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second post of the day:) Karma!

Bf came home a while ago from my fave Chinese place with a huge styrofoam container of food for himself ( i ate at the mall…half a turkey breast sandwich and fries..i know not the greatest choice) and now he’s in the washroom w/ an upset stomach…If he knew I wrote this he’d kill me, bahahahaha. That is karma for bringing it home when he KNOWS i am trying to eat healthier……..I ate one piece of shrimp and a teeny bit of chicken. See if he does that…I just hope those two bites don’t send me running!

..yes people…evil lurks within 😛

Feelin’ awesome :)

Weight this AM was 151.5. I have 6.5 more lbs to go to reach my goal in Jelbelle’s November Challenge. If I can go lower, great, if not I’ll be happy w/ 145.

Well for the past few weeks I’ve noticed a new boxing gym had opened up called Boxfit (owned and operated by a brother/sister…he’s a local boxer who’s won a lot of stuff and she is a personal trainer/fitness instructor). I googled for a few days… couldn’t find anything, until last night. Googled again and Voila! They have 8 ladies classes a week (4 Women’s Fitness and 4 Ladies Boxercise..thinking this is like aerobics). They charge 8 bucks to drop in or 50 a mth. (Says that is the price until Nov not sure if its going up or that was a special for the first mth). Can also pay for 3,6 or 12 mths. I mentioned to Myra about it..she’s not really interested but her other friend Angela is! Tomorrow we plan to try the Fitness class (taught by the guy) and on Tuesday night (skip Zumba) and try the Boxercise (taught by the sister). I am really really looking forward to it and I hope it’s good! I used to do Cardio kickboxing at my old gym and I was in heaven. Loved every minute of it.

Today it was another beautiful day. Again 2nd nicest day we’ve had since September I’d say. Myra and I went for a 50 minute walk and then to the mall. I got a gift cert from work for my fave store, Smart Set and I also got a savings card. I ended up getting 60 something dollars in clothes for only 37! Bought a gorgeous funky colored satiny blouse, new yoga pants and two stylish hats (one for me and other for sis for xmas).

The time went back last night…it was dark here at 5:30. I would love to go for another walk or a short jog but bf is gone out and don’t wanna go alone :(.

Well girls, I am def not depressed…I had the bestest day. I hope you did too!

xo Ang