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Rainy Saturday!

When it rains, it pours….lol..It really is pouring outside. Great news friend Myra joined my gym…but at another location near her house…memberships are good for any location. Today we did a one hour Bodyflow class (Yoga, Pilates & Tai Chi) then did a half hr on the Precor machine (similar but better than elliptical). I did over 3000 strides!!!!! Whoo the sweat!

Tomorrow our company is having a Winterfest for the children/family of our daycare as well as staff families. Skating is in the am…I haven’t skated since Junior high…lol..this will go over well..especially if i’m sore (I can feel it now in my legs). The afternoon is sliding and a bunch of outdoor games which I think will be cancelled because of all the rain we’re having.

I will take stuff for Zumba in my car to hopefully leave early to go to or if it’s cancelled I’ll have everything w/ me to go on to it at 4 ( might end up anywhere w / coworkers or shopping, lol)

Have a great Sunday!

long time no blog

well its been a while since blogging….a lot has been going on since last blog—ended up having a fight w/ boyfriend on Sat…which i think was the straw that broke the camel’s back….i ended up taking an overnight bag to friends house and we said fuck the wii and went downtown dancing/drinking. On Sunday I told him that I had enough of everything……he apologized repeatedly for flipping out (thought i broke the wii) and he has a LOT of things stressing him out lately. I just have had enough…….we may be over.

The only good thing lately is my weight….148.5 this am….Yay to no constipation! I have only eaten a few things that ‘may contain traces of milk’. I went to combat on Monday, Zumba tonight and I worked my butt off.

Anywho I’ll leave this short and sweet.

Have a great weekend…I hope mine is okay.


wii night

How am I spending Saturday night? I am going to Myras for Wii night. I borrowed the Zumba game and Just Dance (first one) to see if I like them ( I am SURE I will)..yep exercising on a Saturday night, lol. First my friend Nadine and I are going out for supper..not sure where!

TMI alert: My bathroom issue is improved a lot in the past few days..I am HOPING its because I have pretty much given up dairy..In a few days I will weigh myself again to see if the scale has gone down..due to the extra load I was carrying..haha. I am enjoying the almond milk and I bought extra dark chocolate the other night..hehe (may contain  traces of milk—which I’m not too worried about).

I got up Friday AM early to work out but honestly couldn’t do it. I was just too tired! I have a hard time getting to sleep early in the evenings ( bf doesn’t go to sleep til later…..sisters bf is up all damn hours). I’m a VERY light sleeper and awakened with the drop of a hat. My sis and her bf are looking for their own place (Thank JESUS) when ‘the snow goes’…..the sooner the better! It’s just too crowded in a two bedroom apt w/ the four of us! I will def MAKE myself get up on Wednesdays for the cardio kickboxing and try my hardest to go to bed early Tuesday nights.

Have a great weekend! I am also going to Zumba tomorrow!!!


i’m still around :)

So I’ve been lingering around..putting off blogging…food over last weekend wasn’t so good..ate out at a restaurant (pasta/caesar salad/bread…way too much). I’ve also been a little constipated again….which of course is putting the scale up to 153. Trying to eat a lot of veggies/fruit and drink a lot of water. A co-worker told me that when her daughter was an infant…she had to see a nutritionist because of being so constipated..and was told to stop eating dairy and bananas. I’ve bought almond milk (unsweetened chocolate and white) and I’ve not been eating any dairy/cheese..well just a teeny bit here/there. I’ve also stopped bananas….was eating them every day last week! You wouldn’t think a banana that has fibre would be a problem.

On with the good stuff…I’m still working out! Worked out first time ever early am yesterday!!!!! Set alarm for 5:30 for a 6 am cardio kickboxing class…I didn’t want to get out of bed but told myself to “shut up and just get up”. Around lunch time I was feeling quite It was strange being at the gym that early..altho i’m surprised with how many people go at that hour. I will also go to Zumba tonight!!!! I love it! Also, a parent asked me if I was still going to the new gym and she said she notices a difference in me in the past while..I said well it’s not weight..must be

Have a great Friday girls!



well after taking two sennas and eating some dried fruit (recommended by Dr. quack) and drinking a ton of water I woke with a very welcomed rumbly in my tummy. I am still refusing to weigh until i’m on track with that and I slack off on the chocolate..haha. When I’m stressed about something I eat chocolate…even if its a 100 cal Cadbury almond bar…i HAVE to have chocolate.

Went sliding w/ the kiddies today at work (again)…because we have so much snow..there’s a man-made snow hill made in the parking lot thanks to Mr. Snowplow and we slide down the back of it! Yes our parking lot is huge with very little its extremely safe…we had a ball! Ate half of a grilled cheese sandwich..what we served for the kids…argh..carbssssssss :S

For sup I had scrambled egg whites w/ salsa on it..not much but I ate a lot throughout the day. My appetite is stronger early am until around 2-3 pm.

I plan on going to Zumba tomorrow night! Not plan..i’m going!

feeling so blah!

weighed in at 152 yesterday AM..htf did I go up to that from 149.5?? The weekend totally threw me off plan and I didn’t eat the greatest :(. Began Sat night at a friends house..drinks, chips/dip, meatballs etc….just fingerfoods. I am also thinking that the weigh gain is because I am extremely constipated again! I have no idea what is going on!

Had a busy day today..didn’t go into work til 10:30…had dr. appt at 9am (My quack of a Dr. didn’t show up til 9:30!) Had my cookie test (Pap test…’cookie’ is a slang name for a girl’s private area and thats just a nick name my friend put on a Pap Test..)…explained to her about my constipation (again). She said the exact same thing as last time… MORE fibre…drink MORE water….some people need more than the usual…WTF???? I told her I eat Fibre one cereal….hardly any red meats….salad every day for lunch w/ chicken breast….5 fruits/veggies a day…V8 w/ extra fibre…..etc… I don’t effin’ get it and it worries me because I think, what if it’s something else?? I told her that I have to take laxatives about twice a month because I become beyond uncomfortable and almost nauseous when I eat. I am going to look for a new Dr.!!!!!!!!! Someone who won’t keep saying fibre/water, fibre/water…

After that was done, I had to renew my driver’s license (my bday is in March and it expires then!!). It didn’t hurt to get the pic redone..seeing as how I was about 70-80 lbs higher in the other one, auburn hair  and when I get ID’d they have to take a second look at it..haha.

THEN went to Walmart to get windshield washer fluid and a new scraper.

HUGE snowstorm coming on tonight…25-30 cms of snow. FFFFFFFMMMMMLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Friday, alrighty!

I love Fridays soooo much! Two days to myself…and no kiddies! Just wanted to updated quickly because i’m so happy! ONE FORTY NINE.FIVE today! Yup, 149.5!!! Made it under 150. Let’s hope it stays there for the Monday’s weigh in for the St. Patty’s challenge!

Have a wonderful weekend!


p.s. It’s Frosty Festival here in my town..and there’s a $2.00 Zumba class being taught at a local highschool on Sunday by my favorite instructor (the one I went to before xmas). I am trying to talk my coworkers into going and then out for breaky at a nearby restaurant..sorta little staff get together. 🙂

gross snow!

Today the city is almost shut down….all schools closed–of course my daycare centre is NEVER closed..only ONCE EVER in over the 5 years I have been there that she decided around 10am to not open..because it was severely blowing snow. We will go into kids will show up (duh) and we will just shit around, clean, organize, do some planning…bunch of bullshit.

Weight yesterday and today was 150.5 still! I ate lots of fruit yesterday..but ended up eating a mcd’s grilled wrap for lunch :S. For supper I made chicken stirfry but ONLY ate chicken and noodles. I bought a really nice salad last night with grilled chicken breast and a boiled egg on it. I also bought some baby carrots and teeny tomatoes. I need to eat more veggies!

Have a great day!

(I will try..haha)

Update: Well I managed to get to work okay.had to do a little shoveling in the driveway..but it was very fluffy snow which made it easy :). Managed to drive to work..until my wipers began to act up and wouldn’t clean my windshield very well…so I had to pull over on a four lane street..thank god not busy…and clean it off…as I was getting ice off wiper, I cracked my car scraper….for all you people (Sparkling :P) lucky enough to live in warmer areas and have no idea what that’s a wooden/plastic stick that cleans off ice/snow..hehehehe.

The snow ended late AM and we ended up having over 20 children done! Still managed to get a lot of work done which is great!

Just home from a fabulous Zumba workout! So glad I went. I ate really well today (except for a few cookies at work :S) I have cut back on carbs a little…not totally but somewhat and increased my fruit and veggies and protein intake.

Weighed myself at the gym this pm after working out and I was 150 on the nose…I hope its the same on mine or less..hehe….I will weigh tomorrow 🙂

dippity do da!

This mornings weight was 150.5! I might be a lot closer to my weekly goal than I had expected. Didn’t work out tonight..I wish I enjoyed treadmills, ellipticals more but I honestly DON’T! I need someone pushing me to go harder, faster, etc..jesus sounds like sex..hahaha..j/k. but you know what I mean! I need motivation!

I WILL go tomorrow night..either Zumba or something….oh a coworker joined up at my gym (there’s 5 or 6 locations around the city and surrounding areas…so she may decide to go to one of them) and because its only a few minutes from our work she might go to the one I go to!

I am home now and nearly frozen to death….it was too cold to take the kiddies outside this morning.. the windchill was a very brutal -20 degrees celcius! Luckily it warmed up a little in afternoon so we got out for an hr but now I have a chill…. BRRRR………..Just got my nails filled…I’ve become such a diva in the past year..hahahaha.

Had a somewhat compliment from a father today at works away and got home today..picked up his daughter and because it was crazy hair day..she had brought a Tangled wig…he jokingly put it on..and he said, ” do I look as good as Angela does?” I thought, “well I hope I look better than a man in a wig…….(now go home to your wife)” hahahaha

Have a great week!