Week 2 day 2

March 6th, 2012

Proposed menu for the week, already collapsed by my forgetting I wasn’t in work today and leaving my mackerel there!

Monday: PV oatbran porridge. Added wheatbran for the first time and was so stuffed I had to throw some away! Mackerel and salad (cucumber, tomato and spinach). For dinner, stir fry steak and mixed tenderstem veg from sainsburys. Snacks? A muller yoghurt, a desert made from yoghurt and sugar-free jam, a couple of spoons of cottage cheese and 100g ham. Usual milky drink before bed and lots of tea/coffee and couple glasses water.

Tuesday: PP oatbran gallete for breakfast (half my daily allowance used).  Went to town so then had to trawl the street looking for dukan friendly lunch Рended up with a cooked jerk chicken breast from Tesco then had to fend off the seagulls. Snack of a muller light and then some ham and cottage cheese followed by a baked salmon fillet with the left over stir fry veg and herbs (left them with another fillet cooked for tomorrow lunch). Dessert of mousse thing followed by another galette.

Wednesday: PV porridge, or oatbran in yoghurt (I quite like that). The rest of the mackerel for lunch with what was going to be salad but I might try and make some sort of veg quiche today and roast the tomatoes and spinach. Dinner is the salmon and veg cooked yesterday.

Thursday: PP whatever breakfast I feel like. I’m going to bake a meatloaf on Wednesday and have some slices for lunch in work, for dinner I’m going to make a chicken curry. I’m wondering if I can make some sort of oatbran naan…

Friday: PV Galette I imagine. Lunch will be the rest of the curry, with veg. Dinner, meatloaf with carrot and sprouts.

Saturday: PP. Breakkie of appropriate oaty product. I suspect that curry and meatloaf will feature strongly today.

Sunday: PV. Lunch at my parents which will be whatever meat they do, plus Dad’s veggies. I’m not sure if I’m up to trying to get him to prepare the carrot and turnip without clover but I suppose I can forgo the gravy…