Archive for July 18th, 2010

:) :) :) :) why am I so happy?!

Well let’s see….I woke up to a 148.5. HOW I am completely shocked! I admit that I hate horribly yesterday..not a LOT but horribly..I had a donut early AM……Mcds ice cream cone around 4…a bagel around 330….and a cheeseburger/fries around 5…..and when I went for drinks w/ Myra I drank two white russians..that were delish by the way. I am wondering if I gain throughout the week because perhaps I am not eating enough calories???? The constipation doesn’t help as well. I know what I ate yesterday wasn’t healthy but it was probably way more calories than I do on a reg. day. Something to look into……….

Instead of drinking at Myra’s and going downtown dancing we got bf to drop us off around 630pm and we went to that club (remember the one that is like 4 clubs all in one??) and at the Deck…basically a HUGE deck that you can go order booze and food…Myra ordered fish and chips…she wasn’t going to because she is trying to lose weight as well..but i said it’s your meal won’t kill

Alrighty have a great day!