Screw the doctor

So tomorrow is that DREADED appointment- and I weigh myself and where am I- 217 lbs! *sigh*

There is no way I’m going to lose 7 lbs unless I hit the gym for 6 hours today AND don’t eat anything and just drink tons of water and laxatives.

So today I decided, you know what, screw the doctor, it’s stressing me enough as it is to lose the weight- but then to worry about her comments? Who knows it’ll probably give me more ammo to hand her when I say that I have been dieting and working out and there doesn’t seem to be much of a shift at all. With my PCOS symptoms not changing, I want my metformin and spironolactone increased so I can probably convince her to do so- if she refuses I’m just going to switch doctors and try the doctor my coworker has (she also has PCOS).

I’m not losing weight for anyone but me- and as I read more and slowly gain small epiphany’s I see where my mistakes are and I’m learning- now if my body would figure it out I’d be all set! lol 😉

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