Week four beginning

March 19th, 2012

215.8 16th march, 214.2 17th march, 213.8 18th march

213.6 19th March

I decided that Friday would be the day that I would have a little bit of leeway on the diet: week 1 I had a meal, week 2 a packet of crisps. This week it should have been chocolate. I had it in work, then I accidentally flattened my bike tyre so ended up walking to town and being late home: I cracked and had crisps and curry from the city. Saturday I felt awful: migraine in the morning and like I had a hangover all day.

I am *not* doing that again.

Week 3 midweek weigh in

March 15th, 2012

Tuesday 13th 215.8

Wednesday 14th 215.8

Thursday 15th 215.8

The scales are fluttering under, though, so possibly there will be a repeat of last week. Dinner out yesterday on PV day was a prawn and calamari starter dish with a side order of salad. Delicious, but I did have to have some chicken when I got home. Just not enough fish to fill me.

Week 3 menu

March 13th, 2012

PP Monday: b: galette, l: cottage cheese and ham, chicken d: steak and onions. usual snacks of cooked meat and muller light plus sugar-free jelly

PP Tuesday b: oatbran porridge l: cottage cheese and ham, chicken broth & konjac noodles d: prawn omelette. unsual snacks

PV Wednesday OUT for dinner. Plan is to have my oatbran for breakfast, the rest of the broth with veggies for lunch then try and have the friendliest dinner I can, I’m thinking Italian club fish would be good.

PP Thursday: lunch kedgeree!, d: fry up of bacon and venison sausage

PV Friday: lunch more kedgeree with salad, d: not sure yet. I’m thinking of bacon and egg with mushrooms

PP Saturday: shopping day

PV Sunday: lunch with parents,

Week 3

March 12th, 2012

9th march 216.8

10th march 216.8

11th march 217

12th march 215.8

So half a stone since the diet started. No more significant wobbles, I did have gravy with my dinner yesterday, woohoo!


March 10th, 2012

In the interest of honesty: Friday night I started thinking about chocolate and crisps and stuff. So I ate some cheesy puffs.

I’m working on the principle that one corn based snack in a week of good behaviour isn’t going to throw the complete system. Despite the dire warnings. We’ll find out on Monday

Week 2 day 4

March 8th, 2012

I forgot I was going to log my weight twice a week. As expected going into PV my weight loss appears to have stopped, also, worryingly, my rumbly tummy is slightly back (I’m hoping it’s down to wheat bran). Any whooo…

Tuesday: 217.8
Wednesday: 216.6
Thursday: 218

I’m predicting 216.6 next Monday as my official weigh in but only time will tell.

I have discovered microwave dukan soda bread!  Egg on toast this morning.

Week 2 day 2

March 6th, 2012

Proposed menu for the week, already collapsed by my forgetting I wasn’t in work today and leaving my mackerel there!

Monday: PV oatbran porridge. Added wheatbran for the first time and was so stuffed I had to throw some away! Mackerel and salad (cucumber, tomato and spinach). For dinner, stir fry steak and mixed tenderstem veg from sainsburys. Snacks? A muller yoghurt, a desert made from yoghurt and sugar-free jam, a couple of spoons of cottage cheese and 100g ham. Usual milky drink before bed and lots of tea/coffee and couple glasses water.

Tuesday: PP oatbran gallete for breakfast (half my daily allowance used).  Went to town so then had to trawl the street looking for dukan friendly lunch – ended up with a cooked jerk chicken breast from Tesco then had to fend off the seagulls. Snack of a muller light and then some ham and cottage cheese followed by a baked salmon fillet with the left over stir fry veg and herbs (left them with another fillet cooked for tomorrow lunch). Dessert of mousse thing followed by another galette.

Wednesday: PV porridge, or oatbran in yoghurt (I quite like that). The rest of the mackerel for lunch with what was going to be salad but I might try and make some sort of veg quiche today and roast the tomatoes and spinach. Dinner is the salmon and veg cooked yesterday.

Thursday: PP whatever breakfast I feel like. I’m going to bake a meatloaf on Wednesday and have some slices for lunch in work, for dinner I’m going to make a chicken curry. I’m wondering if I can make some sort of oatbran naan…

Friday: PV Galette I imagine. Lunch will be the rest of the curry, with veg. Dinner, meatloaf with carrot and sprouts.

Saturday: PP. Breakkie of appropriate oaty product. I suspect that curry and meatloaf will feature strongly today.

Sunday: PV. Lunch at my parents which will be whatever meat they do, plus Dad’s veggies. I’m not sure if I’m up to trying to get him to prepare the carrot and turnip without clover but I suppose I can forgo the gravy…

The first week

March 5th, 2012

Weight 217.8

That’s exactly 5 lbs lost. Would it have been six without the meal out and if I’d kept up my cycling? I don’t know but it doesn’t matter, I’m more than pleased with that loss.

Now comes the lifestyle side of the diet. I’m going to see how I get on with this for a week. Any signs that it is making me ill I’ll get back to calorie counting. The only strange thing so far is a sudden eruption of neck and back pain. I’m calling it a coincidence for now and that I probably slept badly earlier in the week. I’m going to look into getting a massage today.

Meal plan for this week in a separate post: veggies every other day!

Day 7

March 4th, 2012

Weight 218.8

Well, I’ve stuck to this diet as well as I could. I’ve had two deviations from the strict rules:

1. I had the no calorie noodles, but all that I have read about them is that they are allowable on attack.

2. I ate at a restaurant on Friday. Admittedly I had fat-filled cream cheese and I couldn’t avoid the sauce on the fish completely, but it was just one meal and I can’t avoid life.

What I have to remember (having read Dr Dukan’s book) is that I have everything that causes resistance to weight loss. I am a serial dieter, I am a woman and I am post-menopausal so his predicted weight loss of 6 pounds for 7 days on attack would be difficult for me. I have one day to go and I’ve lost four pounds (which, incidentally, is the lowest I’ve weighed for well over 12 months) .

Plan for today: research options for next week, go shopping. Today includes lunch at my parents and in my attack phase honour they are having steak with potatoes and mushroom and onion, while I am having steak and a (dry) fried egg. Around this my morning galette, cottage cheese, ham and crabsticks.

Day 6

March 3rd, 2012

Weight 218.8

They changed the menu! I had venison and cream cheese to start followed by smoked trout and cockles. Probably a bit fattier than I was expecting but I did my best. Had my first experience of oatbran stirred in yoghurt for breakfast, dinner time was just the foo-saka as I wasn’t really hungry. Chicken soup for today!

The result today is a headache, probably due to not having quite enough yesterday and walking up the hill. Considering going back to bed. Today I’m going to plan what I am going to eat next week: I made it through to Friday but I had to do an emergency run to the supermarket on Thur. night for more meaty snacks, but with veg in the diet from next week such problems should be less.