My bad weekend all began on Friday….

Friday afternoon….around 3:45pm I got a call at work from bf ( who NEVER calls me at work, lol) to say that he received a call from my older brother Mike. My mom ( who is ONLY 51) was at the grocery store and took very sharp pains in her chest..became very weak and dizzy ( to the point where she couldn’t remember buying/paying for groceries..and just left…the cashier brought the items to my sorta step dads truck..where he was waiting). Anywho he took my mom to the clinic and from there she was rushed in ambulance to the nearest hospital (45mins away). She didn’t have a heart attack but he said her cholesterol is VERY high. My mom is a little overweight (170lbs) and they don’t eat the healthiest. She also smokes which is disgusting. She was told she’d be in hospital until Mon or Tues. On Sat AM my sis and I drove out to the hospital where she was admitted (almost 4 hrs away..boooooo).

Today at 2pm we left to return back to the city and she was going to get a ‘stress’ test done. IF everything came back well she was hoping to be able to leave. She’s in Emergency because of the shortage of beds at the hospital and she hears and sees it all.

I just got a call from her bf and he said that she couldn’t finish the stress test on the treadmill because her legs began to cramp up a lot. He thinks probably from sitting in bed for three days not being able to do much. She’ll have to get other tests done and stay in longer :-(.

THIS happening is enough reason for me to want to live my BEST life…using your line here Michelle. I don’t want to be 50 and hospitalized because of my own doing and not taking care of myself. I don’t blame my mother for this because she’s had a really hard life and raised the four of us on her own. She left home at 17 when pregnant with my older brother and moved into my grandparents house. She is kind of ignorant to healthy living….obviously thats a given.

Anyways my stress level has been thru the roof…I cried at work like a fool in front of coworkers..thank god the children were outside. I ate horribly all weekend (just weighed at 153 w/ clothes on so hopefully I didn’t do too bad). My bf is being an ass and barely paying any sort of attention to me since I came through the door. I feel like eating a shitload of chocolate..oh and i’m PMSing….I just love being an emotional basketcase.

I hope you all have had a much much better weekend than myself.


Oh i’m not religious but please pray for my mama!!

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  1. mismichelle on August 10th, 2010

    Ang, that is horrible! I will definitely pray for your mom. It is hard to believe…you must just be feeling horrible. Can you talk to someone instead of eating chocolate? Be straightforward with your bf and just be like “i need your help right now.” or call a friend, relatively anyone…maybe a friend who will give you a break from the whole situation. long distance hugs <<>>>

  2. angela on August 10th, 2010

    oh Michelle you are the bestest!

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