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The cat didn’t come back today..Hopefully she is sick of us and she’s at home..if she has a home.

Weight was 152 this AM..Now if I could lose ten lbs I’d be happy!!!!!!!

I can’t type much…got LCN nails done night…first time ever so i’m getting used to them and finding it harder to type…I just typed typle instead of type..thank god for Anyways got french tip..not too long but they look soooooo nice. Thinking I deserved a treat a good paycheck today and tomorrow I’ll finally get my ECE bonus ( level twos get $1400 every 3 mths) which is a gov’t wage enhancement because ece’s make and not as much as we I say finally because 4 weeks ago level 1’s got theirs ($700) yet they are less trained..and two weeks ago level 2’s w/ the last name A-J got theirs and now the rest of the stupid! I guess because staff have summer holidays and couldn’t get them all processed at once.

Have a great night chicks!


The cat came back the very next day and the next day and the day after that!

Well..for two weeks we’ve had a frequent visitor at work. A persian tabby cat who we call fuzzbucket and Garfield keeps coming around the daycare. Someone MUST own this cat. I pick her up..she’s very clean..purrs a lot..and she even lets the children pet her. But of course the cat can’t stay at the daycare (outside it)..we really shouldn’t have her around the children a LOT in case she scratches or does anything…which I’m sure she won’t because she’s very gentle. Anywho..I am a huge cat lover…and I feel like taking her..although….once again someone must own her….and I’m not allowed to have pets in my apartment. :-(. Today the manager called the city and Animal Control came. When i tried to put her in the shoebox sized kennel she jumped out of my arms..only to come right back rubbing up to me. So we asked…what will happen to the cat?? He said, “to be honest…they might keep her a week….maybe only a few days..and if no one claims her she’ll be put down”. Well with that I lost it…I cried like a fool in front of a stranger and i said well you can’t take her…so did one of my bosses. I said I’ll call SPCA..go door to door on the nearest street just to see if someone happens to own her. I called SPCA and they said maybe someone will come get her tomorrow. I want a pet so bad and I won’t let them do anything to hurt her. He said, “well we’ll just say she got away…I couldn’t get her” (which in reality she wouldn’t get in the kennel AT ALL) and I said okay..sounds good…he then replied, “just do your best to keep her out of the backyard”. So this all happens right before I’m off work. I’m such a softie (although people would never guess) and I’m driving and crying a little over this cat.

The cat saga continued when i got home. I just randomly looked up a phone number from that street near daycare and a man said he sees the cat a lot…I quote, “she prances around in my front lawn driving the dog nuts”..he thinks someone may own her on the street.

And it still continues…I look on Heavenly Creatures…a local company that will put found animals in ‘foster care’ in peoples homes instead of euthanizing them and there’s a “I’m Lost” section. Well…There is a cat that is missing from another nearby street (since May..soo sad) that is a LOT like her. I emailed them so hopefully I will get a response. Fingers crossed!!!!!! Someone MUST be feeding this cat if its the one lost…she doesn’t appear scrawny or meowing for food.

Well this thing has really gotten to me..this whole cat ordeal..that when i got home I had a small bowl of light ice cream…..and then got off my butt and went for a 50 minute walk w/ Myra to clear my head. I then came home and had a frozen weight watchers meal.

Keep ur fingers crossed for this kitty!!!!! And my sanity!!!!!


p.s. haven’t weighed since the last time. 😛

Spam :S

Is anyone else out there getting spam comments on their blog..they’re so effin annoying…i hate spam 😛

Weight this AM was 152.5. I didn’t eat a lot yesterday…i don’t think I had one actual meal..just lots of treats and junk…hanging my head in shame..although somehow i managed to go down a lb from Friday.

Last night I went to a friends house for games night. We only ended up playing Scattergories because we talk so much. She had guacamole made w/ multrigrain chips. She also had a chocolate fondue w/ strawberries, and different kinds of candies. I brought these very awesome breadsticks w/ a cheese and veggie dip (not so healthy) and my friend Myra brought low fat cream cheese brownies..yes people..there is such a thing. I only ate one of those…lol.

It’s so beautiful here today but i promised my sister that I’d take her out job hunting..passing out resumes. My sister has been unemployed for over a yr. Gave up her good paying job because of stress ( Automotive Service Rep at a local garage)..wasn’t getting her breaks..over worked etc..and from ther she went in EI. Her EI ran out back in April and I’ve basically been paying her way for a while now. I feel like telling her to move back home w/ mom. I am desperate for her to get a job and get off her ass! Oh she also broke up w/ her bf..was really depressed and is plays a lot of the stupid World of Warcraft. She has no money for groceries etc yet somehow finds $ to play this goddamned game. I am beyond annoyed and I hate always being the one left to ‘look after’ everyone else. I can’t talk to Mom about it because it stresses her out too much and we know she doesn’t need any more stress in her life. Arghhhhh. It’s no wonder I’m not an alcoholic..oh wait I can’t afford to drink because I’m to busy paying her way. Sorry to vent on you all!

Have a great day!


Update: Apparently my sister told me she had a bad migraine..took Tylenol and slept day away…she probably WOULDN”T have had the damn thing if she wasnt up all night on the computer. Anywho we’re going to go to a few closeby places w/ her resume in a while..if not I just might freak out.

I just did something I haven’t done in a LONG time. I had spaghetti for supper..extra lean ground beef/ whole wheat pasta w/ lots of veggies. I usually have a bowlful. Not a small or large bowl..just a reg. cereal bowl. I thought..hmm I wonder just how much it is…so I got a 1 cup measuring cup and filled it and there was still lots left in the bowl. Here I was thinking all along..use the sm. bowl instead of a plate..but I was overeating all along. So I just put the extra noodles back and ate the one cup w/ some whole wheat bread. I used to religiously measure EVERYTHING!

I’m so stupid!

No I am not putting myself down really..I just did something so stupid. Myra sent me a text earlier..asking if I wanted to go for a walk after work..sure! Um…but my good Adidas sneakers were at home..two pairs…lol…and I had my cheapo sneakers at work (made the mistake before of having a child spill paint over my old Adidas sneaks). I thought well instead of going home I could just wear those..why not?? Well……….half ways into our 50 minute walk my baby toes were killing me…oh did i forget to mention that I had no socks on?? And I am weird and didn’t want to ask to borrow socks from…So I trudged on and on and made it finally back to her place. My two baby toes have two huge blisters on them…I give you permission to go ahead and say it! STUPID ANGELA….lesson learned..keep sneaks and socks in car at ALL times…lol.

Weight was 153.5 this AM…I really have to get off this ass (that is only going to get fatter and fatter) and do something!

Didn’t go into work until late this AM..had an ultrasound scheduled for my liver..hopefully everything comes back fine….can’t see why not..I don’t drink a lot..although I would if i could..and I’m not popping pills every Went to hospital early and was out of the place at the time my appt was actually scheduled…sometimes it pays to be early.

Today at work it was “Newfoundland Day” (my province!!!) we had Purity ( A local company here that makes candies/etc) crackers and cookies and we made “toutons” basically fried bread dough (old tradition with the elders..ate two small ones and just fried it on a skillet with PAM,lol). A father also came in and played some Irish music for the children…was wonderful I tell ya!

Ok I am off to relax for a while….after I go to get the wart on my foot refrozen tomorrow night I might not be able to walk on Friday..with the blisters and all…oh well suck it up buttercup.

Just wanted to give a great big thanks to my bud Michelle for doing a post just for ME! You’re awesome!!

Ang xoxo




It’s 11 am..I’m still lying in bed on my laptop…Bf is gone to get a Tim’s coffee and a chocolate danish for me. I have no effin self control. I love those things so’s a good thing that I don’t eat them a lot.

Weight was again 151.5 this AM.

Friday I got off work and bf/I went out to his mom’s house. His sister was home for the summer and going back this week. His parents live/work in Alberta. Had an ok night out there..just hung out and watched movies w/ his sister. Both his sisters are MUCH younger than him and VERY spoiled. Bf didn’t get a bday card from his parents..I guess a call was enough yet they get cars/brand name clothing/and everything paid for. His other sister just got out of rehab..not the first time there and has been clean for a few mths thank god. Anywho his entire family drives me crazyyyyy!

Have a good day!


Update: My friend Myra and I are going blueberry picking soon!!! I will try to post pics of where we’re going…I went last yr w/ my grandmother and great aunt and the amount of blueberries there was INSANE..and you can sit and stare out into the ocean. Also..if the berries aren’t ripe enough..there’s a hiking trail right next to where we’re going so we will hike..yay exercise and blueberries!!

On another note….I have broken up w/ Mr. Danish…he has too much baggage aka calories and fat for my liking. I ate one yesterday and one today and I’m DONE……I have to seriously limit the chocolate/sugar intake coz the more i eat the more I want…jesus its worse than any no i wouldn’t know because i’m a goody two shoes and have never done anything..even a cig…Oh speakin’ of mother still hasn’t had one and said she’s done..17 days..said food has never tasted good…Um maybe thats why I got fat and my siblings who smoke have all stayed skinny…..bahahahahahahaha! Just kiddin’….

Happy Hump Day :-)

Is it Friday yet? Please tell me it is!

I went to Zumba last night…it’s the last class until after Labour Day..and because it was the last class they had prizes…I won a Zumba Tshirt and a candle tart thingy that melts…some girl who goes makes them and donated them for the prizes I guess. She told us that in Sept it will be on Monday nights NOT Tuesday …which is great because if  I want I can go to Paradise a nearby community on Tues/Thurs for Zumba…..thats only 10 bucks a week and my boss is paying for Monday nights class…I could do that instead of joining a gym and paying a membership. Hmm….what to do….

I am once again extremely constipated lately..not sure if its the calcium/ Vit D supplements my Dr. told me to take..

My scale was a bitch again this AM and I am back to 153…probably because of the constipation.

I think I need to make a new rule for myself while at work. A ‘One bite rule’. I’m eating my own lunch but always eating a little of what the kids have for snacks/ lunch. There’s always a TON of extra food cooked/served for them and there’s really no need for me to eat it…It’s just usually really

Sis and I went for an hour walk Sunday night and I think that gave me the push to go to Zumba…I need to get more active and stop stuffing my face with crap.

My mom is doing good..still in hospital and had a second lot of testing done today. Hoping to be home soon. She’s been two weeks without a cigarette so i’m PRAYING that she’s quit smoking. Nastyyyyyyyyyyy.

Have a great night!

Ang xo


Yes thats what I seen this AM….probably from not having any supper last night..just not that hungry in the evenings…I eat a lot throughout the day..

Gone for Dr. appt.


Update: well I didn’t get much time earlier to blog–had a Dr. appt for a few problems…I have a wart on my foot that WAS gone away but apparently decided to return as a nuissance to my I had to get that frozen…yuck…..Dr. went over my GI specialist’s report…he said that my liver enzyme could have been high because of rapid weightloss (90lbs in one year) or because my Vit D was very low. She wants me to start taking supplements for both calcium and Vit. D. I also had to get a referral for massage medical will cover most of it w/ a referral. Also mentioned constipation and she said some people have much slower bowels..yada yada bullshit and that MOST times a wheat or milk intolerance will cause diarrhea not constipation. I also mentioned my EXTREME moodiness before my periods (yay I got it!) and perhaps trying a new pill or lower dose next time…hmm..longest time I’ve ever spent in her office.

Briefly mentioned to bf that I don’t feel like he’s ‘been there’ for me lately..and he feels that I’ve been very distancing toward him lately and that he feels like I’m pushing him away and neglecting him. I guess we both need to improve.

Anyways I’m off…gnite!



Trying to stay positive….

I noticed on Michelle’s blog…100 things that make me I think I’m gonna begin a similar thing on my blog..not to be a copycat but to be more positive and focused on things that make me happy. I’ve been feeling very sluggish and overall quite down lately…almost depressed. I am glad (on most days) that I work with children because the busy day keeps me preoccupied and its so easy to have fun and just be a kid. I can be the silliest teacher and I’m not bragging but they really do think I am the coolest. Back when the winter olympics were going on in Vancouver, a boy and his father arrived at daycare and the father said, “Angela..Michael says that you know how to do EVERYTHING,” I replied, “oh really,”..he said, “yes everything!!”…I replied, “wow I didn’t know that…however, I did win a gold medal last night in Vancouver” It was just hilarious….Anyways my children make me happy.

Michelle my mom does have a cell..I think she is being stubborn and not wanting to have her phone in her room (it is available) because she has 4 children and 9 siblings and she probably won’t be left alone. She is also very emotional about having to be in the hospital and is afraid she’ll get upset talking to us..therefore making us upset. My sorta stepdad said he’d talk to her again today about it…lol. I know where I get my stubborness from.

Anyways I’m off to nap..the 730 shift kills me.



makes me wanna eat…and eat and eat and eat…………this AM i went to mcds and got a coffee w/ milk..yes i’ve gotten back on the dairy and a fruit/ fibre muffin. Went to work and a staff baked tea biscuits for staff..ate one of those. Went to grocery store on lunch and bought a salad..lots of veggies…and when I got back to work boiled two eggs (ate only one yolk) with the salad. PM snack I had an orange…and another tea biscuit :-(. Got off at 4 and bf bought me a fries….that was supper..its like I’m not THAT hungry but I just want junk. I then just had a Big Turk chocolate bar….low fat but calories of course…ffs.

My mom is in the hospital until NEXT Thus..not this Thurs….I was told that she’s also in another room…phone not hooked up yet. I know she won’t be that happy about having to stay in there..but its the best place for her.

Oh and on top of that I haven’t started my period yet..sometimes its Tues and sometimes on Wed am..keep fingers crossed girls…. I screwed up big time last month w/ my pills..missed 4 and had to start a new pack. Pregnancy on top of everything else is not in my plans……..Pregnancy means weight and I don’t want that….lol.

Have a great night….

Ang xo

My bad weekend all began on Friday….

Friday afternoon….around 3:45pm I got a call at work from bf ( who NEVER calls me at work, lol) to say that he received a call from my older brother Mike. My mom ( who is ONLY 51) was at the grocery store and took very sharp pains in her chest..became very weak and dizzy ( to the point where she couldn’t remember buying/paying for groceries..and just left…the cashier brought the items to my sorta step dads truck..where he was waiting). Anywho he took my mom to the clinic and from there she was rushed in ambulance to the nearest hospital (45mins away). She didn’t have a heart attack but he said her cholesterol is VERY high. My mom is a little overweight (170lbs) and they don’t eat the healthiest. She also smokes which is disgusting. She was told she’d be in hospital until Mon or Tues. On Sat AM my sis and I drove out to the hospital where she was admitted (almost 4 hrs away..boooooo).

Today at 2pm we left to return back to the city and she was going to get a ‘stress’ test done. IF everything came back well she was hoping to be able to leave. She’s in Emergency because of the shortage of beds at the hospital and she hears and sees it all.

I just got a call from her bf and he said that she couldn’t finish the stress test on the treadmill because her legs began to cramp up a lot. He thinks probably from sitting in bed for three days not being able to do much. She’ll have to get other tests done and stay in longer :-(.

THIS happening is enough reason for me to want to live my BEST life…using your line here Michelle. I don’t want to be 50 and hospitalized because of my own doing and not taking care of myself. I don’t blame my mother for this because she’s had a really hard life and raised the four of us on her own. She left home at 17 when pregnant with my older brother and moved into my grandparents house. She is kind of ignorant to healthy living….obviously thats a given.

Anyways my stress level has been thru the roof…I cried at work like a fool in front of coworkers..thank god the children were outside. I ate horribly all weekend (just weighed at 153 w/ clothes on so hopefully I didn’t do too bad). My bf is being an ass and barely paying any sort of attention to me since I came through the door. I feel like eating a shitload of chocolate..oh and i’m PMSing….I just love being an emotional basketcase.

I hope you all have had a much much better weekend than myself.


Oh i’m not religious but please pray for my mama!!

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