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quick update

So my friend Myra seemed to like new boy..said he seems very sensible and he wasn’t shy at all at her place…even helped bbq, clean up from dinner and wash dishes. She did say he seems a little younger..he’s two years younger than me..just because we’re both used to dating older guys. She also said he’s tiny (she likes taller/bigger guys) and very muscular ..hehehehe..i love it! I had a bbq chicken breast, spinach salad (w/ sunflower seeds, cranberries, almonds, etc), 4 tiny roasted potatoes and one hot dog weiner( the only time i will eat hotdogs throughout the year is bbq season). I also had a small bit of macaroni salad.

Weight was 145.5 this am!!!!!! I haven’t used the washroom in a few days so i am hoping that it was just the TOM and sodium from things I ate last week.

Such a beautiful day here today!!!!