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The cat came back the very next day and the next day and the day after that!

Well..for two weeks we’ve had a frequent visitor at work. A persian tabby cat who we call fuzzbucket and Garfield keeps coming around the daycare. Someone MUST own this cat. I pick her up..she’s very clean..purrs a lot..and she even lets the children pet her. But of course the cat can’t stay at the daycare (outside it)..we really shouldn’t have her around the children a LOT in case she scratches or does anything…which I’m sure she won’t because she’s very gentle. Anywho..I am a huge cat lover…and I feel like taking her..although….once again someone must own her….and I’m not allowed to have pets in my apartment. :-(. Today the manager called the city and Animal Control came. When i tried to put her in the shoebox sized kennel she jumped out of my arms..only to come right back rubbing up to me. So we asked…what will happen to the cat?? He said, “to be honest…they might keep her a week….maybe only a few days..and if no one claims her she’ll be put down”. Well with that I lost it…I cried like a fool in front of a stranger and i said well you can’t take her…so did one of my bosses. I said I’ll call SPCA..go door to door on the nearest street just to see if someone happens to own her. I called SPCA and they said maybe someone will come get her tomorrow. I want a pet so bad and I won’t let them do anything to hurt her. He said, “well we’ll just say she got away…I couldn’t get her” (which in reality she wouldn’t get in the kennel AT ALL) and I said okay..sounds good…he then replied, “just do your best to keep her out of the backyard”. So this all happens right before I’m off work. I’m such a softie (although people would never guess) and I’m driving and crying a little over this cat.

The cat saga continued when i got home. I just randomly looked up a phone number from that street near daycare and a man said he sees the cat a lot…I quote, “she prances around in my front lawn driving the dog nuts”..he thinks someone may own her on the street.

And it still continues…I look on Heavenly Creatures…a local company that will put found animals in ‘foster care’ in peoples homes instead of euthanizing them and there’s a “I’m Lost” section. Well…There is a cat that is missing from another nearby┬ástreet (since May..soo sad) that is a LOT like her. I emailed them so hopefully I will get a response. Fingers crossed!!!!!! Someone MUST be feeding this cat if its the one lost…she doesn’t appear scrawny or meowing for food.

Well this thing has really gotten to me..this whole cat ordeal..that when i got home I had a small bowl of light ice cream…..and then got off my butt and went for a 50 minute walk w/ Myra to clear my head. I then came home and had a frozen weight watchers meal.

Keep ur fingers crossed for this kitty!!!!! And my sanity!!!!!


p.s. haven’t weighed since the last time. ­čśŤ