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For Michielou

The most important thing to remember w/ trying Zumba is to HAVE FUN! The more you do it the easier it becomes! I have been doing it for over a year and I am HOOKED….and I know most routines off by heart now.

Here are two videos of similar routines that I have done in various classes:

Zumba is for all ages and for all sizes. It’s exhilerating and very ‘feel good’, lol.

Look up a local class on and give it a try :-).


Oops..forgot to ask…whats the name of your blog?!



Forgot to add in my earlier post…I also went for a 50 minute walk today with Myra. It’s so nice to have a friend who wants to be active. When I lost ALL the weight back in 07/08 I was pretty much alone and I would go to the gym on my own….boring and lonely! Now she’s on the health wagon and I have a buddy..yay!!! Now if I could just get my eating under control!

Detox :P

This is my 3rd attempt at writing this blog and I’m getting impatient 😛 I downloaded the new IE 9 Beta (8 kept freezing) and its not that much now I am using Google Chrome.

Anyways back to the topic. Another coworker emailed Myra a detox that her friend did at U-Loss weight clinic (local company). I think at the clinic its for much longer but she did it for one week and lost 5lbs. I think its a great kick start to weightloss or to lose those last few lbs. I am considering it but not really sure. I think bf will think I am starving myself on the first two days and give me a hard time, lol.

Here it is copied/pasted from my email:

The first two days are pretty extreme. You can eat unlimited food but you are restricted to: GREEN Vegetables and lean protein (turkey, chicken, turkey bacon…). You need to drink LOTS of water during these two days and you’re expected to have no sauces, no spices, no juices, no diet pop, etc.

Also, during the first two days you also need to eat one cantaloupe (I think this is where your sugar is coming from). You can eat half the cantaloupe in the morning and half at lunch or something.

(I think I would add egg whites and salsa on the first two days)

SO – that’s the first two days – than onto the other part:

Unlike the last two days, nothing is unlimited now, but you can more of a variety of things, so even if you are technically eating less I don’t think it will be as depressing!

Everything is in servings, which is roughly the size of your fist. So if you’re going to eat a serving of fruit, it would be an apple, or a handful of blackberries.

Everyday you’re allowed:

4 Starch – You are not to eat ANY starch after 2pm, so plan wisely for this to make sure you get all your servings.

3 Dairy (1 dairy=1 Glass of Milk, 1 Yogurt, 2 cheese strings, etc.)

3 Fat (This is complicated cause “fat” isn’t meat fat. This will count as a handful of peanuts, high in fats, or a serving of light ranch dressing) ( I am thinking margarine/oil/light mayo as well)

3 Vegetables (1 Veg=1 Potato, Handfull of Broccolli, etc.) This is best with supper but I packed mine with lunch, and is flexible cause if you have chilli or something, there could be 2 servings of vegetables but you could have mushrooms, corn, green and red peppers, onions, etc. just they’re all cut up so you’re not actually eating a full vegetable.

3 Fruit (1 Fruit=1 apple, 1 orange, handful of strawberries, etc)

3.5 Protein (1 Protein=Any fist size of meat, 2 eggs, cup of beans, etc.) ONLY eat protein in the morning (Recommended two eggs) and after an exercise. Probably best to work out or go for a walk just before supper for this reason!

Bananas and Carrots are high in sugar so avoid them, but it’s okay to eat them every other day. It’s best to plan what you’re going to eat throughout the day so you’re not constantly worried about servings. Also, do not eat ANYTHING after 8:30pm. Water is fine though.

The off-limits list:
NO chips
NO bars
NO fattening sauces (high in fat mayo, etc.)
NO soft drinks
NO juices (water ONLY)
NO Alcohol

So..there it is….sounds interesting huh? I think the first two days could be rough tho….Hmm..pondering it…I would DEF have to add low salt salsa for a bit of taste. I hate bland food, lol.

What do you girls think of it???