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It’s 11 am..I’m still lying in bed on my laptop…Bf is gone to get a Tim’s coffee and a chocolate danish for me. I have no effin self control. I love those things so’s a good thing that I don’t eat them a lot.

Weight was again 151.5 this AM.

Friday I got off work and bf/I went out to his mom’s house. His sister was home for the summer and going back this week. His parents live/work in Alberta. Had an ok night out there..just hung out and watched movies w/ his sister. Both his sisters are MUCH younger than him and VERY spoiled. Bf didn’t get a bday card from his parents..I guess a call was enough yet they get cars/brand name clothing/and everything paid for. His other sister just got out of rehab..not the first time there and has been clean for a few mths thank god. Anywho his entire family drives me crazyyyyy!

Have a good day!


Update: My friend Myra and I are going blueberry picking soon!!! I will try to post pics of where we’re going…I went last yr w/ my grandmother and great aunt and the amount of blueberries there was INSANE..and you can sit and stare out into the ocean. Also..if the berries aren’t ripe enough..there’s a hiking trail right next to where we’re going so we will hike..yay exercise and blueberries!!

On another note….I have broken up w/ Mr. Danish…he has too much baggage aka calories and fat for my liking. I ate one yesterday and one today and I’m DONE……I have to seriously limit the chocolate/sugar intake coz the more i eat the more I want…jesus its worse than any no i wouldn’t know because i’m a goody two shoes and have never done anything..even a cig…Oh speakin’ of mother still hasn’t had one and said she’s done..17 days..said food has never tasted good…Um maybe thats why I got fat and my siblings who smoke have all stayed skinny…..bahahahahahahaha! Just kiddin’….