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quick update

So my friend Myra seemed to like new boy..said he seems very sensible and he wasn’t shy at all at her place…even helped bbq, clean up from dinner and wash dishes. She did say he seems a little younger..he’s two years younger than me..just because we’re both used to dating older guys. She also said he’s tiny (she likes taller/bigger guys) and very muscular ..hehehehe..i love it! I had a bbq chicken breast, spinach salad (w/ sunflower seeds, cranberries, almonds, etc), 4 tiny roasted potatoes and one hot dog weiner( the only time i will eat hotdogs throughout the year is bbq season). I also had a small bit of macaroni salad.

Weight was 145.5 this am!!!!!! I haven’t used the washroom in a few days so i am hoping that it was just the TOM and sodium from things I ate last week.

Such a beautiful day here today!!!!


Happy Long weekend!

It’s May 24th weekend here…Victoria day holiday!!!! I love having 4 day work weeks. Weight on Friday was 149.5 and on Saturday 148.5. Would love to be back at 142!!!

Yesterday Myra and I went to the gym..did 30 minutes on the Precor (like elliptical but better!) and some weight machines. Today we walked for 50 minutes.

The sun is shining and I’m feeling fabulous! New boy spent first night here last night..we’re taking things ‘slow’ if you know what I mean…just a lot of I love being with him so much. I also love that he’s very active (not an inch of fat on him, lol). He doesn’t have a gym membership but he jogs/hikes plays hockey and softball…oh ya and he can eat whatever he wants and probably doesn’t gain an inch haha. Last night he took me out to supper then we came back here and watched tv and had a few beer. He might be coming to Myra’s house tonight for a bbq (a little nervous..meeting a friend of mine for the first time, lol) and then we’re going to hike a trail at a nearby park.

Well thats an update for me! I have to get more active and start drinking more water!!!

Have a great week!

xo Ang

Finally…an update :)

First of all..that ‘boy’ in the last post turned out to be a loser :S….He was all talk when offshore before we met but when it actually came to dating all he wanted to do was ‘hang out’ at his house…aka get laid….His interest seemed to quickly disappear although he said he still was..he just didn’t do anything to make me think otherwise…actions speak louder than words.

Second of all…I have my OWN apartment!! Yes I’ve moved out into a nicer/newer apartment w/ no carpet..yay for allergies :)..I LOVE having my own space..bought a new couch/coffee table set and a new kitchen a LOT more for the apt… is a new bedroom set :P. Finally I don’t have to be responsible for anyone or anything but myself. On the plus landlord’s child goes to one of my companies daycare….the one where my best friend Myra works..I think that really upped my chances of getting it, lol.

I’ve dated a few other guys on that site that really weren’t for me (actually set one up w/a coworker, lol) but a week ago a guy messaged me online who is almost 3 years younger than myself! He has a great job…knows people from my hometown and I really feel like I can be myself around him. Forgot to add that he’s a cutie too :P. We went on a date Friday night (movie). We’ve spent 5 nights in a row doing something or just cuddling on my couch watching a movie. He’s soo sweet and considerate! We both deleted our accounts today 🙂 and I am praying it goes somewhere!!!

I haven’t weighed myself in days. I will weigh on Friday and report back to here. I have just been really really busy lately…I am enjoying life to its fullest….and feeling the happiest I have been in years..not only because of the new boy..but just in general 😛