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Oh man I’m here at work and the construction workers are tearing things up! Tomorrow we are supposed to be able to go back into the lab. There will be a huge cleanup tomorrow before we start.

It’s scary first of all cuz like NO ONE is at work, and then I’m here and all I hear is BANG BANG! BOOOMMM!!! I’m like man all those years of watching scary movies- YEAH NOT A GOOD IDEA lol. 😉

Anyways- still sick, went to the dentist today and he said I have to come back in 3 months for a checkup, he said my teeth look much better I just need to make sure to continue flossing and brushing. He also told me stop using the mouthwash they gave me as it’s staining my teeth. Then he did another quick clean and polish- OH and fixed my bite that was BUGGING ME. So done with that for three months YAY! I am gonna continue my two times a day brushing and then make sure to floss every night and use my mouthwash a few times a week like I have normally been doing.

On to the weight loss- good day yesterday in terms of eating- yay me 🙂 And I know today will be a good day also. I’m still coughing and have a stuffy nose- but hey what are you gonna do. Again I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to work out on Thursday with my new podcasts 🙂

Seriously the noise here is crazy! No one is here except for a few of us- but it’s loud as heck! So as I sit here and make 50 rape kits today, I’m going to try to not think about the scary movies 🙂

I wish it were Sunday…

Boo Monday is here- I’m still not 100% AND to top it all off I have a test today- let me just say now I know I’m gonna fail that thing. I haven’t retained anything in the pathetic attempt at studying I have tried while having the flu. I don’t think the professor allows makeups- BUT she does drop one test- so I can fail this one and still be okay.

The nurse comes over today to show my husband how to administer his medications. So he starts his Copaxone today- I left a blank check at home so hubby could fill it out and pay the copay. I hope it’s not too high- I heard that our copay won’t be more than $50, hope it’s true!

Tomorrow, God willing, will be an easier day, I’m coming in tomorrow to “watch over” the crew and arm the building before I leave- so YAY getting overtime for that. In the meantime all I’m doing tomorrow is making kits and doing the extra credit the professor has offered. 100 points of extra credit I DESPERATELY need! I mean right now I have an 88% average- but dammit I want an A!

Oh and I listened to the first podcast- I’m gonna say I don’t like it lol. There are no WORDS to the lyrics so if anyone knows of some great C25k podcasts- PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I’ll go crazy with boom dum doom dum boo bee for 30 minutes! I’m not a disco girl, sorry lol.

I still wish I were home in bed lol. This is me today:

And no I’m not the penguin :p


Man what a crappy week, I didn’t even go to work today I am so sick! So eating pft out the window today and yesterday and exercing has been gone too! It totally sucks- hubby and I have the flu together so we are just miserable together yay 😐

And we spoke to the neurologist- my husband in fact does have MS and he will start Copaxone (daily injections) sometime next week. A nurse will come to our home and show him how to do the injections. It’s hard but we’ll make it.

I will get back on track as soon as I get over the flu I swear! But right now that cheese soup was too good to pass up :p Have a good weekend everyone!

Another day another pound?

So yesterday I did apologize to my coworker and he was like what are you talking about? Don’t worry about it. So I felt better 🙂 I’m such a ninny lol.

The fight against fat is still on- when I went home yesterday I was so exhausted that my husband and his friend were like let’s go out. So we went to La Bella’s- one of the yummy pizza places around here 🙂 It was so good. I had an antipasto salad and one slice of pizza. YUMMIEST slice ever- I was so proud of myself at how even though half a pizza was sitting on the table I wasn’t getting more slices and eating it just cuz it was there! So yay me. I felt totally satisfied but not stuffed to where when I got out I was like omg I can barely walk blah blah.

Oh I’m doing the C25k! I saw it on Zeusmeatball’s blog and was like OH that’s what it is. Got the plan, downloaded the podcasts, and plan on starting either tonight (If I get off class early) or tomorrow night 🙂 I want to be able to run and this will definitely help 🙂

I leave you with a cutsie picture again- sorry yesterday I was rushed and didn’t get to post one. The bird in the photo btw is what my bird Broc looks like 🙂 The backside of her anyways (check out my about me page to see her), except she does not have her wings clipped so that tinge of blue you see on that bird, Broc’s blue extends out much farther. It represents exercise and good food fighting against fat- AKA a cat 😉

Death By Statistics

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that this week Tuesday through Friday we are having four solid days of statistics lecture. Let me tell you it’s torture.

So right now at lunch one of the guys (who btw is a fit and healthy male) tells me him and his wife are not eating carbs at dinner, and that last night when they did it a little while later they each ate an apple with peanut butter afterwards and they felt very tired. I asked him “why aren’t you eating carbs for dinner anymore?” and he said his dietician said don’t eat carbs for dinner because it makes you fat. I told him I’m sorry but that’s totally screwy to me. You are a fit and healthy male, obviously how you are eating is right for you and your wife as you both are active and healthy and not overweight. And I was like your body processes carbs first because it’s quick energy. That’s probably why you were so tired last night because you normally eat a healthy balance but didn’t last night. He was like well carbs make you fat, I was like no, a LOT of carbs make you fat, but you can eat carbs at dinner. He said his dietician told him his body will process food differently at night to which I said that that’s wrong as well, no matter what time of day you eat- your body will process food the same.

Then afterwards I felt kind of bad cuz I felt I insinuated his dietician was full of it- but I’m sorry why tell a person who is fit and healthy to stop eating carbs at night? He works out a few times a week, his lunches are always filled with things like fruit and whole grains and lean meats, and so on… It just seemed to me like she was looking to keep a client vs saying “hey man you are doing it right.” I mean I don’t know his cholesterol levels and so on, but I’d wager he’s fine.

Anyways so I hope I didn’t offend him or anything so I’ll just apologize to him later when I see him after lunch and say I wasn’t trying to overstep my bounds and hope he’s not offended.

I mean I’m not crazy am I? lol. It doesn’t make sense to you does it?


It’s Friday and so far I’ve had a good week, I’m hoping for a difference on the scale but I don’t think it’s gonna happen, all the soreness and not drinking enough water is obviously not the greatest for weight loss! BUT BUT BUT last night my hubby said my hips felt thinner- and we all know hips don’t lie 😉 so that’s still good!

Still loving the treadmill but I’m going shopping this weekend for one of those rubber mats that go under the treadmill so that it can be a bit more stable. I have SO MUCH to do today, got to go see my client for his site and get paid, go to the post office for a package, go to the bank for my mother, and so on! This weekend I’ve got to finish all that chemistry hw so I told my husband I’m not doing anything other than studying and working out and the small chores like laundry and grocery shopping. No big projects this weekend!

So to all you lovely people out there, have a great weekend 🙂

Manic Thursday!

So today at lab it’s pretty nuts. Construction starts Monday and I told my supervisor I need some help with all the stuff we transporting. I have THREE rooms worth of stuff to move! I’ve moved probably like 1 on my own, but overall there is a lot left! Namely the heavy equipment. So today everyone has “dressed down ” (this is the first time in SIX months I’ve worn sweats to the lab) and are going to help me out today.

Doing good since I got my treadmill, I believe I have used it every day since I got it, well I think I missed last Monday but that’s cuz of class. I sneaked a peek at the scale and was like ug- it’s up, but I’m thinking it’s cuz I have been really sore lately, moving the boxes, and probably not drinking enough water. Yesterday I made sure to drink over 8 glasses of water. And today I’m going to try to do the same again. 1 with breakfast, 3 with lunch, 1 when I get home, 3 with dinner, and always one cup before bed (no wonder I always have to pee really bad when I get up!). I’m going to beat the evil fat monster dammit! Beat him with me!


Even though I was in bed before 10 and asleep by ten, and woke up at 6, I am STILL sleepy lol. I love to sleep lol- though with my CPAP I find I need less sleep to go on- which is a good thing I guess.

So this morning as I was getting dressed I could see in the mirror that my stomach was smaller so yay me 😀

Yesterday that beef stew was YUMMY- my husband’s friend TOTALLY missed out :p I told him come over I’ll make enough for him as well and nope he didn’t. The recipe said 8 servings and yup at the end there are about 2 cups sitting in my fridge that I’m gonna eat when I get home from class tonight- boo on him :p

I officially sent off the gym cancellation- that’s $60 a month I’ll be saving since I pay my sister’s gym as well, she confessed she isn’t going much either and yesterday she used the treadmill as well and said it was so nice to just have it at home vs going out and driving to the gym. I AGREE!

Anyways, definitely gonna eat right today and if I get home early enough I’m sneaking in a quick workout!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Well today Chad had his spinal tap, everything went well and he said it hurt like heck and was like “why did you say it didn’t hurt?!” lol. I felt bad but I was like dude if I said it hurt you would have been MORE nervous. He was like yeah you are right lol :p

I still got my workout in today (yay me!) and been eating well. I tried that recipe Joy had on her site- it was pretty good, I used beef instead of lamb but I also added more chicken base to it and it tasted much better.

Hoping that at this week’s weigh in to be at less than 212 lbs- that’ll really make my day!

I won’t lie- it’s been hard to stay away from those darn girl scout cookies! I had a few thin mints today… mmmmmmm! 4 for a total of 300 calories- but I’m still at just over 1500 calories today so booyah!

It's not what you think

Busy and Sore

So yesterday my husband and I went to town on the house, cleaned out TWO rooms, converted the office to a partial gym (we are hoping to find a really cheap bowflex in a month or two) and then we also cleaned out the second bedroom and got it ready for my mother who is coming home supposedly next month (I say supposedly cuz we don’t know for sure). But it’s all set, bought new sheets and a new pillow for my brother’s old bed, cleaned it as best we could. Put in a computer with internet access for her (my husband’s computer that we never use lol) and hung up some photos.

My husband’s grandmother has been ill and had open heart surgery yesterday so we are going to go visit her in the hospital. I won’t lie I worry about her passing away, I know it’ll devastate my husband to no end because in the past two years three of his grandmother’s sibling’s have passed away and each time he took it really hard, and he loves his grandmother so much that I just don’t know how he’ll handle it 🙁 Specially with his own illness. He’s got a spinal tap on Tuesday as well, I’m taking the whole day off to take care of him.

After all the stuff we did yesterday I’m really sore but still did just a mile on my treadmill to just check it out- it works great I’m really happy with it. Course my mile was PATHETIC but it was done!

See ya all tomorrow!

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