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LAZY Saturday!

Weight was 151 this AM. Tomorrow I’ll weigh in and put it in my ‘Weigh ins” section of my blog.

Today I did absolutely nothing. Bit of laundry..changed bedsheets…bbq’d chicken breast with rice for sup. I couldn’t eat the chicken breast because I’m sure it was fine…like cooked…but I began thinking “what if its not?” I have a HUGE fear of getting food poisoned lol so I threw it out and just ate the rice. blahhhhhhhhhh…waste of calories.

Ate a choc. chip cookie today from Tim’s AND a Big turk chocolate bar. People…how can I stop the sugar cravings?? Or just say no to it???

Just got ahold of Myra…see if she wants to go for a sick of being a lazy bum.

Also just did a set of push ups ( the lazy kind)..15 crunches and some dumbbell exercises. Not much but its a start…lol.

WIsh me luck!