Franktuary Much

June 14th, 2011

I didn’t get in a workout today, but did walk in the city about a mile with some hills. I went with a dear friend to try a legendary Pittsburgh hot dog joint called Franktuary, so named because it is in an actual church. The atmosphere is total Church Basement, but the dogs are served in a variety of styles that make it worth the trip: did you know that a Pittsburgh way to make a hot dog apparently involves sauerkraut and “smooshed pierogies”? I didn’t try that one. The Chicago style veggie dog was great, except for the fact it was a veggie dog and tasted like one. For twice the cost I could have had a beef dog that was locally sourced, grass fed, antibiotic free, I think they show you a picture of its mom or something if you ask, I don’t know, it just seemed  a little steep at the moment and I wanted to see how good a veggie dog could be. The answer is that it just doesn’t transcend itself.

My skin has been going crazy today — eczema on the eyelids, the hands are a torn up mess, and now I seem to have breakouts on my elbows, which is weird for me. I’m hoping this isn’t all a systematic rejection of Protopic, which I’ve been using for ten days now. The treatment is definitely still in the “getting worse before it gets better” phase, and I don’t recall how long this phase lasts exactly but if memory serves at all, I have another few weeks to go before I start feeling better. But if it works a second time, I’ll have no eczema at all in three months, and the last round of treatment left my skin completely normal for over three years. I only mention all of this here because my skin is so food-reactive (it’s why I can’t have dairy fats or nuts). Thinking back, I did eat two of the fabulous oatmeal cookies I made for the kids, and boy did they have butter in them. So, I suppose I was asking for it.

Now to try to bolt myself to the chair and get some actual late night online course work done.

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