Gone too long!

So after receiving a few comments I decided it’s time to blog and update you all on how things are going :).

On the dating side, the boy I was dating last May didn’t last that long, lol…and I dated a few others over the Summer that didn’t seem to go anywhere/ weren’t for me. I had decided to not settle on just anyone…been there/done that. In November I met Geoff (at this point I was getting completely sick of the dating game and especially online dating…just about to give up. I am happy to say that I feel like for the first time in my life I am completely in love. He is EVERYTHING that i’ve been looking for and has met all the things on my ‘list’ of what I was looking for. He’s 30 (I will be on the 23rd!), owns two houses, great job, mature, close friends and great relationship with family..and besides that he also cooks (well!!!) and cleans! I’ve hit the boyfriend jackpot :).

Now on to the not so great news…I’ve gained about 15 lbs. I realize now that I used the gym as a sort of therapy and escape from psycho ex boyfriend last Spring. I lost all interest in going to the gym :S.

My car broke down not long ago and I am considering buying a new one in the near future. I sacrificed and gave up my gym membership and getting my nails done which saves me at least $90 a month.

Ooh I also got a kitten last Thanksgiving..October here in Canada :). I adopted Cosmo from the SPCA and he is like my baby! On our second date, Geoff informed me that he’s slightly allergic to cats and I said right out, “is this going to be a deal breaker? Because my cat isn’t going anywhere.” He said, “nope!” and they (the allergies) have improved a lot…even to tthe point that Cosmo goes for sleepovers to G’s house (I will refer to him as G..lol).

To get back on track, last week I began the 17 day diet….it lasted about 5 days….I had to eat a granola one night due to a severe headache. I was becoming a little constipated and didn’t stick with it :(.

I need support, I need help and I need suggestions!

XO Ang

Forgot to add that in August I travelled to Surrey, British Columbia (other side of canada) to visit relatives for two weeks. It was an awesome trip! The weather was amazing (especially compared to Newfoundland) and the scenery is breathtaking! Spent a lot of time in Vancouver and also went to Whistler :). We drove to Portland and Seattle/ Washington….I love Outlet shopping!!!!!!!

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  1. pepagirl on March 2nd, 2012

    YAY! YOU’RE BACK! I saw your comment on Spakling’s blogs and was shocked- in a good way though! Sorry about the lbs, but 15 isnt terrible for almost a year and coming off a weight loss. I’m sure you’ll be back where you were in no time. Keep us posted and welcome back!

  2. pepagirl on March 2nd, 2012

    Ha, ha, we must’ve been commenting at the same time bc by time I came back to edit my blog for the night your comment was there, LOL.

  3. mrssparklingpersonality on March 3rd, 2012

    Yayyyy! My Angie is back! What a beautiful surprise. I agree with pep, though. You’ll be back to where you want to be soon enough. Big hugs, friend!

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