I love weekends..and holidays even more!

Well tomorrow’s Friday and I am off for a week..I have absolutely no plans…get my nails filled on Tuesday..going to try to go to a lot of Zumba..my fave instructor teaches on Wed and Fri AM only 2 minutes from my house but I’m never able to go to a morning class. Most of all I just want to relax and veg..maybe get my hair done, lol.

Speaking of Zumba I went to a class on Tuesday night (by that same girl) and what a workout..holy shitt! I am feeling it in my legs today…funny how I always feel sore two days after and not the day after working out. My boss pays another Zumba instructor to teach a class to staff and anyone else (they pay a drop in fee) and it was supposed to restart tonight but something came up so it’ll start next Thursday. That instructor is actually training for a Provincial Body Building competition in November!

I was so tired last night (after working 8 hrs and a 2 hr meeting…arghh..) that I slept right thru a major thunder and lightning storm 6 am this morning. How I have no idea because I’m such an insanely light sleeper. Because Zumba was cancelled I was gonna go for a walk w/ Myra but around 4pm I just really felt drained..physically..and my allergies were acting up majorly= sinus pain of course..so I called and bailed..came home and napped.

Weight this am was 151. If i could lose two lousy pounds and be under 150 I’d be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am gonna go to a 1030 AM Zumba class on Saturday…by the same instructor on Tues nights.

This is my plan:

Saturday: Zumba 1030AM

Tuesday: Zumba PM

Wednesday: Zumba AM.

Thursday: Zumba PM

Friday: Zumba AM

and maybe Zumba on Saturday again..although  I do enjoy lounging in bed late on Saturdays.

Maybe if I worked out to all those class I might reach that goal of getting under 150..hmmmm..

Have a great weekend!!!

Ang xo

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  1. pepagirl on September 16th, 2010

    With all that Zumba I think you will be dancing the pounds away in no time!

  2. losingit2010 on September 16th, 2010

    Zumba has just come into my radar this week. They offer it at the Y and I saw an article about it. I am now off to YOUTUBE to see what it is all about. I just started using the recumbent bike and that is kicking my ass like Zumba for you. You go girl! keep up the great work

  3. angela on September 16th, 2010

    Keeping my fingers crossed Pepagirl!

    Oh losingit2010..zumba is amazing and you should DEFINITELY look into trying it..sooo much fun! There’s lots of vids on youtube!

  4. michielou on September 19th, 2010

    I have heard of zumba…is it really that much fun? I heard it was hard!!

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