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213.5- who is this guy?

So I weighed myself today, 213.5 but hey that’s all good, I know I didn’t eat an extra 1750 calories yesterday! TMI but again my poop is GREEN, I eat so many veggies that I’m not surprised lol. I also worked out half an hour- so I’m wondering if it’s a little water retention from that? Either way I’m still happy.

So last night my husband’s friend comes over- the one who is trying to lose weight but still eats out daily… He was like let’s go out and get some dinner and I was like no, I’m cooking, and proceeded to make Au Jus pork chops (185 calories a serving), cheesy rice (280 calories a serving), and sauteed zuccini (80 calories a serving- this includes the olive oil).

To my surprise my husband took some of the zucchini! Then he ate it. THEN- okay sit down if you aren’t- HE TOOK SOME MORE! *dies* Then he said “this is really good” OMG WHO IS THIS GUY?! lol.

My husband has been changing a lot of his habits lately. I mean the other day he ATE FISH AND LIKED IT! And then ladies, last weekend he bought yogurt with granola and ATE IT! That with last night I’m thinking “okay aliens must have taken my husband and replaced him with a clone, but I like this new guy!” 😉

His friend was like omg man since when do you like that stuff?! lol. And Chad was like I don’t know, but babe you are starting to convert me cuz I’m craving light foods I never craved before.

I’m so proud of him! I think with time he’ll start eating a lot more healthier and wonder why he let himself miss out so much. I’m just glad that he is deciding to try the things I cook. Like I’ve told him before, I don’t expect him to like everything, but to at least TRY it. And now he’s seeing that he actually likes the stuff!

Changes like these make me really happy, for one, I’ve been able to resist a lot of temptation, SURE it would have been easier to just go out and eat but I decided hey I’ll cook and save my family a few hundred calories and save my wallet too! And yesterday at work someone brought in food and I didn’t eat it- NOT ONE BITE WOO! *does the happy dance* these little victories definitely count in my book 🙂

I spoke with my friend and said “you still working on the weight loss” and he said “no I haven’t had time to go to the gym” and I told him if you’d just start cooking more at home and making yourself meals from home you’d most likely CONTINUE to lose the weight. He was like yeah probably I just don’t have time to cook either but I’m sitting here thinking dude- you come over to our house at least once a week to just chill, you watch every movie known to man, I KNOW you have time! But I didn’t say a word, just wanted to hopefully plant a seed in his head. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!


Thanks guys, I studied my ass off for that test!

So last night’s lab was KILLER. Literally I was in class until 9:59 pm! I barely finished. And that was just part ONE of the lab, Wednesday we have to do part 2. I got home like 10:45, checked up on Brownie and Broccoli, then woke up my hubby and ask him if he took his shot, which he didn’t, so got him all his materials and he took his shot and went right back to bed, then finally around 11 something I got to bed. I’m dead tired today.

Some good news I weighed myself and I’m down to 213 again- it’s amazing how fast you lose weight when there isn’t time to eat! Yesterday I managed like 1350 calories because I refuse to eat something at 11 pm at night! I think I’m going to go back to weighing myself daily again so I can keep on track with my eating.

Oh and just to let you know, TODAY El Pollo Loco is giving out free food! 1 free leg and 1 free thigh with tortillas of your choice and salsa. I think the chicken is a new type that is spicy, so if you like spicy food and have an el pollo loco nearby check it out! I’m going to get my cesar salad (minus the dressing) with the legs and I’ll see if I can say I don’t want the corn tortillas. I won’t eat them anyways, so might as well not take them. That’s about a 450 calorie lunch and SO DELICIOUS 🙂 And yes it’s my mission in life to tell people about free food! Specially in this economy…

I find keeping busy has helped me to not snack so much at night- don’t get me wrong- I still THINK about it- but when I start thinking about it I refuse to get anything, specially when I know I’m not hungry. Broccoli and Brownie have definitely benefitted from that cuz I’ll play with them more to ignore my cravings, and I find it really does work- waiting out wanting to eat usually makes me forget after 15-20 minutes 🙂 Before I’d eat a lot at night, and I know part of it is that I eat more during the day so that I’m not starving at night.

So let’s say no to unnecessary snacking! Have a good day ladies!

PSA: Supplements don’t work…

So last weekend a friend of my husband’s came over on Saturday night. He’s recently lost a lot of weight- I think now he weighs less than my husband, but he’s not as tall either. So he’s going on again about this stuff he took to help him lose weight- Arson I think it was called. And while I’m sure it might have helped him in SOME way, to me I still see the annoying dude he is! He has tried two times to get me to take it, and I’m like no thank you, I’m going the natural way. I mean I can’t say I’m jealous because I am happy for his weight loss, but really stop telling me about supplements!

Personally, I see how he eats, and it’s still BAD. He came over and had two burgers and 2 sodas and some empanadas (that my hubby got from the store with jalapenos and cream cheese (omg gross)). I’m sitting there thinking dude you just ate like at least 1500 calories (the empanadas were very high cal, 410 for 5), and you are telling me what to do? Now granted he did work off his butt at the gym and I don’t do that right now, I only get in workouts when I’m not dead tired, which isn’t often. Specially not with this analytical chem class! But I think eating right is important too. Specially I can just eat right and not gain weight, but if he stops going to the gym and continues eating how he does the weight will just come back.

Then on 3FC I see people asking about supplements, and I’m like NO NO NO they don’t work! They aren’t FDA approved and even then the FDA sometimes approves things that later we find issues with, so how then can you even trust that?!

I won’t lie- the old me bought supplements. She bought stacker 2, she bought metabolife (then didn’t sleep for 3 days), Meridia, and so on. BTW Meridia works until I stopped taking it but it was $120 a BOTTLE! Recently she was tempted to drink these diet shots that helped suppress appetite. But then she realized hmmm, if I’m hungry, then I’m doing something wrong. I either need to eat more good foods or make better choices!

Anyways, I just wanted to throw this up and say anytime you feel like buying a supplement, anytime you feel like “maybe this one DOES work” or whatever the case- STOP yourself and say they don’t work! I’ve tried them before (if you have) and they didn’t work, so I won’t try them again, they sound too good to be true, therefore they ARE too good to be true.”

Okay I’m coming off the soap box lol. I say take that $50 or whatever the cost is and go get a nice haircut or new blouse or anything else! You deserve that more than forcing some crap down your body that makes your heart rate speed up and makes you lose sleep for three days 🙂 If you were willing to spend it on a product then you should be more willing to spend it on something nice for yourself. After all, don’t you deserve it? 😀 Worst comes to worst just PRETEND you bought it and it didn’t work! lol 😉

OH BTW if anyone wants to know I got a 147/150 on my chem test from last week, GO ME!!!


Well that was a good weekend 🙂 I ate very clean all weekend and was pleased to see another pound drop. Only 2 more pounds to go till I get to pre-easter weight, then just going to continue to eat as clean as possible and workout whenever I get the chance. I’m tired of stressing about not getting in my exercise and so on- I’ll do it when I can! I got in an hour on Sunday so that was good 🙂

I actually found that I was able to not go nuts over the weekend. Friday night I ate out- BUT I had a healthmex burrito from Rubios with salsa, and that was only like 530 calories with the salsa. Then Saturday for breakfast I had two multigrain eggo waffles with syrup for elss than 200 calories. I didn’t eat anything at the theater (yay me), not even a sip of soda or one bite of popcorn. I got a bottled water and that was it. Funny thing I think my behavior is rubbing off on my hubby- he got a popcorn and soda and usually eats ALL of it- he ate half of it, I hate wasting food so next time I’ll tell him get a small popcorn and soda. No it’s not cuz I didn’t eat any popcorn the he only ate half- I usually get nachos. So after the movies we did eat at the mall, BUT there is a place there called Hibachi-San that has very low cal food. I got a shrimp salad that was 300 calories. Then I made dinner that evening, burgers at home, sure it was a 900 calorie meal, but I actually stayed within 1700 calories 🙂

Then Sunday I made fiber one pancakes for the family with reduced sugar syrup, just over 400 calories for breakfast 🙂 We took broc out to the swap meet and she had some fun, sure she was tethered BUT she got to go out and see people and the world outside- you could tell she was very interested and looking all around. When we got to some bird breeder she started screaming at the other birds it was so cute. When we left Chad wanted a soda so we went to burger king drive through and got a soda and small fries- and normally I don’t do this but broc was so good I gave her a french fry. If she could talk she would have said OMG THIS… IS… SOOOOO… GOOD!!!! I won’t lie I ate the rest of the fries but really it was like 150 calories so :p. When we got home I made hot wings with celery and ranch, I had 6 wings, 2 tbsp ranch, and some celery for 560 calories. Then dinner I had been craving fish for a while so I grilled some fish (which my hubby ate and liked), made some white rice, and salad with the wishbone just2good italian dressing. The whole meal was 530 calories. I am missing my mom so that meal just reminded me of her, she’d make the yummiest fish and white rice and salad. Though I didn’t eat nearly what I used to when she’d make it. I have an extra piece of fish and cup of rice for lunch today YUMMY 😀

SOOO this weekend was good and the goal is next weekend to do the SAME thing, not eat out if possible or if I do pick healthy choices. Not think “oh it’s the weekend, time to pig out!”

Oh and some more good news- I have not been snacking at night either. Yes I am PROUD to report the last three nights I have eaten dinner and that’s it. No after dinner snacks, which I am sure really helps. Even if I think of something I might want I don’t get it, then I grab some water- so it’s helping not only my water intake, but keeping me from snacking. WOO!

I leave you with this cutsie picture of an african grey bird- isn’t he adorable?!

PS I just went and checked Sterling’s blog and I guess she deleted it. Anyone hear from her by chance? Just curious.


I guess I’ll have to admit it- I’m back at 215 *sigh* stupid Easter! lol. At least I haven’t continued to gain right?

I know I haven’t exercised at all, and that’s my own fault- today I will get some exercise in and tomorrow as well (ONE HOUR I TELL YA). We are going to the movies in a little bit, but I’m not ordering ANYTHING from there. I’m going to eat 2 whole grain waffles with reduced sugar (140+35 calories=175 calories), then after the movies there is a japanese restaurant there that serves steamed rice and veggies with meat- so I’m going to eat there for my lunch. We have some shopping to do at the mall and then when we get home the cleaning shall commenceth! lol 😉

I was very good all week if I do say so myself, if I ate out I got salads with no dressing at el pollo loco (less than 300 calories for the salad) and then subway (700 calories for each sub). But overall I made good choices and that’s what matters in the long run I guess.

Everyone have a great weekend, I will probably weigh in on Monday morning to see if there is any change over the weekend.

Broc is mad at me lol

(If you don’t want to read about my bird scroll down to the weight loss cartoon and read from there).

So you all know I have my bird Broccoli (picture on the about me page) and she’s a yellow undersided green cheek conure. WELL as much as I love my baby girl, I don’t love her little “presents” she deposits every so often. My couches and clothes suffer. When I see her wiggle her butt cuz she’s about to poop I usually can catch it in a napkin, but sometimes she just gets you!!!

So I went around online looking for two things, one- something so I can take her out and keep her wings long so she can fly, and two- something I can do about her pooping everywhere.

SOOOO last week I found this:

It’s a flight suit/diaper for a bird. When I take her out she can go with her leash, and inside the home she can wear the suit when she’s out of her cage. There is a pouch underneath that catches the poop, it comes with a liner that you change every so often- it recommends for a bird like Broc to replace the liner every four hours.

I had tried a “feather tether” but it scared her so bad that I tossed it (waste of $20) but people online were raving about this product, about how the tethers also didn’t work for them, but this did. So I bought a red one and a pack of liners and one leash ($30!).

It came in yesterday and first I just put it down and I think broc likes the color red (yes she seems to gravitate towards that color) so she picked it up, checked it out, and so on. THEN there was the real test of truth- I picked her up and put it on her, first try didn’t work, but second try it did. Course she just immediately started biting it- which I let her- and I grabbed her and took her outside. She didn’t seem too interested in outside so we went back in. I tried giving her some apple but she took one bite then went back to the suit. Finally I was like okay you sit there and chew on your suit (it’s made out of good material she can’t hurt it) so while we ate dinner (she forgot to beg that’s how absorbed she was by the suit) she turned her back to us the whole time. When I tried to play with her she’d just fly back to her cage, and so on.

Finally I decided let’s go out with her- so hubby and I went to Office Depot and got the printer paper we were out of and then she started going HEY, I AM OUTSIDE! My husband said he felt a little silly with a bird on a leash outside- but PFT like I CARE about what other people think. Some people just looked and smiled (according to my husband really I was just paying attention to her so I didn’t notice) and when we got home she was better, she wasn’t biting the suit as much- but she still was annoyed with us. She didn’t want to come and when she did she’d just fly back to her cage.

Finally after three hours I took the suit off and she was happy again lol. She slept for an hour with mommie until I went to bed myself. I know she had an exhausting day…

Who knows what today will bring for her, I’m hoping it goes better.

Don’t you wish that were true? Though I don’t eat croutons anymore! Nuggets of fat lol.

So yesterday was a good day also, was within my calories. My neighbor said she’d made lumpia and had me come over and get 12 from her, I had no sweet and sour sauce so I made my own. It turned out really great (found a recipe online). I use so little I don’t know why I wanted some anyways lol. My hubby ate like 6 of them, I had three, and then left three for my sister. My neighbors husband died last year and I told her I was sorry to hear about it (no we aren’t close neighbors) and she almost acted like she didn’t care lol. Like oh thanks honey, I’ll never get married again. Yeah I know crazy! But she does well because her children and grandchildren are there all the time.

Anyways- yesterday I was dead so I just basically came home, made dinner (cajun chicken with active lifestyle pasta and green leaf salad), went to the store to get some printer paper, then chatted with some friends online, watched Supernatural and tried to hide the drooling from my husband lol (see last post for man candy), and then went to bed.

This weekend I’m going to be slammed! I want to go see that new movie with Beyonce and Ali Larter, Obsessed, so I’m going to convince hubby to take me Sunday Morning lol. Then I have to work on finding some templates for a client’s website and schedule a meeting with him for next Sunday. After that I got to do the normal cleaning of the house and some laundry. Oh we also have to go shopping all of hubby’s socks have holes in them so I threw them all out except for a few pairs and told him it’s underswear shopping this weekend lol.

So ladies, have a great weekend, and here’s some more man candy for ya! 😉

There is something about Dean holding that gun that makes me hot 😉

Tired but Happy

So I had my 4th test in analytical yesterday and I feel I did well, maybe even an A!

That class is just so exhausting. Literally for one test I’ve probably studied at least 10 hours! It’s funny cuz I walked up and turned in my test and when I put it down I saw the other person’s answers were NOTHING like mine. I was like omg crap and I thought I was doing well. So after the test I walked over to one of the people in my class and asked them what their answers were and they got what I got- SOOOO that’s good! The teacher looked over my test quickly (she did this to everyone) and said she only saw two mistakes- so YAY!

Hopefully today I’m not so dead that I can’t work out! Literally I had to drag my ass out of bed this morning, I CANNOT WAIT until this class is over- I’m literally counting down the weeks.

OH WHICH REMINDS ME, I still plan on sticking to a stricter exercising schedule when the class is over- the one week I didn’t have class I was easily able to get through my workouts- I was proud of myself- but as soon as class came back it was like BANG no energy! *sigh* Comic Con is at the end of July so I definitely want to be at least in onederland by then!

Anyways, here is my motivation, don’t they look DELICIOUS? 😀

Meet Jared and Jenson, they play Sam and Dean on Supernatural, And I LOVE THEM 😀 I’m hoping this year at the San Diego ComicCon that I will get to actually meet them and get a picture with them, then have their babies 😉 That will really make my day to meet them!

I just want to add that lately I am proud of myself on all the healthy choices I’m making, like skipping eating out or when I do eat out making very healthy choices- like when I get subway I no longer use regular mayo, I also don’t get salt or pepper or oil or vinegar. Cutting calories everywhere I can!

Last night after class I was HUNGRY, I was so tempted to hit taco bell like I used to do way back in the day, but I didn’t, went home and had a mac and cheese lean cuisine (290 calories) then took care of a few things and went to bed 🙂 Yay me for resisting temptation!

So while my weight isn’t flying down- at least it’s stabilizing- I haven’t weighed myself since my easter candy binge but I’m sure I’ve continued the downward trend back to 212. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!

Thank goodness for Prunes

Today I had some prunes. Last weekend I went shopping and while in the produce saw them- that pretty yellow bag covered with prune pictures and I thought mmm I haven’t had prunes in ages!

SOOOO I got some prunes! Delicious- do you know that a prune is like only 20 calories a prune? I know you are thinking 20 calories for that tiny bite! But they are packed with fiber and vitamin A, B, C Iron, Vitamin E, and so on. They are a great source of antioxidants and if you are feeling like going to the bathroom is a bit more strenuous than you would like- well prunes will be your hero!

Personally I love them, and a quick snack of ten prunes (200 calories) is enough to keep me going for another few hours, specially while I’m studying for ANOTHER chemistry test *sigh*

So go out and enjoy some prunes and poop easy! 😉 lol


Man I’m such a dork, so you guys know how there is that whole stimulus deal? Where you’ll get more money in your paycheck?

Well my last paycheck went up $55. I was like WOW that sure is a stimulus! So talking to hubby and friends I’m finding out people are getting more like $10-20 more a check. I’m like why did I get $55? What’s up with this? Come to find- I got a raise! LOL. No one said- but I passed my 6 months and I guess my boss made sure I got a raise. I was told that you don’t always get the 6 month raise and I didn’t want to ask lol. Last time I asked for a raise I was “let go.” I didn’t want that to happen again!

So yay! A raise! WOO HOO more money 🙂

Here’s the notice of my raise:


Ug okay so I have found that I can’t eat 1700+ calories a day, so I’m changing my max from 1800 to 1600. Yesterday I ate just over 1200 calories. Don’t know why I didn’t feel hungry. Well actually I did feel like munching last night but I was like NOTHING fattening and I got two tangerines- there are like no calories in them and for me oranges and tangerines are VERY filling 🙂

I didn’t work out last night but I figured hey I barely ate over 1200 calories and I wanted to spend some time with my husband. The past few days I’ve eaten under 1700 calories, closer to 1600. I was totally not doing well eating close to 1800 calories a day. I guess being 212 lbs I was eating too much technically. The strange thing was spark people changed my goals from 1500-1800 calories a day to 1200-1550 without me doing anything. But I changed it to 1300-1600. I’ll see how that works for now. I’m hoping within another week to get back down to 212 then after that keep on going with the weight loss. For sure today I am working out because I can sleep in Saturday.

I have to stop making excuses “oh it’s easter, have some candy” oh well I’m still under 1800 calories (at 1795!) and so on… I’m still attempting to run 3x a week and when my stupid class ends I’m definitely going to work harder! Thanks for the encouragement ladies- without you by now I would have ballooned to 250 lbs I bet… 🙁

Have a good weekend ladies- I’ll try to post another weigh in tomorrow 🙂

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