Earl, you SUCK!

Myra and I had tix to go to a concert on Sunday. Goo Goo Dolls, The fray, Lifehouse and Ke$ha, plus a few other bands but it got cancelled because of the hurricane. Newfoundland is an island and you have to fly in or get the ferry. They cancelled it because of the equipment coming in on ferry..ferry could end up being cancelled and flights could be cancelled..meaning performers might not make it :(. I was so looking forward to it! However I’d rather it be cancelled then go and stand in the rain to see half of the performers.

Feeling really down tonight….just about everything….and I haven’t eaten supper..its ten twenty pm. I’m so stressed I feel like going to get McD’s..but i’m so stubborn that I’d rather not have anything.


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  1. mrssparklingpersonality on September 2nd, 2010

    I’ve been so down and stressed out, too. Is it, like, the August-September blues or something? I’m dying to shake this feeling but it keeps lingering for some reason…. Ugh!

  2. pepagirl on September 2nd, 2010

    I think it is something in the air! I have had a crappy “feeling” week. I also noticed that serveral of us bloggers are all at our TOM right now, maybe it’s mass PMS floating through cyberspace?

  3. angela on September 4th, 2010

    haha Pepagirl…I agree..I am pmsing so bad and just feeling really crappy lately. It doesn’t help that I’ve fallen off the wagon and I have no idea how to get back on it. 🙁

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