Day 5

March 2nd, 2012

Weight 219.2

That’s pleasantly surprising.

Meal out with work today. Dr Dukan has dire warnings about leaving the plan rules so I’ve ordered the meatiest started I could and I’m going to have the fish and chips for main but leave the chips and eat the fish without the batter.  I’ve got sliced beef and yoghurt to take to work for snacks. For dinner I have my lovely chicken soup and the other half of the foo-saka. More than half-way through! I’m amazed I’ve lasted this. Still no bad side effects that I can tell although I was a bit wobbly yesterday I think through lack of food. Slight tummy ache this morning but then that’s better than normal…

Oh, lovely chicken soup recipe: chicken carcass made into stock with 2 shallots, herbs. At the end add the konjac noodles and shredded chicken.