Trying to stay positive….

I noticed on Michelle’s blog…100 things that make me I think I’m gonna begin a similar thing on my blog..not to be a copycat but to be more positive and focused on things that make me happy. I’ve been feeling very sluggish and overall quite down lately…almost depressed. I am glad (on most days) that I work with children because the busy day keeps me preoccupied and its so easy to have fun and just be a kid. I can be the silliest teacher and I’m not bragging but they really do think I am the coolest. Back when the winter olympics were going on in Vancouver, a boy and his father arrived at daycare and the father said, “Angela..Michael says that you know how to do EVERYTHING,” I replied, “oh really,”..he said, “yes everything!!”…I replied, “wow I didn’t know that…however, I did win a gold medal last night in Vancouver” It was just hilarious….Anyways my children make me happy.

Michelle my mom does have a cell..I think she is being stubborn and not wanting to have her phone in her room (it is available) because she has 4 children and 9 siblings and she probably won’t be left alone. She is also very emotional about having to be in the hospital and is afraid she’ll get upset talking to us..therefore making us upset. My sorta stepdad said he’d talk to her again today about it…lol. I know where I get my stubborness from.

Anyways I’m off to nap..the 730 shift kills me.


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  1. mismichelle on August 12th, 2010

    Ang you can copy ANYTHING from my blog…I wouldn’t recommend copying my eating habits though LOL. I love lists (like, love). Actually, one of the things on my happiness list should be making lists! Hahaha. I hope your mom is doing better..maybe take your mind off of it by doing something on your list 🙂
    Hugs, M

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