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wishing i could sleep longer!

Hey Everyone…

I was awake at 9am this morning. Just wish I could actually make myself sleep longer…no reason really to be up that early..arghh.

Weight this am was 150.5. Enjoying a half hot chocolate/coffee from Tim Horton’s now. Thinking of going home tomorrow for a few days…by myself or w/ bf. Don’t want to spend a week off doing absolutely nothing.

Have a great day!


Oh..forgot to mention….I have decided that in September I may join back at the gym or do a ladies kickboxing class that is literally 3 minutes from my house. However, Zumba will be restarted in the fall in Paradise…about a 13 minute drive from my house and its two nights a week. I think I’d rather commit to something fully by paying like a membership and just go to Zumba to change things up…not 100% sure yet.

**Michelle…about 4 months ago I was referred to a GI specialist by my dr. because one of my liver enzymes was thru the roof. The specialist tested me for a crap load of stuff including Celiac which thankfully came back negative (however I’ve read that they are not accurate).

update: So after a bm a while ago my weight was 149.5..but this am I woke up to 150.5…do I change it???