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Did a new post instead of a page! General gist…. Down 1lb, food and drink festival was great yesterday and we really enjoyed ourselves!

Today is that start of the 5×50 so I am going to go for a walk with my husband, sister and my sister’s boyfriend. I think we’ll kick it off with 10k though :o)

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Weight: 108.6

BMI: 20.4

Body fat %: 28.5

Muscle %: 28.5

Viceral fat: 3

Calorie thing: 1164

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I just felt a bit down this morning – back at work tomorrow and I don’t feel rested at all. This was meant to be my post where I put on 7lbs eating clam chowder on holiday but instead I am feeling a bit sorry for myself! With all the hospital visits too – the waiting around is so tiring and time consuming. Not that I’m complaining as I’d be there regardless but I think it’s made me feel a bit run down. There’s only the gym where I feel awake and energetic. Work will be a killer tomorrow – especially as it’s a training day sowe’ll be talked at for hours in end.

I did well at the gym. I ran my fastest 5k – 29 and a half minutes! Which is probably really slow but I am happy – I was only aiming for under half an hour as a target for my 5×50 challenge but I need a new target!! Haha.  I also did my quickest 5k on the bike (although I didn’t push really hard) plus 5.6k on the elliptical trainer and all my weights/free weights/core stability and the skierg. I don’t know if I hate or love the skierg! I will have to try some classes and swimming.

I am tempted to go for a walk. My husband just wants to watch sport……

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Another week spent mostly at the hospital! We’re both exhausted emotionally and physically but we’ll be fine!

No weight list this week BUT a slight decrease in body fat! I think my weight will be a bit rubbish as I eat out last night. I only lost last weeks pound on Monday so I might be a day late again. I am hovering around 108 so I can’t complain too much.

The gum opens in 10 minutes so I am going to do some training for the 5×50 – can I run 5k in 30 minutes. Annoyed about the mistakes in this but my phOne won’t let me change them :o(

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As I mentioned in my last post I have joined a new gym and am on a new exercise programme. I have been on it for almost a week and I have seen some results already. I have bought some new scales that can measure other information. These give more information but I don’t 100% understand all of it.

1. Weight: 109.6 – 110.2 (not made up with that but as other parts are working)

2. Body fat % – this is the one I am too high on I started at 30.3 and have reduced it this week to 29.5. This should be 22-24 and I’d rather be in the low end if I can….. we’ll see what happens.

3. BMI – 20.4 (according to the scales)

4. Visceral fat – 4 (apparently this is the fat around your stomach and less than 9 is normal).

5. Skeletal Muscle percentage – this is the muscle you can see apparently…. it syas that increasing skeletal muscle mass helpts to burn calories. But mine is 28.4% which is already on the higher scale of normal. So I need to do more research… whether high means you work out or high means you’re a body builder!!!

6. Metabolic rate – this is how many calories you burn in a general day without exerising. Mine was 1100 and something ( I forgot it because I didn’t understand). As my calories per day are 1200 that’s balaning out pretty well. I think!!

That was my weigh in – loads more detail than normal. I think the change in weight could be due to how late I eat at the minute….. wit going to the hospital until late every night. I have my evening meal at 10pm last night. I might try my weight again in a bit and log into my scales…. we had a sare yesterday too. We’re both tired out. I’m not going to the hospital today as we’re getting grumpy with each other so I think we need a break!

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I joined my new gym today! It was really good, I had a full induction and I had tests done that 6 months ago would have made me cry!! But I wanted to know….. Some good news! My water retention is 52% which means that I drink enough water but I didn ‘t admit that is was mostly tea!! Haha.

The rubbish things were that my blood pressure was low – not even sure what that means! Next job is to look it up!

Back to good news! I weighed less I thought BUT my weight was low in the BMI charts they use (they have 20-25 as healthy whereas the NHS one says 18-25. My BMI is 20.4 so not far from their bench mark for underweight ….. Now it gets problematic! My fat % is 30 which is high as it should be between 22-25. Now I need to lose fat but not too much weight.

He’s giving me a programme with free weights/core stability/weight machines/cardio and power plates (something else I need to research). I also want to try spinning and the man has encouraged me to try swimming. So I am going to enjoy it and see what happens :o)

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Where do I start? There were 3 things this week:

  • Gym membership ran out
  • Holiday!
  • Mother-in-law’s operation

The plan was, as soon as gym membership ran out (on wednesday) we’d do some walks and exercise at home but the holiday started on Friday and we could relax for a couple of days while we packed and prepared.

The plan has gone. On Wednesday after the gym we had my father-in-law at ours. We were expecting news about my mother-in-law around lunch time. But no news. Then we had my sister in law round too…. No news. We ended up with a take away curry (which is my favourite so I have avoided them since Xmas) and got news at 9pm that she was really ill and on life supprt. We have spent so much time at the hospital. Yesterday (day before weigh in) I was over my calories for the first time since I started my diet so I am 1lb heavier…… I am gutted. I am so unhappy with myself – plus I have had a dodgy stomach since the curry which makes me feel really bad too.

We have cancelled our holiday. There’s no way we could go but I feel so flat. Today we should be excited and going to the air port at 3am! I am worried about my hysband’s mum. I hate myself for putting on.

We are going to go for a walk in a bit – hopefully but I really need more to keep my calories in check. I know it’s selfish but I need to sort the gym out as soon as I can. I will end up massive again :o(

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Sunday morning weigh in says -1lb. I think that must be my maximum at the minute! I used to know if it was more as one would come off by we’d and then the rest by Sunday but it’s only going down about Friday.

I have enjoyed this week, I have loved the gym this week and have done done really nice walks along the canal – although my husband shortened yesterday’s!! We went for a gorgeous meal on Friday with my sister and her boyfriend. Yesterday we went to a wedding party for our friends, which was nice.  I’m a bit tired today though!! I don’t think I am cut out for two nights in a row!

My gym membership runs out this week :o( but I am in holiday from the 19th :o) so I’ll join a gym near the new house when we get back. I’ll start looking in Tuesday when we get the Internet. I don’t want to get back and not have one!!

To help I am going to do the Sport Relief 5×50 – they encourage you do do 5k for 50 days in a row either running, walking, cycling, jogging, etc. so I’ll mix mine up!! It starts on the 9th September, my sisters are doing it too. The first day is after a festival so we’ll have to walk it as we may be a but worse for wear!! I am going to do it for charity which will spur me on and make sure going away doesn’t ruin all my efforts!

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I thought I would maintain this week as moving house means that I have only been to the gym a handful of times and I have hardly walked. I should have gone to the gym yesterday but my sister came over and we went out for lunch so eat a massive meal – which is why I never went to the gym. Well, at least we’re definitely going for a walk today and doing a bit more shopping!

On the scales today I have managed a 1lb loss – which is better than I thought/expected! But it shows that I could have done more this week :o( I am really hoping for a good week next week. I have done most of the organising in the house. We’re going out to find a few  bits today but all the rooms look like rooms! I am loving the new house :o)

This week’s loss: 1lb

Target for next week: 2lbs

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Another pound :o) that makes it a brilliant 50 altogether! I am really happy with that, who’d have thought that I would lose this much at the beginning! I don’t know why I never thought u would do this well.

My happy news is spoilt by the fact that I feel quite poorly :o( I think my week has finally caught up with me! The first week of the holidays was great as I got TK the gum a lot, did some really nice walks and we found out on Tuesday we can have our new house  so we’re moving in this Wednesday! I have spent most of the week packing, organising and driving back and forth from the recycling centre. There are muscles you can work out handing heavy items down from the attic that the gym machines don’t touch!! Haha. I have had a fun week but I haven’t overly relaxed :o(

I have no clue to go with my weight loss now. I may just keep losing until I feel comfortable. Go on holiday put loads on then losing it all again!!

Starting weight: 161 lbs (at least!)

Starting BMI: 31

Current weight: 111lbs

Current BMI: 21

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