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I continue to try in vain to post comments on the blogs of others – but it just won’t work!! I am getting frustrated, as I blamed my phone but now I’m in work on my PC and still can’t say anything! Which means that the jobs I had planned to do so far this morning haven’t even been thought about…… except for trying to fix my laptop, which is refusing to work! 2 engineers have been out and the problem is exactly the same. But also, I keep writing comments and then they vanish. I have had some erally nice inspirational messages and can’t even say thank you!

I commented on someone else’s blog that I liked their weekly goals, I am currently on a two week goal. I go on holiday in less than two weeks (it is mostly an activity holiday so it won’t destroy everything!!) and I want to lose 5 lbs before then – it’s a bit ask as I think I will slow down a bit now as I am loosing the bulk of the fat. 5 lbs makes my BMI 24.9, so JUST healthy but considering I started this 10 weeks ago at obese I’d say this is a good change!

I am worried about myself as I have an ‘all or nothing’ problem. As I am all about the diet, I am worried I won’t be able to let go on holiday…. even though we’re spending our days walking and climbing mountains, I am planning early morning runs and already dreading thinking about what I can order. My husband says I’ll feel better when I’m there as if I log the calories in ‘my fitness pal’ at least I’ll see that I am burning a lot and can eat. I just hope I can….. I have never been a drinker so I can have a couple o archers and lemonade and not feel too guilty but I don’t want to be in a resaraunt panicking about whether I’m allowed cheese sauce! We were planning our wakls last night so this is what I have been worrying about all night. Does this make sense to anyone? If I fall off the waggon, who’s to say i won’t come home and start eating badly again???? AAARRRGGGHHH!

Why is this so hard??

March 19th, 2012 at 11:33 pm


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