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Yes thats what I seen this AM….probably from not having any supper last night..just not that hungry in the evenings…I eat a lot throughout the day..

Gone for Dr. appt.


Update: well I didn’t get much time earlier to blog–had a Dr. appt for a few problems…I have a wart on my foot that WAS gone away but apparently decided to return as a nuissance to my I had to get that frozen…yuck…..Dr. went over my GI specialist’s report…he said that my liver enzyme could have been high because of rapid weightloss (90lbs in one year) or because my Vit D was very low. She wants me to start taking supplements for both calcium and Vit. D. I also had to get a referral for massage medical will cover most of it w/ a referral. Also mentioned constipation and she said some people have much slower bowels..yada yada bullshit and that MOST times a wheat or milk intolerance will cause diarrhea not constipation. I also mentioned my EXTREME moodiness before my periods (yay I got it!) and perhaps trying a new pill or lower dose next time…hmm..longest time I’ve ever spent in her office.

Briefly mentioned to bf that I don’t feel like he’s ‘been there’ for me lately..and he feels that I’ve been very distancing toward him lately and that he feels like I’m pushing him away and neglecting him. I guess we both need to improve.

Anyways I’m off…gnite!