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Perhaps I’m a little bipolar?? Sad to happy…all in 5 minutes.

Sometimes I wish I could just quit my job and board a plane and get the hell away from here and everyone around. Doesn’t this sound like a lovely post? I am just SO sick of the routine of doing the EXACT same things day in and day out. Michelle I really am so envious of your life and all the travelling around the country. My life just seems beyond pathetic and ordinary. Work never changes and the people around are the same. Bf and I are really distant lately and sometimes I have to ask myself if i REALLY want this relationship?? I’m extremely independant..I really have no desire to get married either or settle down….Do I need psychological help?? Shouldn’t I WANT these things at 28???

Weightwise I was 151.5 two mornings in a row..eating good…bf bought a pizza this PM and I only had two tiny pieces…huge salad for lunch..lots of peaches and high fibre oatmeal for breakfast.

My goals the other day weren’t that successful. I didn’t get to go for a walk. I had a cookie but I did drink a TON of water. How pathetic is that? I set three goals for myself and I can’t even complete them!

I DID go for a walk tonight w/ Myra..picked her up RIGHT after work and walked for 50 minutes. Yesterday we went berry picking and hiking (about 40 minutes in some really steep trails). Next week Zumba begins and I can’t EFFIN wait. My boss will pay for a class on Thurs nights..and theres another awesome class taught on Tues nights and Saturday AM. Yay for booty shaking.

I feel like I have gotten more positive since the beginning of the post! LOL.

Here is a quote my friend had on MSN from a book she read:

If you don’t like something about yourself, change it. If you are ok with it, you gotta own it. There’s no in between.

Basically saying…if i don’t like the way i am change it..if not shut up and just be the way you are. I can’t have it both ways. I need to get myself together and get on the damn health wagon, lol. I want to feel healthy again and most of all FIT.

Have a great week all you sexy chicks!

Ang xo