craving takeout :(

It’s been a very relaxing week off yet busy in ways. Dr. appt, nail appt and got my hair colored today ( very light auburn/red and white blonde foils…its nice!!) Other than that I’ve been relaxing and taking it quite easy.

Went to Zumba (the class that my boss pays for) and we couldn’t get into the building because I’m assuming there was some mix up in communication about the keyholder or SOMEONE to be there to let us in. Myra works near this building/afterschool daycare of ours and has offered before to take the key and just give it back the following am..but nooo of course..maybe now she will be given the key to let us in, lol.

On Tuesday we were hit with hurricane Igor….insane wind/rain..highways closed, and a lot of places with a state of emergency. We lost our power Tues evening and we didn’t get it back til Wed afternoon. Other people in the city just got it back tonight. Street lights are all screwed up and even shopping centre signs were blown over. It was INSANE. My grandparents live in a small community (sort of a village) and live next to a huge hill..they thought they may have to evacuate as well but I think their house is going to be ok. One person in Newfoundland was washed out to sea literally. A road gave out and he was literally washed away. Sad times here. Of course I venture out on Tues AM to get my nails done…and made it home, lol. Diva that I am..hahaha.

Weight this am was 151.5. I am craving takeout sooo bad. I DID have Wendy’s chilli for supper..and nothing else..well a slice of flaxseed bread. Now I feel hungry once again :-(.

I think I’m gonna get up and go to Zumba tomorrow…if I can manage. I have two very small annoying warts on my foot and I had them frozen this AM..again…lots of pain :(.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. mismichelle on October 6th, 2010

    hi honey,
    sorry i’ve been so mia! GREAT JOB at the 151.5. i need to get back there and quickly! i will try to post later..need to get back on the wagon 🙂

  2. mismichelle on October 8th, 2010

    hey girlie! i hope you had a great week! miss you on here! i am back on my blog to try to type out some of these feelings 😀 xoxo

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