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update :)

well the ‘boy’ (he aint no boy) called on Saturday 1030 to let me know that they weren’t sure if his ship was staying for all night and that his boss gave him a small bit of time off that afternoon :). We met about 1145-1245 at a park….quick walk around..lots of snuggles/hugs/kisses…i’ve never felt SOOOO comfortable kissing someone so quickly…..we have great chemistry. So because i didn’t think he was staying I told my friend Myra that I’d go to a Zumba masterclass that night. Shortly after he calls to tell me captain has decided to stay in town and we could hang out. Long story short..Myra wasn’t feeling well..said shag the Zumba…and went to his house to hang out (He couldn’t go far….in case called back to ship to leave). We watched two movies…hung out/snuggled….i didn’t get home til 530 am(he had to be back on ship for 6). I can feel myself becoming very emotionally attached to him and I am hoping and praying that I’m not setting myself up for a fall. Trust is a major issue w/ me and guys…yes I know it sucks!

Weight was 141.5 yesterday..up a bit this AM ( had chilli for supper..thinking it’s prob the salt). I’m gonna go to body combat tonight…haven’t been in forever and I am missing it!

Have a great day chicks!


About a boy…and a few other things :)

Well fist of all ladies..I’d like to thank you for all of your lovely comments. Weight is down to 143/143.5 and I am feeling great. I have found a new love….well i liked it before but now i’m absolutely in love….Bodyflow at the gym (tai chi/pilates and yoga) and I think I’m after getting a lot better w/ it…all of the poses/stretches and ab stuff is HARD work! A guy teaches it and he’s amazing. I leave feeling so good and rejuvenated.

Update…car is fixed..$550 later….still needs some minor work :(. Apartment hunting isn’t going that great. I’ve decided to look for a place of my own and let sis and her bf take over this apartment…even though EVERYTHING is in my name here..I am ready to start over fresh..go buy new furniture (thank god for savings) and move forward w/ my life.

Another part of moving forward is meeting someone else. I joined a dating site for ‘the heck of it’ and specifically wrote that i’m only looking for friends yada yada yada. I met someone and we seem to click unbelievably. He’s 31, own house/car, great job etc. He told me he has a feeling like he’s ‘meant to meet me’. We have so much MORE in common than ex and i ever did (exercise/healthy eating/out door activities etc). We haven’t met in person yet but may do so soon :). I know it’s very soon after a break up but I feel like I have wasted a LOT of time w/ ex and i don’t want to miss an opportunity of being w/ someone that could be the one for me. Does that make any sense? I’m sure if ex found out he’d accuse me of having met him while we were together or some other bullshit he could come up w/. However this all happened recently and it’s bringing such happiness to my life :)..hopefully he does

I will let you all know how it goes if/when i meet him 🙂


holy crap…

…almost an entire month since I blogged. A LOT has gone on since then. First of all, bf and I have been having difficulties for some time…remember the straw that broke the camel’s back..well it really did break the camel’s The bf and I broke up…honestly I am feeling RELIEVED. He had way too much stress going on in his life for me to handle. I am NO ONE’S emotional punching bag or therapist. I cannot deal with being w/ someone who is completely stressed and doing nothing to help himself get better…if anything, only doing things to make himself worse, ie drinking, lying in bed all day, etc..I feel like I am in a better place (mentally) and I will be feeling even more relieved when his belongings are out of my apt (he’s staying w/ relatives). He’s having a VERY hard time coping w/ us breaking up..sent a few emails etc to me…tends to dwell on things…I just need to remain blunt and the point..there is NO way in this world I want to be back with him. I did agree to try to work things out…and my mom said, “Angela follow your heart…whatever you want to do.” Then I realized I wasn’t following my heart….I was doing it to please him. This is MY life. I don’t want to be old and thinking about the miserable life I lead w/ someone I don’t love.

On a better note, I weighed at 144 yesterday AM!!! I haven’t been able to exercise a whole lot in the past week (Zumba twice) because the front brakes on my car were very bad and I couldn’t get the car in the garage until Thurs AM…thought it was safer to leave it at home. I can def feel the inches gone from around my waist…need to work on toning my legs now :).

I am also contributing my weightloss to the fact that I gave up the dairy. BM’s have been regular and no issues w/ constipation and bloating at all! Sometimes I will sneak a little something w/ dairy..but DEFINITELY no more ice cream, yogurt, milk and cheese. I read online that melted cheese is like putting glue in your stomach! Ewwww…I just need to remember to take my daily supplements now (VIt D and calcium as well as b12).

I didn’t blog simply because I wasn’t in a mental state of mind to blog…..Dieting was the last thing on my mind in the past month…I did exercise a LOT simply to escape being home/ around ex. I just wasn’t capable of sitting down and thinking/writing about anything else. There were many nights on the weekends I stayed at Myra’s house…again just to be away from the drama and stress of him.

I barely slept (again) last night…..I think once exes belongings are out of my apt I will feel be able to much better. I also need to remember to take my melatonin to help me sleep. Planning on going to gym this AM…body flow and zumba before or machines after. I don’t know if I can workout for two hours on 3 hrs of sleep :(.

Have a great weekend girlies…I missed you all!

xo Angela

p.s. Going out dancing tonight and drinks w/ the girls….cannot wait!!!!!!!!