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blah blah blah


Here’s some photos from Monday evening. Bf and I drove to Signal Hill ( where some battle took place back in 1762 and Cabot Tower was built…also received first transatlantic wireless signal by Marconi). You can go inside this ‘castle’ and climb a few sets of narrow stairs to get on the top. What a view it is! A pic of me as well!!!

 We also walked around downtown. It was so funny walking on George street sober as a dog and on a Monday night, lol.

Haven’t blogged in a few days..feeling extremely sluggish and just not myself. Between being constipated once again and working at 7:30AM this week I just feel so blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Weight was 151.5 this AM. Haven’t exercised in a few days..a walk on the weekend w/ Myra.

I am seriously considering going without wheat and dairy next week to see if that will help my ‘situation’. Does anyone have ANY ideas for things to eat/ meals to prepare? Dairy I can do easily…the wheat is the issue :(. I love carbs…I love bread/ my high fibre bagels/ ANYTHING w/ wheat. I need to figure out what is going on. I also need to up my water big time. It’s been realllllllly hot here lately so probably dehydrated.