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PCOS is the acronym of the day…

I’m 25 and two weeks ago I was 221 pounds. I racked my brains- how did this happen? I have such control over my life! I have a great job that’s turning into a career, I have a wonderful husband, my family isn’t THAT disfunctional, and I have a few good friends. Life should be perfect right? WRONG.

It all started when I hit college. I wasn’t perfect, but I was like 165 lbs, I was a bit overweight, but I was hot! Guys liked me, they’d come up to me and ask for my number, I had a bf who loved me (husband now), and I was on my way. But when I hit college, all the stress and late night studying and eating WRONG started taking a toll on my health- but I ballooned up to 185! My doctor finally told me that I had PCOS but she didn’t know much about it. She put me on different birth control pills and no matter how hard I tried by the time I graduated I was 190 lbs. I got married and things have been great- but the weight has crept up slowly, ten pounds a year since I have been married basically. That first doctor apparently didn’t know much about my condition- she said “eat right” and to me that was like yeah I AM nothing is happening. She didn’t say “carbs aren’t your friend, don’t eat white pasta or white rice or potatoes” she just said “eat right.” I guess my weight spiraled cuz I gave up.

Back to now, I decided that’s it, I’m going to do something about it- after this last Thanksgiving and weighing in at 221 my sister came to me and said “I’m 125, I need to lose weight, want to do the Fat Smash with me?”

SURE I said to the miniature Britney Spears… So we stocked up on fruits and veggies and looked all over for recipes (which is how I found 3FC). We made things like miso soup and TONS of grilled veggies and lentils and beans and even tofu.

After the first nine days I weighed myself- 6 pounds lost! WOOO- okay so the sacrifice has been worth it! I was always told “with PCOS you’ll have a hard time losing weight” and I believe itcuz I have lived it. My sister lost 8 lbs to my 6, but she doesn’t have a hormonal problem or insulin resistance like I do. I take metformin every day 1000 mg to help with that problem, but the thing that has definitely made the difference has been the fat smash- it’s helped curb my cravings for chocolate and chips- something I thought could never happen.

I’m still working on it- four days into phase 2 I’ve lost a total of 8 lbs, my goal is to be 135 pounds, something I haven’t been since probably elementary school- but I’m going to do it! I will lose until I hit a weight I’m happy with- and who knows maybe at 150 I’ll be sporting a rocking body and stop there- but this time it’s for real.