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5 lb Xmas Challenge

Yes Michelle…I was giving it some serious thought about organizing this challenge and then when I seen the nomination I knew I would definitely do it. I think it will be an AWESOME motivation to be in charge of it.

FIrst of all, I’m not as blog savvy as Jelbelle with the charts and challenge section on the side of the blog. I will keep it very simple. However I will try to figure it all out. I just added the Page above..think this might work!

The goal is to lose 5 lbs from Dec 1st -Dec 25th. If you can lose more, yay! I think that we should make this very fun (not saying the other one wasn’t, lol). How do u guys feel about this? I also think we should weigh in on Saturday AM’s, simply because Christmas Day falls on a Saturday. I know we may all be too occupied to report back to the blog on Xmas day…but simply writing it down and doing it a few days after is okay.

First of all, please let me know ASAP if you’d like to join the challenge and Jelbelle if you have any pointers, please help, lol. You were such an important part of the last challenge.

Also please be sure to let me know your SW tomorrow or asap.

I think that it would be cool for whoever reaches the 5lb goal to be sent something in the mail (snailmail….going old school) from the others (postcard, something small, doesn’t have to be expensive) what do you guys think of this?? Sound cheesy?? Let me know of any suggestions you may have that could help make this a more interesting and fun challenge.

I need a LOT of motivation lately and I really think this could help. I also have a huge Xmas brunch for work on Dec 19th at a fancy shmancy hotel that I am sure I will end up indulging in. However I also want to look good and not feel sluggish/gross. I have these leggings (denim look) a new short sleeved brown/burgandy /grey) sweater that I will be wearing with my high heeled brown boots. Besides the brunch and xmas dinner I am going to try my hardest to not go crazy or overindulge.

On another note I was 149.5 this AM! I hope it continues and this is my weigh in weight tomorrow. We’ll see 🙂 Supposed to start TOM tomorrow so I hope that doesn’t shag it up. I am also feeling a little better mentally. Had a breakdown w/ bf and I think he realizes how stressed I am. I tend to hold a lot of stuff inside and sometimes overreact. He tells me I need to learn how to calm down and just relax a little more. ahh thats not always so easy to do!

Okay girls…lemme know about challenge and if you’re in…also your weigh ins!


so effing blah

I feel like the weight of the world is on me sometimes and so unhappy with my life the way it is. I need to reconsider many things in my life and decide if it’s really what i want. I live in a older apartment..that is up to the wazoo in computers and electronics (bf is a tech). I feel overwhelmed and like I cannot breathe lately.

I also had my brother sleeping on my couch last week because I live close to his new job (buses here are on strike and not expected to return to the roads til after xmas). He is staying w/ a friend temporarily but the friend is moving out and brother has to find another place of his own (doesn’t want to keep apt because its not that great and the distance). He’s pretty much broke until he gets paid so asked me if he could stay here until he can afford an apt on his own (housing here is insanely priced). So not only do I have my sister living w/ me who’s so effing lazy (and needs rides to work every night..working at 1130..again because of the effing bus strike) I now may have my brother staying here temporarily. He had the effing nerve to ask me the other night if I’d do his xmas shopping for him if he gave me the money. I said “no thanks! Every xmas I have my shopping done and someone is asking me to do their shopping. I am not doing it again…I will go w/ you or give yo u ideas but I won’t be doing your shopping” For a few days he’d text me while working..and towards the end of week I was nearly driven insane, asking for a loan of money (probably to party w/ over the weekend) which I refused to do. I told him that I feel like when I do something nice for him he wants another zillion other things. Place to stay/rides to and fr. work/ and now damn $.

I am NOT in the christmas spirit and I am just feeling very stressed and depressed lately. I am pmsing so that doesn’t help. I just want to eat junk food. I DID go to the aerobic kickboxing Thurs past and loved it again. I think I’m gonna sign up after xmas. I’d love to go back to the gym for aqua aerobics but I am not ruining my lcn nails w/ the pool and I have become to really like them (oh vanity!)

I seriously feel like I need a vacation by myself or just a weekend in a hotel room, ALONE. Thank god for my friend Myra who has been a real savior and listening ear.

I am going out clubbing Fri and I seriously can’t wait to drink my face off.


Oh weight was 151 this AM. lost a total of 4 lousy lbs this mth. If I hadn’t given up the past two weeks I am sure I woulda did a little better. Suggested to Jel a Xmas challenge—perhaps a 5 lb challenge for everyone?


i have to say this and i never swear on my blog…fuck off! (Sick of getting emails saying you have a comment and its a piece of crap spammer)…hmm maybe the diet gods have them out now to lure me back to 3fc???!!!!

I didn’t go to zumba as promised…..out side today for two hours in snow w/ the kids..made a HUGE HUGE HUGE snowman..and u can guess who did all the pushing w/ the giant…rolled them until we seriously couldn’t push them any longer. Anyways point being…I got off was dark out..just wanted hot shower/ pj’s and relaxation. Didn’t eat supper..just wasn’t feeling hungry. I have noticed lately that I’m doing this a LOT. I eat most of my cals by lunch break is at 1230 and I feed my preschoolers lunch at 12. I usually eat my own lunch w/ the kids ( we’re allowed if its something healthy). I don’t even wait til 1230. Lately just having light hot chocolate on my break.

So not only have I given up on exercising lately..I’ve also given up on dinner. Today I had two scrambled eggs for breakfast. Two high fibre 100 cal granola bars…and huge salad for lunch. NOT ENOUGH FOOD ANGELA..ffs.

I go thru a mixed feeling of anger(towards myself) or depression about the entire thing. I know I don’t have an eating disorder or will I ever..nothing to worry about there….I used to be 230 lbs and got down to 140…I did EVERYTHING right….i worked out 4-5 times a week..I ate amazingly….I have 10-12 lbs back on and it’s like I just don’t care anymore! I need a therapist 🙁

And again because I didn’t go workout and chose to just relax/be lazy I’m pissed at myself for doing that. I may not get to workout thurs night because I have a nail appt…I MAY try to get to Boxaerobics because its closeby.

A very moody Ang

week off track

I had a week off track…worked out once…weight this AM 151.5..not bad considering I ate out quite a bit and had McD’s one day for lunch.

I am ready to get back on track. I am ready to start again tomorrow. I wanted to be at 145 by the end of the month. That’s 9 days to work my butt off. I WILL go to Zumba three times this week. I wanted to go for a walk/jog today but the windchill is -10 (freezin!)

I so need to get back on the wagon (and stay away from sweets!)


slowly slipping away!

Girls I need to be brought back on track..maybe hauled. I think the whole candy binge Fri night started it all. Good thing is that weight this AM was still long as i don’t start gaining! Last night I felt very exhausted and I admit to you all that I did NOT do my jumping jacks or the hula hooping .Sorry Jel but I just don’t think I can just find the interest to stand in one place doing Hula’s for 30 mins..sorry don’t mean to offend..probably why i prefer high cardio than yoga and workout machines…I also don’t like working out at home much. I have a few workout vids and I have the Wii/Wii Fit. I don’t bother w/ either. Anything else I can do instead?! Perhaps the crunches?

Since doing the shitload of JJ’s Fri night and Zumba Sat AM I think I overdid it somehow on my shoulder. It’s usually my right shoulder but this time its left. I ATTEMPTED the JJ’s before Zumba tonight and I had to stop at 85 ( I think doing the JJ’s did it in the first place). However I didn’t find it at all while doing Zumba. I will keep trying to do the JJ’s on nights I don’t go to Zumba.

This week is going to be very stressful for me. A year ago we began an EQuIP program.

“EQuIP is a program of excellence. It offers an on-site consultation program designed to measure and improve the quality and inclusive practices of child care environments. It is a voluntary partnership between Child Care Services Consultants and Child Care Center staff where they work together to design an action plan aimed at enhancing the quality of care being offered to children.”

Over the course of the yr a Consultant will come in three times to observe/ do checklists and to go over classroom (VERY DETAILED) make suggestions of improvement, things to add, how we interact with children, the list is endless. At the end of each session we’re given a score. My last two coworkers honestly were VERY lazy, had poor social interactions w/ the children and didn’t do their share of work within the classroom and with the children, which in turn brought our score lower. The Consultant also noticed that i did most of the workload and MOST of the children had a close attachment with me, which also required a LOT of my time. This time around I have an amazing coworker who does her fair share and thankfully has bonded w/ the children as well. The past few days we’ve spent GUTTING our room, making sure we have ALL the required materials, etc…And tomorrow after being observed for an entire day I have a damn two hour meeting.

Sorry to go on and point of all that was to say I KNOW I will want to eat junk..I went to the grocery store and bought a REALLY nice salad for lunch and mandarin oranges. I’ll also take a 100 cal granola bar and some apples. I need to make sure I have food, lol. Today I didn’t pack a lunch (big mistake) and ended up going to McD’s. I can NOT do that again. I DO however am glad that I learned by today’s mistake and that in turn helped me for tomorrow.

It’s time to get my act together!



1) I love my spontaneity! Got hair cut last night…a real style this time, instead of long curly layered hair. Got it straightened, cut shorter in back, longer in front…very bold of me, haha…

2) I am glad I learn from my mistakes, such as today…recognizing when mistake may happen again and preventing it.

3) I like my greenish/blue eyes..they’re pretty 🙂 Yeah I’m being conceited and I enjoy it! 😛

Scale I hate you….

But I don’t care! This am I was 150.5..up a lb from yesterday..probably from my treat binge last night :S. On the upside I got up and went to Zumba and had an AMAZING workout. I don’t know about anyone else but I am certainly ‘feeling it’ in my stomach muscles from all those crunches in the challenge..but no pain, no gain! I also feel like I am losing inches on my sides…i mean the outside of my hips, thank the lord one wants to have a fat butt/arse, lol.

Anywho I am off to some tidying up around here (rather have needles stuck in me)…


NSV: wore my size 28 jeans this evening that USED to fit and had become realllllly snug. Fits perfectly (well almost) again!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Well I just got home from babysitting..where I had a mini binge on some of the halloween chocolates :S. I did so good all day and I really can’t be around junk food at all. One leads to another :(. However while I was babysitting I did most of my crunches (while the girls were asleep) and I did 150 jumping jacks (maybe a new daily challenge next week???). haha I hope they don’t have hidden cameras set up because they’ll think i’m NUTS!

Weight this am was again 149.5. November goal was 145 so I have 4.5 to go. I know I can do this..I did it before. I am also planning on getting up at 9am to go to Zumba class. This instructor literally works us to the bone and boy does she make us sweat! I love it!

Goal for end of the weekend is 148…hopefully!

Have a great weekend gals!


Remembrance Day=day off!

No work today which was awesome….I napped..watched few movies..lounged…sat on my arse a lot :S. I can’t stand how cold it’s getting here…It was only 4-5 degrees celcius! :(.

I was MIA last night. I did really well all day eating until supper time. Bf asked me to pick him up KFC for sup. I could’ve just got him something and myself something else. I could have ate something healthier at home. But instead I ordered a small popcorn chicken and small fries. I was feeling guilty as I ate it. I felt guilty all last night. I did some of my crunches but forgot to finish them all yesterday. I drank one cup of green tea. And because I felt so guilty I avoided 3fc like the plague. My plan for next time there’s a request for takeout is to stop at Subway (literally 1 min away from the  KFC) and get myself something healthier OR come home and let him take the car to go get himself something, lol. I don’t even really enjoy KFC. I didn’t plan on getting myself anything…and I kept questioning it while I was in drivethru. If I have to THINK that much about getting the damn food I shouldn’t get it in the first place. A little annoying voice inside my head was saying, “why can’t you act like a normal person and if you want takeout just have it”…i hate that effin voice!

As you can tell I really beat myself up over food. I ate a lot less calories today to make up for yesterdays splurge. I also have my all crunches done.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! I am off at 530 and babysitting tomorrow night..I know I am nuts! ( I only do it because the $$ is fabulous…about 60 for 4 hrs and its literally one min from my house).



reasons why today was a great day:

-weighed in 149.5…I don’t care if it was because of not eating much yesterday…I know its either here or right around the corner

-fit into a pair of size 4 pants (snug but got them done up)!!!!

-completed my 100 crunches (did some on my they still count??) I am in an basement apt and the floor is so hard :S I’ll have to place a soft blanket on the floor tomorrow

-tried box-aerobics and LOVED it! over $9 bucks an effin class tho :S..maybe I should sign up for mthly pass of 56 taxes in :S. We did 30 mins of straight cardio then about 20 mins of weights and stretching.

Jelbelle I am proposing something else for our challenge….we can start it next week if you want seeing how we have 3 things this week. EVERYONE write 3 things each day on the forum/blog that they love/like about themselves..or something that we’re proud of. I believe that we’re all strong women and we have a LOT to be proud of. I am so thankful for all of you..for keeping me ‘on track’ and just showing so much support. I know at the end of the day you all are there.


Forgot to add that w/ the aid of Milk of Magnesia, a ton of prunes and prune juice I had some ‘relief’…hahaha..that made my day 100x better!

not feeling so well today :(

I got up this AM….felt ok..seriously didn’t have time for breaky (I guess thats what happens when I get up an hr before work and decides to straighten hair). At work the kids had cereal so I had a small bowlful (didn’t finish it all) and my yogurt..I got a headache really fast and I started to feel really queasy. I thought okay maybe i’m still hungry (bad move) and ate my orange. Suddenly I began to sweat and had to get the kids OUT of the washroom ASAP. I think I vomited two times. At 1145 I fed the children pasta/sauce/bread and I had a half slice of bread w/ sauce..seeing if that would help…and while they were brushing their teeth had to get em out of the washroom again. Extreme feeling of dizziness/sweating. Sooo not fun. Boss sent me home at 1215 and I napped from 1-3.

I am wondering if I am that constipated that it’s making me sick. I read online that its possible to vomit when you are. I just can’t see why eating something so simple (not heavy/greasy) would make me sick. Praying that it IS just the stomach bug and not something more serious.

I was SO looking forward to that fitness class tonight at Boxfit and had to bail out from going :(. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll feel fine and go to the Boxercise.

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