It’s 11 am..I’m still lying in bed on my laptop…Bf is gone to get a Tim’s coffee and a chocolate danish for me. I have no effin self control. I love those things so’s a good thing that I don’t eat them a lot.

Weight was again 151.5 this AM.

Friday I got off work and bf/I went out to his mom’s house. His sister was home for the summer and going back this week. His parents live/work in Alberta. Had an ok night out there..just hung out and watched movies w/ his sister. Both his sisters are MUCH younger than him and VERY spoiled. Bf didn’t get a bday card from his parents..I guess a call was enough yet they get cars/brand name clothing/and everything paid for. His other sister just got out of rehab..not the first time there and has been clean for a few mths thank god. Anywho his entire family drives me crazyyyyy!

Have a good day!


Update: My friend Myra and I are going blueberry picking soon!!! I will try to post pics of where we’re going…I went last yr w/ my grandmother and great aunt and the amount of blueberries there was INSANE..and you can sit and stare out into the ocean. Also..if the berries aren’t ripe enough..there’s a hiking trail right next to where we’re going so we will hike..yay exercise and blueberries!!

On another note….I have broken up w/ Mr. Danish…he has too much baggage aka calories and fat for my liking. I ate one yesterday and one today and I’m DONE……I have to seriously limit the chocolate/sugar intake coz the more i eat the more I want…jesus its worse than any no i wouldn’t know because i’m a goody two shoes and have never done anything..even a cig…Oh speakin’ of mother still hasn’t had one and said she’s done..17 days..said food has never tasted good…Um maybe thats why I got fat and my siblings who smoke have all stayed skinny…..bahahahahahahaha! Just kiddin’….

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  1. losingit2010 on August 22nd, 2010

    Hey well I am counting down to get off work at noon and then I get to go lay in bed or catch up on 5 seasons of

    Have a great day and enjoy that danish!

  2. mrssparklingpersonality on August 23rd, 2010

    Hey sweetie pie! I swear, junk food never fills you up! I guess that’s why they call them “empty calories”…. because no matter how many of them you eat, you still feel empty. You’re still doing great despite this minor setback… keep on chuggin little engine! Toot, toot! 🙂

  3. mismichelle on August 24th, 2010

    Love the picture! And good for you for breaking up with Mr. Danish…as I was reading that I thought you were breaking up with your BF and I was like OMGGG!!! Hahahaha. I need to break up with some things in my life, like binge eating when I’m not hungry, lol. Actually that’s a really good thing to think about…

  4. twelvetosix on August 25th, 2010

    Wow, if you can overcome a danish addiction, your mother- a cigarette addiction and your bf’s sister- a drug addiction, that just gives me a sparkle of hope for myself and motivates me. If they can kick those major addictions to the curb then I can kick all of these unnecessary and unhealthy foods out of my life as well. Thank you, I oh- so needed to read this today.

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