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Work day/no work day?

Today was a strange work day….It’s the Royal Regatta Day here in St.John’s…a huge event (that I’ve never went to) and most things shuts down in town…boat racing..concessions…etc. Because I work and live right next to St.John’s in Mount Pearl everything is open. This year my boss decided to close the centres but have a ‘professional development day’ for staff. Get prof dev hrs plus get paid and lunch bought for us. I ordered quarter chicken (white meat) dinner from Swiss Chalet. Didn’t eat it all..shoulda just ordered a wrap or salad..but no i chose the one w/ french fries. I didn’t eat all the fries either. Few weeks ago before my holidays my boss asked me if i’d be interested in speaking for a ‘few minutes’ on Social Stories (what they are and why I use them). I said “ok fine” not like I could really turn her after she had expressed how impressed she was with the ones I did. Anywho I assumed..ok a ‘few minutes’. On the agenda yesterday I noticed that there were 3 people allotted to speak for 1.5 hrs. :-O. I thought…I didn’t plan to speak for 30 minutes in front of 50 people…some I know..some I don’t. Anywho I was soo nervous this AM….everything went well..and luckily we were running a little behind and it worked out perfect because I ony spoke for 15 minutes…was told  I did a great job. Yay me and Michelle!

I haven’t weighed myself in a few days…not gonna obsess over it and fret ALL throughout the week.

Last night Myra and I left her house and went for an hour walk. Today I was soo tired after all day and came home..napped an hr. I just told her that tomorrow when I’m off at 6 I’m going to go STRAIGHT to her house and walk/jog. She’s doing a weightloss challenge at work and trying to win this weeks weighin. Honestly she SHOULD win because I’ve seen what she buys…she’s eats INSANELY healthy! Fingers crossed.

Alrighty off to shower and watch Big Brother.