Archive for July 24th, 2010

i am up :-(.

Hoping to sleep in…couldn’t sleep at all last night….I sleep better alone anywho and bf tosses and turns like a damn rotisserie I got up and went on the couch.

Weight this AM was 151. I think I’m gonna go by Sunday’s weigh in and/or recording it. It’s obvious that my weight is ALL over the place throughout the week..why I have no idea. I’ll start recording them in the weigh in section on my blog.

Going to bfs hometown an hr away today. An old old friend is getting married…we didn’t get an actual invite but just the details fr. him on fb. I have never met this person and honestly would rather not go. I hate meeting a huge crowd of people for the first time and second of all we didn’t get an actual invitation. That is just how bf thinks..not a clue sometimes!

Okay have a great weekend!

Ohh, today is the first day of holidays. Takin’ one week off and another in September. yahooooooooo.