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marvelous mondayy

I am trying to think positive…when I do, I feel so much more content inside.

Why is today so marvelous you ask? I woke up to 151.5..I am aiming for 150 by the end of this week. I stayed on plan. Had an amazing & invigorating to say the least workout (body combat)…my body just feels like jello! I feel great! (I am sure I will be sore pain, no gain!)

I haven’t eaten supper yet…no idea what to have :S..maybe some egg beaters…PROTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great Tues girls!

p.s. Thanks for your comments on my photos!

Awesome Sunday :)

Woke up to 151 lbs (lets just hope it keeps going lower). My friend Myra messaged me..asked if i wanted to go to mall…maybe get lunch. We went to Subway…I had a chicken breast wrap w/ TONS of veggies (all but olives and onions–didn’t want to go to gym stinking, lol). I did NOT get my wrap in a meal–just a bottle of water…no chips OR cookies..yay me. Bought two cute shirts at Smart Set (gift card from returning something bf bought me..haha)..and then in Sportchek I noticed an Adidas boxset ( Pink climacool t-shirt and a tote bag) reg 49.99 on for 19.99!!!!! I wore it today at the gym and it is so nice!

Michelle, my Zumba class was amazingggggggggg! I wore my knee brace and I didn’t find my knee bothering me at all…yay!!! It was the third class the instructor had taught today (not sure if they were all Zumba) and she still kept us very motivated and was highly energetic! Tomorrow I will go to Body Combat :-).

I came home…I could smell my sisters food in the driveway. She had TWO lasagnas cooking in the oven…bf had some…I sauteed some steamed veggies…added some cooked chicken breast and added some scrambled egg whites. Put a little light soy sauce on it and yummy. I need to eat more veggies! It was like a stirfry sorta w/out the rice or noodles. One bowl and i’m so full! I did take one tiny bite of sis’ lasagna but it was so greasy :S. I think she’s starting to put on weight since her bf is here w/ her…hopefully she won’t let herself go like I did once upon a time.

Jelbelle….I have REALLY been thinking about what you said a few days ago, “I really have to want it”. You are so right..I REALLY need to want this. Do I really want to be at 140-145 when I’m eating out of control?? Do I really want to be fit and healthy when I am shoving chocolate and junk into me? Obviously not so much. I think i’m ready..I want this!

Have a great week girls!


p.s just added some photos up above!

relaxing but boring day

Sometimes we need a day to do absolutely nothing..maybe its the laziness within speaking but this afternoon we had blowing snow….I stayed in bed w/ my pjs on and watched movies. It was nice to not have anything to do….well yes there is tons of things that could have been done around here (fold laundry..tidy up etc) but I said ‘Shag it all’

My mom called today……it was the first time I had spoken to her since Boxing Day. Yes I am that stubborn. She said “oh why haven’t you called?” I said, “well you do have a phone and honestly I just didn’t feel like calling.” –which is the truth…I don’t think I did anything wrong over the stupid comment I made during Xmas…..I think her bf went overboard and crossed a line. When I finished speaking to her today she said “I love you” which we don’t say a lot. I grew up in an angry household. When my father was around…and he was drinking…there was fighting…i mean heavy duty…and then when they separated (never married) I felt that my mom always felt like she was ‘stuck’ with us or that we were some sort of burden. Much to say, “I love you” wasn’t something said often. After speaking to her I felt kind of bad…for not calling her sooner..but I regretted not saying, “the reason I hadn’t called is because I am hurt over what happened over Xmas…I’m hurt that I have to feel unwelcomed when I go home, I’m upset that you let your bf flip out on me and didn’t see no harm in it….and I’m upset because I’ve decided that I will NOT be spending another Christmas at home”. My mother had heart problems back in the fall..and that sort of holds me back from speaking my mind..I don’t want her to have some sort of attack…but I should be honest. She spoke today as if nothing had happened….I guess trying to let bygones be bygones. I hold on to things….and when something upsets me it doesn’t just evaporate over night. It doesn’t help that it’s TOM…..i’m beyond emotional…watching sappy videos on Youtube and crying over them…bahhhh…..FML.

Anywho weight was 152 today…I barely ate…probably stress because of all that. Only had a wrap and small chilli (which is only 4 pts in ww’s but loaded in sodium—drinking LOTS of water tonight, lol).

I WILL go to Zumba tomorrow!


Happy Friday :)

Well after Body Combat the other day I was sore for about 2-3 days…arms/shoulders and back….It’s so funny how different workouts work different muscles…..I never realized before how doing the same thing over and over isn’t that great for you…..but instead..mixing it up all the time…working out your entire body.

I went to Zumba Wed night and I couldn’t really focus ( I didn’t enjoy the instructor as much as the Thurs and Sun instructor). I had to…and half ways thru the class my right knee started to act up. I am not sure if its the floor in the room or just doing too much too soon….I think its because I was inactive for a few months and now suddenly I am doing something..causing stress on my knee. Bought a knee support brace that I will wear for a while (working out) and see if that helps any.

Didi I am thinking that Yoga is going to do that to me too….simply because I would only be able to go to a class ONCE a week..not consistent enough to get ‘used’ to it. I don’t want to work out/exercise and be sore for 3 days…therefore making me unable to do other things. Like going two steps forward and three steps back, lol.

Got my Lululemon pants today!! They fit but they are really snug. I tried em on at work (had em delivered there) and my co-worker said they look fine… I feel they look too tight. I might not let myself wear them until I am at 145 (If i feel they look better) That is a reasonable goal don’t ya think?!

Went to “The Delimma” tonight! I am so happy that my old old best friend asked me if i wanted to go w/ her and another friend. I’ve felt really left out of stuff w/ her in the past year so I am really glad to be included. I don’t think it was ‘intentional’…the being left out..I just think that she gets too caught up in stuff and doesn’t think that I may be interested or even think of inviting me. I also understand that she had started a new relationship a year ago….we drifted apart….did different things with different people.

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. Sorry for not blogging lately…feeling down about still being 153..haven’t been sleeping well (thanks to my sister–who is on her week off…but because she works night shifts her and her bf stay up all night long…i can NOT sleep while there are people up moving around, lol…..also my bf has a lot on his mind..not sleeping well….so of course I end up losing out on sleep :S). Also pmsing and kinda blahish…..doing a lot of thinking.

body combat

Awesome workout earlier! I left work 15 mins early today so I could make it to the class at 5:30…I walked in when they were doing warm-up…I am guessing he began the class a few minutes early. I think it will take me a while to get used to all the moves but I love the dance music and how upbeat the instructor is. I also liked how he did some mat work at the end..planks, crunches, stretches, etc…

I have GOT to get my food/carb intake under control. I have a bad habit beginning whereby I work out and just eat WHATEVER after….almost like I feel like I can. Yes I COULD do that when I worked out 5-6 days a week and I was 140 lbs. Slowly over time I eased off the workouts and here I am today…at 151. I am making bread tomorrow w/ the children (never in my life have I–found a very simple recipe in a magazine). I am also making homemade butter from cream. I will try my hardest to not eat this.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

xo Ang

way tmi–

So for the past two weeks I have been severely constipated (i usually get like this when stressed..altho i’m not feeling overly stressed). I mean constipated to whereby my bowel movements were just small pellets ( i warned you..tmi). I had had enough last night and took two Senocots and today I passed something that was NOT a normal sized bm. Since then I’ve been going back and forth to the washroom… i guess I am getting ‘cleaned’ out.

On Friday I weighed at 151.5…I am hoping that some of these lbs I have on are from the constipation. I will weigh tomorrow.

I ate so bad yesterday..I mean really bad. An egg wrap from Tim’s for breakie..McD’s for lunch….and chicken fingers/fries for supper. I then went to a friends house and had candy/ a bit of dip &chips and some fruit and dip. By the time i got home I was beyond uncomfortable and bloated. I feel really guilty about this because it shows that I am not 100% committed to the weight loss challenge :S.

A friend and I are going out for brunch tomorrow AM. I was hoping she’d want to go to the restaurant near my house because they offer a lot of ‘healthier’ fresh fruit crepe…among a lot of other good things. Instead she wanted to go to another place. I am hoping they have some good things.

I am going to go to Zumba tomorrow at 4pm. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!! It’s such a good workout/sweat! I am so glad I joined the gym!!!! I was going to go to Yoga this AM but feared that after that and Zumba tomorrow I’d be sore on Monday..and wouldn’t be able to attend the body combat I want to try on Monday night….that’s what happened last week, lol.

Happy Sunday!


new gym membership

well its official! I have joined Goodlife Fitness..about a minute from my house. Since getting off work today I’ve been to the gym/Zumba! cooked supper, washed up dishes…did a little laundry…and now I can finally sit down.

Weight was STILL 153 the other day….I am obviously not on track w/ the eating. I was stressed about my weight to the point that I let myself indulge in an entire bag of chocolate kisses in two days…and of course now I feel even worse. I am addicted to carbs. I eat a lot of fruits /veggies…could improve a little on the water..and have been working out. It’s the damn damn carbs :(. I feel like going a week w/out bread/wraps/pasta etc next week. But what I don’t get is that I eat weight watchers wraps and bread/bagels….Just too much of them in a day.


girls game night at my friends house tomorrow….then babysitting on saturday..and breakfast w/ a friend on Sunday…go go go…

have a great weekend….


out of shape

Holy moly I must be certainly out of shape—I am so sore around the middle from the yoga yesterday..but I still made myself go to Zumba. What is your take on working out while sore? Is it okay to work out while being so sore?

Weighed in at 153 this morning :S. I am obviously not eating properly and wayyyy too many carbs. I need to get on track!

IF i’m not too sore tomorrow I plan to try out the body combat after work…..keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also need to buy some better sports bras. I wore a cheaper one today from Walmart and either my ta-tas got bigger or it was just no good..halfways thru Zumba I noticed that my bra had risen up a little over my boobs! oh my god…i just pulled it down quickly. I couldn’t really concentrate on Zumba from that point on because I was so self conscious. I do have a really good Adidas one but it was in the wash.

Can anyone suggest a good sports bra that isn’t too too expensive?



I tried Yoga today for the first time! In the past I tried a class at my old gym that combined Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga..which I found the ab stuff (guessing Pilates) very hard! I found some of the stuff w/ Yoga difficult but I am not going to give up. I LOVED IT! Yoga is offered Saturday mornings and Monday nights. I am not sure I will go to the Monday nights because I want to try the Body Combat (Les Mills). Check out this video…it’s supposed to be hardcore (according to the mom of the child who works at the gym!) (sorry… the quality isn’t the greatest).

I haven’t weighed in a few days…I will weigh tomorrow. Sparkling has a January challenge that I am considering..if it’s not too late.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Guess what I rewarded myself for getting back at the gym?! I ordered myself my first pair of Lululemon Groove (black denim luon) pants online!! Got them in the loot section for 79.99!! woot woot! I know its a bit pricey for a pair of pants but I deserve it :P. I’ve never had or tried on pants from myself a size 6 (praying that they’re not too small….my jeans I wear now are a 6-8)  I was given a $400 bonus by my boss for I ordered new wedge heel leather boots online (got em yesterday!) and lulu pants.

Here are my new boots 🙂

Zumba! Zumba!

Had an amazing and VERY sweaty workout session w/ my buddy Cathy…she really enjoyed it although it did beat her is a good thing :). She is thinking of joining..just not sure because she lives so close to a few smaller gyms yet with joining this gym, she’ll get a discount, my push to get her to go and more classes…fingers crossed! I need a workout buddy.

I am a lot less sore to sit down and stand up w/out any pain, lol. I know funny huh :P. My mind is made up that I am DEFINITELY joining this gym.

Mentally I am feeling sooooooooooooooo good lately…exercise and diet is a big part of that. When I eat crap I feel like crap…when I am lazy and unproductive I am going to feel gross and disgusting.

Have a wonderful week ladies. I hope I can try the Body Combat tomorrow night!!

xo Ang

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