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Spam :S

Is anyone else out there getting spam comments on their blog..they’re so effin annoying…i hate spam 😛

Weight this AM was 152.5. I didn’t eat a lot yesterday…i don’t think I had one actual meal..just lots of treats and junk…hanging my head in shame..although somehow i managed to go down a lb from Friday.

Last night I went to a friends house for games night. We only ended up playing Scattergories because we talk so much. She had guacamole made w/ multrigrain chips. She also had a chocolate fondue w/ strawberries, and different kinds of candies. I brought these very awesome breadsticks w/ a cheese and veggie dip (not so healthy) and my friend Myra brought low fat cream cheese brownies..yes people..there is such a thing. I only ate one of those…lol.

It’s so beautiful here today but i promised my sister that I’d take her out job hunting..passing out resumes. My sister has been unemployed for over a yr. Gave up her good paying job because of stress ( Automotive Service Rep at a local garage)..wasn’t getting her breaks..over worked etc..and from ther she went in EI. Her EI ran out back in April and I’ve basically been paying her way for a while now. I feel like telling her to move back home w/ mom. I am desperate for her to get a job and get off her ass! Oh she also broke up w/ her bf..was really depressed and is plays a lot of the stupid World of Warcraft. She has no money for groceries etc yet somehow finds $ to play this goddamned game. I am beyond annoyed and I hate always being the one left to ‘look after’ everyone else. I can’t talk to Mom about it because it stresses her out too much and we know she doesn’t need any more stress in her life. Arghhhhh. It’s no wonder I’m not an alcoholic..oh wait I can’t afford to drink because I’m to busy paying her way. Sorry to vent on you all!

Have a great day!


Update: Apparently my sister told me she had a bad migraine..took Tylenol and slept day away…she probably WOULDN”T have had the damn thing if she wasnt up all night on the computer. Anywho we’re going to go to a few closeby places w/ her resume in a while..if not I just might freak out.

I just did something I haven’t done in a LONG time. I had spaghetti for supper..extra lean ground beef/ whole wheat pasta w/ lots of veggies. I usually have a bowlful. Not a small or large bowl..just a reg. cereal bowl. I thought..hmm I wonder just how much it is…so I got a 1 cup measuring cup and filled it and there was still lots left in the bowl. Here I was thinking all along..use the sm. bowl instead of a plate..but I was overeating all along. So I just put the extra noodles back and ate the one cup w/ some whole wheat bread. I used to religiously measure EVERYTHING!