she plans on working with children when she’s done. It’s funny how I’m kind of having empty nest syndrome and spending all my extra time with her lol. Helping her pack and just talking and stuff. She’s like don’t worry I’ll be home in a few months and I’m visiting next weekend! lol. My hubby is like yeah I’ll miss her but it’ll be nice for us to be alone again. I’m having flashbacks of my future- our children growing up and leaving the nest and me being upset and him being nonchalant about it lol- are all men this way? :p

Anyways- so far at work my project is going really well. The tech leader is impressed with my great results and that’s good cuz then to me it shows she’ll trust me a lot more when it comes to other projects 😀

I’ve got a ton of paperwork to complete today as well as tonight when I get home. I’m going to make hot dogs for dinner cuz I’m too lazy to cook anything else- I’m going out for lunch today to El Pollo Loco cuz stupid me forgot my lunch! *sigh* But that’s okay- my el pollo loco lunch is less than 500 calories 🙂 AND NO I’M NOT COUNTING! So :p

Today gonna try to get in at least another half hour on the treadmill today then spend some quality time with my sister when she gets home- as soon as she leaves tonight gonna spend the rest of my time with hubby 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!


So the cake thing didn’t work out. Spoke to a few bakeries yesterday, some said NO WAY and the ones that did say they could do it wanted like $400! I was like for a 1/4 sheet size NO WAY. I mean I said it doesn’t have to be as detailed as the picture in my previous entry from yesterday, it could look cartoonish and they still wanted a crazy amount of money. PFT yeah do I look like a millionaire?

SOOO guess who’s gonna make hubby’s cake for his bday? YOU GOT IT- ME. 🙁

I’m gonna try my best- bought a nascar blank car cake mold and am just gonna make it as best as I can… I know my hubby’s car is shaped differently but the plan is to lay on the frosting thick on top to make it look rounded on top like his car. I’m actually gonna start making the cake a few days in advance. One day I’m going to make the fondant, another day I’ll make the butter cream, and the day of or day before I’ll make the cake and decorate it. Most likely the day before- I read cakes from fondant usually are okay to sit for 3 days, so one day should be fine. See what kind of ridiculously loving wife I am? GRRR I hate me! lol 😉

Anyways- didn’t work out yesterday- eating wasn’t good either ug- no excuses though. One of my client’s computers was on the fritz and I told him he needed a new DVD rom because his just wasn’t reading anything and I checked all the computer and power settings and everything was fine except that. His computer was so dirty and dusty I told him dust is really bad for your computer and at least 2x a year you should take it apart and air blast your computer to get out the dirt (letting you guys know too). I usually pull apart my computer a few times a year to clean it out when I do my spring cleaning and so on… It really helps with the life IMO. Just make sure you aren’t getting any parts wet when air blasting it. A feather duster also works.

Anyways- today is going to be tiring also- if my client calls to say he purchased a DVD rom then I’ll be going there after work (which has also been busy), probably picking up something for dinner afterwards since it’ll take me some time to get that fixed. I have a pile of mail calling my name (including my own bills) so I have to take care of that today as well, then workout and shower and go to bed! *breathes heavily* Just typing that made me TIRED! I’m not going online today when I get home (except to pay one bill) because it’ll just distract me from everything I have to do! Going online at home is very distracting cuz my friends just want to talk and when I say I have to go they all go AWWWWWW!

And Sigh- I know I’m not making the best choices already today- one of the interns is leaving- today is her last day- and for her they made these cream cheese and chocolate with chocolate chips cupcake- I had ONE and skipped breakfast to compensate- not the best exchange, I guess I could have said no- but I didn’t.

I feel like I’m not doing well at all, I’m feeling very tired, last night I literally sat around and went to bed at 9 pm, that’s how tired I was. But I’m not giving up, I’m going to continue to do my best and remember that my motivation is comic con- anytime I try to skip my workout I’m gonna say COMIC CON!!!

This is how I’m feeling today:

I feel like I’ve betrayed my body by not giving it my all and giving into my tiredness- not gonna happen today! Sorry online friends I talk to daily but I have to take care of myself!

Let them eat cake!

Haha okay so I put the picture on the thumb drive (or USB flash drive whatever you want to call it) and here it is:

Cool huh! I’m meeting the cake decorator today- hopefully they don’t charge an insane amount of money- I don’t want a huge cake, the size of a 1/18 scale, I think that’s the scale of most of the larger collectible cars.

Anyways, got a ton to do today at work, then for my lunch got to see the cake person and I’m also going to the store to get a baby shower gift for one of the girls at work (it’s tomorrow gosh I’m such a procrastinator), then after work going to see a friend to figure out why their DVD drive isn’t working- though I’m guessing that they don’t really HAVE a DVD drive… That they are trying to put a DVD into a regular CDrom and can’t understand why it doesn’t work… But whatever.

Yesterday did pretty good, I won’t lie, my sister bought me a brownie, but I figured I ate well enough to eat that (and omg those brownies you can’t say no to either), and I got in half an hour of a “brisk walk” on the treadmill. TMI but my jeans had a tear in them at work yesterday and it really chaffed me up- I put some cream on it and we’ll see how that goes today… don’t know what I’m doing for dinner but I guess I’ll figure it out when I get home- maybe some bbq chicken or something?

My sister is moving up to LA and it’s funny cuz I told her just wait her and her bf will have some arguments and she’s like oh no, we won’t, we’ve lived together before… And I was like spending the night at each other’s houses is TOTALLY different… So YUP Monday they had a big old fight cuz her bf has a big bed but didn’t want to take it out of storage and instead wanted to use the futon he has in his current room. Eventually they resolved it but see- I knew :p

Anyways, hope everyone has a productive day- I got work to do!


Yeah well blah. But hey at least I’m being honest. Not a good number, but that’s okay- it’s a new week and time for me to get my butt on the treadmill again. Did I work out last weekend? Nope not exactly, I spent pretty much the whole time with my hubby and getting the house back in order. And of course relaxing as well. I do feel refreshed today- so that is good 🙂 My eating over the weekend was okay- I did make the best choices I could, but probably ate a bit too much- am I discouraged? NOPE cuz I knew what I was doing but knew that I’d get right back on task.

So as of today- NO MORE excuses- if I have to sit there and talk myself into working out for an hour before I get in a workout, then so be it. Today’s plan is to order hubby’s cake for his bday- shhh don’t say anything- it’s a surprise 😉 I’d post up a picture but I just realized that this computer doesn’t have a card reader- OOPS! lol! I promise I’ll get a picture up- but basically I’m going to see what it’d cost for a car birthday cake in the shape of a 2006 GTO- that’s my hubby’s car, his pride and joy, I call it his Christine (like the movie by Steven King).

Here’s a photo of a 2006 GTO:

My husband’s is slightly different- he has some added stuff on it like lighted skull turn signals and a white stripe on the side and so on. But isn’t it gorgeous? I’m sure he’ll love his bday cake surprise!

Anyways- today it’s back to clean eating and exercising. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, but let’s just call it day one. 🙂 I’ve got two months before Comic-con and I’m hoping to be under 200 by then!

New Haircut!!

The concert was pretty good- not in my top 5 but I love No Doubt, I’m more used to pop type concerts, not rock. I swear there was SO MUCH weed (or pot whatever your want to call it) there! At the end of the show my mouth felt like ashy and I was hungry lol! But I didn’t go get food- 11 pm is too late- went home and went straight to bed!

Okay ladies- here is a small update photo of me 😀

I got so sick of my hair and went to the salon I go to and my stylist was slammed for the rest of the weekend so I went with another girl and I told her I don’t care just make it CUTE! I was gonna wait to cut it till I got to 199- but oh well- I couldn’t wait! To me hair is hair and it’ll grow back (I swear my hair grows TOO fast). So the girl did this “A-line” cut, looks like Posh Spice’s (Victoria Beckham) hair. But I love it!

Here is my “look at me I’m too cool to smile cut”

And here I am smiling:

Okay so now I’m off to do a half hour workout then go to dinner with my hubby and I have decided that Monday morning will be my official weigh in to keep me accountable during the week. So far the eating without calorie counting seems to be working out well 🙂 I’m still thinking about how much I eat- but not counting exact calories.


YES YES YES I need this three day weekend so badly! Things are going well, I’ve caught up on some much needed sleep and though my coworker is still tripping about our test- I’m like dude it’s OVER don’t worry about it lol.

This weekend I need to clean my home because apparently a tidal wave, hurricane, and plague has gone through my house. I have to clean the kitchen, living room, dining area, go through the closet in my room, and so on.

ALSO starting TOMORROW I’m going to get back into working out frequently- WOO!! Last night my husband was like “are you ever gonna use the treadmill again?” And I was like excuse me Mr. has never touched his bowflex since he got it $250 later! He looked at me like oh ah well yeah I’m gonna use it. I was like pft whatever only reason I’m not saying I’m gonna get rid of it is because I plan on using it three times a week starting next week. lol. 😉 Gonna do half on hour on the treadmill on Sat and Sunday then monday start over on the C25k. Starting in June the goal is to get in an hour of exercise a day- for the rest of May I want to get in half an hour a day and pick 1-2 rest days in the week.

On to other news my sister applied to a job in LA and got it- so she’s leaving me for the summer! I was like congratulations but my baby’s leaving me for three whole months!! 🙁 My sister and I are very close and I know she’s excited about this but I know I’m gonna miss her- I’m going to tell her she better call me lol. Tonight we are going to see NO DOUBT WOO! This is probably like my 3rd time seeing Gwen Stefani and I’m so PYSCHED! It’ll be such a blast! I love their music!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Yes it’s over! IT’S OVER! I feel so light and happy!

How did the test go? TERRIBLE- that test was insanity and by the end I was so disgusted I just handed over my test and left. I actually left a page blank! I had a 95% going in so I am sure I’ll get a B which is fine with me.

I won’t lie- after class my sister got Taco Bell again and I had another grilled stuffed burrito- I’m sorry I like Taco Bell! But that’s okay, today gonna make a good dinner and for lunch I’m going to get a salad from el pollo loco- who knows maybe I’ll splurge and drive up to Rubios! I like their salad as well and it’s like 570 calories (no I’m NOT counting calories lol). Just cuz I happen to know calories of items doesn’t mean I’m counting OVERALL!

Which leads me to say this, we aren’t perfect, we crave things that aren’t always good for us, but we need to stop saying we are disgusted with ourselves! We aren’t disgusting! We are human! We get cravings, we like things that give us pleasure, and so on. Heck the French make eating a pleasurable experience- it’s OKAY to like food! It’s okay to go off plan once in a while and go over your carbs one day or go over calories one day, as long as it’s not a daily thing and you continue to work hard and exercise than you will be fine! Don’t ever say you are disgusted with yourself cuz all it does it bring you down. Next time you eat something you shouldn’t tell yourself “Self, hey, we went over our calories/carbs/whatever, but hey that’s okay, the rest of the day we’ll be good, and tomorrow? Well tomorrow we’ll be back on track!”

And yes I talk to myself! :p

BAH Applebee’s

So went to Applebee’s last night. I check and YES they have the fish! I order it and we get chips and salsa and artichoke dip for dinner as well. Course everyone else gets thinks like chicken strips and cheese covered chicken and QUESADILLA BURGERS! *sigh* They looked good but NOPE- gonna eat what I said I would…

So then the waiter comes up “sorry we are out of fish.”

WHAT?! *sigh* okay, I get the grilled chicken instead and it comes- while it was a good portion it honestly wasn’t very filling. I did eat some chips and salsa but I didn’t want to fill up on that.

In the end I ate my husband’s celery from his chicken strips as well and had a bite of his buffalo chicken (omg so goooood).

I’m gonna assume I ate like 700 calories for dinner- not too bad. And NO I’m not counting calories :p

Tonight is my final, I still haven’t finished that lab but I’m going to finish it right now and then start looking at the old tests- that’s all I have left today. THEN I’m FREE!!

Anyways- hope everyone has a nice day- I’m really looking forward to having more free time so that I can get the things done around the house that have been patiently waiting for me- I have a stack of mail 10 feet high that I have to go through, and all the bedrooms needs a good cleaning out of the closets and so on…

Applebees Dinner of Death!!!

lol okay JK. My MIL wants to go out for dinner- at least she doesn’t want us to go to her house- cuz then I really have no control over her potato salad and other foods she makes. Don’t get me wrong- her and grandma make AMAZING food- but it’s not exactly healthy. I literally eat as little as I can the days we go to their house so that I can eat a small amount and not feel guilty!

So we are going to applebee’s and I will either have the grilled Chili-Lime Chicken salad (250 calories) or the cajun Lime Tilapia (310 calories). I will drink water and have a bite or two of an appetizer. I usually save dinner for my largest meal so 250-310 is already small. I’m guessing they will order chips and salsa so I’ll have a bit of that as well.

Isn’t it crazy how when we eat out now it’s not a matter of just going there and picking the item? Now I have to sit down before I go ANYWHERE and look at the menu- look at the calories, see what others recommend, and so on- till I FINALLY pick something to eat! Then when I get there I try to stay away from the menu, I do check to make sure my item is there and usually have one or two backup items since not all restaurants of a chain serve the exact same items. I wish I could just pick something but hey- I’m still working on the loss and eating well is the most important thing to me because I KNOW I can not exercise and maintain my weight, but if I eat like crap I will gain!

So yesterday was the first real day without sparkpeople-ing (is that a word lol) my calories. I think I did well, I had 1.5 oz cheddar cheese for breakfast (not by choice I forgot my breakfast stuff), 1 lean cuisine and half a blueberry muffin for lunch, a chicken and squash casserole for dinner, and my snack for the evening was a bowl of chex cereal with milk and I also had a skinny cow truffle icecream (it was actually very good). And no I’m not saying what I estimate that I ate! Cuz I AM NOT CALORIE COUNTING! For the W8 loss challenge I will just be like “did I eat well today or not?”

ANYWAYS hope everyone has a good day- I got a few more hw problems left and a lab left, so got to get cracking! Final is manana!!

Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: fiber one bar, .75 oz cheese
Lunch: small bag doritos, beef broccoli lean cuisine
Snack: Fruit cup
Dinner: applebee’s tilapia with rice and veggies, side salad with ranch on the side. A few tortilla chips with salsa (hopefully if all goes to plan).


Phew well I had a great weekend, did a lot of stuff, saw Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks and it was GOOD. I love religious movies like that. My hubby and I are like let’s buy a replica of that statue that’s half angel and half demon and put it in our living room so when you walk in the house it’s the first thing you see- I just want to see people’s reactions lol.

Eating right is still going well, but I’m honestly sick to death of calorie counting and putting in everything I eat on sparkpeople. SOO I’m gonna try to mentally count for a while- if nothing just to at least give me a break from it. I mean when I eat I always think about the calories anyways- so let’s see how it goes 🙂

I just got a nice little note from the sheriff office saying Thanks for volunterring- I know it’s printed but I’m displaying it proudly! If anyone asks I’m gonna tell them me and Bill (the sheriff) are pals lol 😉

Still busy studying for my final- got about 20 more hw problems left to do and one lab left, I’m just so tired that I don’t feel like doing it- but I’m gonna spend the next few hours finishing the lab at least!

Have a great day everyone!

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