Week 3 menu

March 13th, 2012

PP Monday: b: galette, l: cottage cheese and ham, chicken d: steak and onions. usual snacks of cooked meat and muller light plus sugar-free jelly

PP Tuesday b: oatbran porridge l: cottage cheese and ham, chicken broth & konjac noodles d: prawn omelette. unsual snacks

PV Wednesday OUT for dinner. Plan is to have my oatbran for breakfast, the rest of the broth with veggies for lunch then try and have the friendliest dinner I can, I’m thinking Italian club fish would be good.

PP Thursday: lunch kedgeree!, d: fry up of bacon and venison sausage

PV Friday: lunch more kedgeree with salad, d: not sure yet. I’m thinking of bacon and egg with mushrooms

PP Saturday: shopping day

PV Sunday: lunch with parents,

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