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Happy Saturday :-)

After being extremely constipated over the past week I took 4 Senna laxatives last night..and boy I think they cleaned me out. Just weighed myself (after having an iced coffee and donut) and I was 149.5..sometimes going to 149 but landing back on 149.5. Whoo hoo…goodbye shit hello skinny me!

Might be going out for drinks tonight w/ Myra and god knows who else. I asked Nadine a week ago if she wanted to go…she said “ya maybe” (can never commit to anything that has to do w/ me it seems)…so I asked her few days ago and said she was supposed to go to a bachelorette party with that girl who called hereĀ  for her..but that girl fell and broke her foot…so now she might go for drinks w/ us. This kinda pisses me off because she says we never do anything but I’m only good enough to do something w/ if she has no other plans….Nadine actually just called while i was in the washroom and no answer when i returned her call. I almost feel like telling her to not bother to come because it seems that my other friend and I are the ‘backup plan’. Just irritates the fuck out of me.

Have a great weekend..I am not gonna let that bother me or ruin my night! Oh tomorrow is Myra’s bday so I got her a Payless Shoes gift card…she is a shoe fanatic along w/ myself.