so new blog!

I’m so glad I could get a blog through 3fatchicks. I think this will also help me keep my motivation.

I was inspired to get into shape after a hiking trip with my daughter. I realized there was no way I could do our favorite trail because I had gained some extra weight. While we had an enjoyable time the missing trail stayed in the back of my head. I have a goal now. I want to walk to length of the Appalachian Trail on my weight loss journey. For anyone who doesn’t know that is 2,181 miles. I will be walking: fitness trails, trails at my local parks, down my country road (that goes up then down then sharp turn over a bridge, well you get the drift) and even some hiking on the Appalachian Trail. I have 4 visits there planed for the Summer.

So onto my walking: I started yesterday and only walked 2.3 miles when my goal was 5. Today’s goal was almost 3 miles. I only got 1.8 miles for a grand total of: 4.1 🙁 Not where I wanted to be but I didn’t factor in that it would suddenly be so hot. Virginia weather is terrible. So cold last week and now its hot. Crazy.

I am currently at 185 pounds and standing at 5’7. Its going to be a long journey but hopefully a good one.

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