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craving takeout :(

It’s been a very relaxing week off yet busy in ways. Dr. appt, nail appt and got my hair colored today ( very light auburn/red and white blonde foils…its nice!!) Other than that I’ve been relaxing and taking it quite easy.

Went to Zumba (the class that my boss pays for) and we couldn’t get into the building because I’m assuming there was some mix up in communication about the keyholder or SOMEONE to be there to let us in. Myra works near this building/afterschool daycare of ours and has offered before to take the key and just give it back the following am..but nooo of course..maybe now she will be given the key to let us in, lol.

On Tuesday we were hit with hurricane Igor….insane wind/rain..highways closed, and a lot of places with a state of emergency. We lost our power Tues evening and we didn’t get it back til Wed afternoon. Other people in the city just got it back tonight. Street lights are all screwed up and even shopping centre signs were blown over. It was INSANE. My grandparents live in a small community (sort of a village) and live next to a huge hill..they thought they may have to evacuate as well but I think their house is going to be ok. One person in Newfoundland was washed out to sea literally. A road gave out and he was literally washed away. Sad times here. Of course I venture out on Tues AM to get my nails done…and made it home, lol. Diva that I am..hahaha.

Weight this am was 151.5. I am craving takeout sooo bad. I DID have Wendy’s chilli for supper..and nothing else..well a slice of flaxseed bread. Now I feel hungry once again :-(.

I think I’m gonna get up and go to Zumba tomorrow…if I can manage. I have two very small annoying warts on my foot and I had them frozen this AM..again…lots of pain :(.

Have a great weekend!


For Michielou

The most important thing to remember w/ trying Zumba is to HAVE FUN! The more you do it the easier it becomes! I have been doing it for over a year and I am HOOKED….and I know most routines off by heart now.

Here are two videos of similar routines that I have done in various classes:

Zumba is for all ages and for all sizes. It’s exhilerating and very ‘feel good’, lol.

Look up a local class on and give it a try :-).


Oops..forgot to ask…whats the name of your blog?!



Forgot to add in my earlier post…I also went for a 50 minute walk today with Myra. It’s so nice to have a friend who wants to be active. When I lost ALL the weight back in 07/08 I was pretty much alone and I would go to the gym on my own….boring and lonely! Now she’s on the health wagon and I have a buddy..yay!!! Now if I could just get my eating under control!

Detox :P

This is my 3rd attempt at writing this blog and I’m getting impatient 😛 I downloaded the new IE 9 Beta (8 kept freezing) and its not that much now I am using Google Chrome.

Anyways back to the topic. Another coworker emailed Myra a detox that her friend did at U-Loss weight clinic (local company). I think at the clinic its for much longer but she did it for one week and lost 5lbs. I think its a great kick start to weightloss or to lose those last few lbs. I am considering it but not really sure. I think bf will think I am starving myself on the first two days and give me a hard time, lol.

Here it is copied/pasted from my email:

The first two days are pretty extreme. You can eat unlimited food but you are restricted to: GREEN Vegetables and lean protein (turkey, chicken, turkey bacon…). You need to drink LOTS of water during these two days and you’re expected to have no sauces, no spices, no juices, no diet pop, etc.

Also, during the first two days you also need to eat one cantaloupe (I think this is where your sugar is coming from). You can eat half the cantaloupe in the morning and half at lunch or something.

(I think I would add egg whites and salsa on the first two days)

SO – that’s the first two days – than onto the other part:

Unlike the last two days, nothing is unlimited now, but you can more of a variety of things, so even if you are technically eating less I don’t think it will be as depressing!

Everything is in servings, which is roughly the size of your fist. So if you’re going to eat a serving of fruit, it would be an apple, or a handful of blackberries.

Everyday you’re allowed:

4 Starch – You are not to eat ANY starch after 2pm, so plan wisely for this to make sure you get all your servings.

3 Dairy (1 dairy=1 Glass of Milk, 1 Yogurt, 2 cheese strings, etc.)

3 Fat (This is complicated cause “fat” isn’t meat fat. This will count as a handful of peanuts, high in fats, or a serving of light ranch dressing) ( I am thinking margarine/oil/light mayo as well)

3 Vegetables (1 Veg=1 Potato, Handfull of Broccolli, etc.) This is best with supper but I packed mine with lunch, and is flexible cause if you have chilli or something, there could be 2 servings of vegetables but you could have mushrooms, corn, green and red peppers, onions, etc. just they’re all cut up so you’re not actually eating a full vegetable.

3 Fruit (1 Fruit=1 apple, 1 orange, handful of strawberries, etc)

3.5 Protein (1 Protein=Any fist size of meat, 2 eggs, cup of beans, etc.) ONLY eat protein in the morning (Recommended two eggs) and after an exercise. Probably best to work out or go for a walk just before supper for this reason!

Bananas and Carrots are high in sugar so avoid them, but it’s okay to eat them every other day. It’s best to plan what you’re going to eat throughout the day so you’re not constantly worried about servings. Also, do not eat ANYTHING after 8:30pm. Water is fine though.

The off-limits list:
NO chips
NO bars
NO fattening sauces (high in fat mayo, etc.)
NO soft drinks
NO juices (water ONLY)
NO Alcohol

So..there it is….sounds interesting huh? I think the first two days could be rough tho….Hmm..pondering it…I would DEF have to add low salt salsa for a bit of taste. I hate bland food, lol.

What do you girls think of it???



I am a loser…yes I am indeed. One of my coworkers (works at another daycare w/ Myra..same company) had a get together tonight and invited me. I decided not to go. And here I am stuck here alone..well except for sis and she’s off to work soon (FINALLY got a fucking job working night shift at Shoppers Drug Mart..I don’t swear often but it has brought me a lot of stress and I am glad she’s finally gotten off her butt). Bf went over to help his uncle late this afternoon and still hasn’t returned.
i decided not to go for two reasons:
* I am on holidays!!! I didn’t want to sit around with a bunch of ECE’s talking about daycare/children.
* It was sorta like a potluck/ drinking. Drinking+Food at the same time= bloatedness and no good buzz at all. (I think also that I also didn’t want to eat a bunch of calories..I know if i’m around them I will eat em, lol.
So now I am here alone..kind of enjoying the time…but just cleaned my bathroom. This of course makes me feel what if they’re talking about daycare…I probably would’ve had a good time overall. I shouldn’t make food be my reasoning for not being social. I need to ‘stand up’ to food and not let it win. (Although I’ve been eating really shitty all day).
I DID get up this AM and went to Zumba. We were upstairs in the building…the heat was extreme…and EVERY participant was sweating beyond…who needs hot yoga when you have hot Zumba…5X worse!
Here’s something nice that I read online!
“Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t. Believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, then let it. Nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it’d be worth it.”
Have a great weekend! (I like these colors…they make me happy!!!!!!!!!!)

I love weekends..and holidays even more!

Well tomorrow’s Friday and I am off for a week..I have absolutely no plans…get my nails filled on Tuesday..going to try to go to a lot of fave instructor teaches on Wed and Fri AM only 2 minutes from my house but I’m never able to go to a morning class. Most of all I just want to relax and veg..maybe get my hair done, lol.

Speaking of Zumba I went to a class on Tuesday night (by that same girl) and what a workout..holy shitt! I am feeling it in my legs today…funny how I always feel sore two days after and not the day after working out. My boss pays another Zumba instructor to teach a class to staff and anyone else (they pay a drop in fee) and it was supposed to restart tonight but something came up so it’ll start next Thursday. That instructor is actually training for a Provincial Body Building competition in November!

I was so tired last night (after working 8 hrs and a 2 hr meeting…arghh..) that I slept right thru a major thunder and lightning storm 6 am this morning. How I have no idea because I’m such an insanely light sleeper. Because Zumba was cancelled I was gonna go for a walk w/ Myra but around 4pm I just really felt drained..physically..and my allergies were acting up majorly= sinus pain of I called and bailed..came home and napped.

Weight this am was 151. If i could lose two lousy pounds and be under 150 I’d be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I am gonna go to a 1030 AM Zumba class on Saturday…by the same instructor on Tues nights.

This is my plan:

Saturday: Zumba 1030AM

Tuesday: Zumba PM

Wednesday: Zumba AM.

Thursday: Zumba PM

Friday: Zumba AM

and maybe Zumba on Saturday again..although  I do enjoy lounging in bed late on Saturdays.

Maybe if I worked out to all those class I might reach that goal of getting under 150..hmmmm..

Have a great weekend!!!

Ang xo

Is it Friday yet?!

Weight still 151.5 this AM.

Ate an instant pk of cinnamon raisin oatmal and sprinkled crushed walnuts on top. Trying harder to drink more green tea. That shit is supposed to be like the ultimate health…Sometimes I can’t finish a cup…perhaps I need to add some honey.

Have a great day!


Perhaps I’m a little bipolar?? Sad to happy…all in 5 minutes.

Sometimes I wish I could just quit my job and board a plane and get the hell away from here and everyone around. Doesn’t this sound like a lovely post? I am just SO sick of the routine of doing the EXACT same things day in and day out. Michelle I really am so envious of your life and all the travelling around the country. My life just seems beyond pathetic and ordinary. Work never changes and the people around are the same. Bf and I are really distant lately and sometimes I have to ask myself if i REALLY want this relationship?? I’m extremely independant..I really have no desire to get married either or settle down….Do I need psychological help?? Shouldn’t I WANT these things at 28???

Weightwise I was 151.5 two mornings in a row..eating good…bf bought a pizza this PM and I only had two tiny pieces…huge salad for lunch..lots of peaches and high fibre oatmeal for breakfast.

My goals the other day weren’t that successful. I didn’t get to go for a walk. I had a cookie but I did drink a TON of water. How pathetic is that? I set three goals for myself and I can’t even complete them!

I DID go for a walk tonight w/ Myra..picked her up RIGHT after work and walked for 50 minutes. Yesterday we went berry picking and hiking (about 40 minutes in some really steep trails). Next week Zumba begins and I can’t EFFIN wait. My boss will pay for a class on Thurs nights..and theres another awesome class taught on Tues nights and Saturday AM. Yay for booty shaking.

I feel like I have gotten more positive since the beginning of the post! LOL.

Here is a quote my friend had on MSN from a book she read:

If you don’t like something about yourself, change it. If you are ok with it, you gotta own it. There’s no in between.

Basically saying…if i don’t like the way i am change it..if not shut up and just be the way you are. I can’t have it both ways. I need to get myself together and get on the damn health wagon, lol. I want to feel healthy again and most of all FIT.

Have a great week all you sexy chicks!

Ang xo


the wagon

I feel like I’ve fallen off the wagon some time ago. Completely off. I don’t eat a LOT but when I do its not the greatest. Too much sugar, too many carbs..not enough fruit and water and DEFINITELY not enough exercise. Yesterday was our Family BBQ at work for the families of the children. I had a McD’s muffin (lemon cranberry slim sensations) and then at the bbq I had a hot dog, a hamburger, cheesies (cheese sticks), a few chips and a teeny bit of cake. I was exhausted from break! so I napped when I got home..then got McD’s chicken sandwich and fries for supper around 830 pm. Absolutely effin horrible eating.

Today I woke up and had a high fibre cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast. Then bf went to Tim Horton’s and got me a blueberry danish…which wasn’t that good. I THEN had a light ice cream cone. For supper my gf’s and I went to a Chinese buffet. I had TWO platefuls of noodles/ broccoli/ salmon/ shrimp/ crab and lots of other stuff that was oozing in grease and cheese.

I feel disgusting. I feel gross. I feel bloated. I feel physically not well. I feel out of shape. Yesterday we borrowed some tables from the church next to daycare for the bbq and by just carrying ONE table my arms are sore today. Is that even normal????

I think watching Eat, Pray, Love which was long but good made me realize that I have to get this whole situation under control. Tonight I SQUEEZED into my stretchy jean capris, size 5 that I bought last year and I realized that if I keep going in this horrible direction I won’t even be able to squeeze into them at all. My ass will be so fat that they won’t go any further than my knees or thighs.

This is what i am going to say to myself :

“I did NOT go from 230 to 140 to now just gain it all back..I worked too damn hard and I deserve better than this from myself!”

I need to set mini goals for myself…here are a few for tomorrow:

-drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water.

-No sweets/danishes/cookies/ice cream

-go for a walk.

These are pretty reasonable I think seeing as how I need to begin somewhere.

Have a great long weekend all!



Earl, you SUCK!

Myra and I had tix to go to a concert on Sunday. Goo Goo Dolls, The fray, Lifehouse and Ke$ha, plus a few other bands but it got cancelled because of the hurricane. Newfoundland is an island and you have to fly in or get the ferry. They cancelled it because of the equipment coming in on ferry..ferry could end up being cancelled and flights could be cancelled..meaning performers might not make it :(. I was so looking forward to it! However I’d rather it be cancelled then go and stand in the rain to see half of the performers.

Feeling really down tonight….just about everything….and I haven’t eaten supper..its ten twenty pm. I’m so stressed I feel like going to get McD’s..but i’m so stubborn that I’d rather not have anything.